About Us


Our vision is of a sustainable, flourishing, deeply democratic world that values all viewpoints and all types of experience. This is a world in which the ability to follow and facilitate process, the flow of interaction between viewpoints and experiences, is able to reveal the potential meaning and growth that lies at the heart of even the most disturbing human experiences. 

We dream of a world where everyone has the skills, understanding and ability to facilitate process because we have seen how this can bring unexpected solutions and relief to many areas of human striving, including personal and social development; post-war recovery; conflicts in organizational, social and domestic settings; interpersonal issues; and individual distress and life challenges.


Our mission is to provide vocational, high quality training in Processwork facilitation methods and applications across individual, relationship, group and organizational contexts and to serve as a center for the teaching, research and development of techniques for following process.

Process is the potentially meaningful flow of inner and outer signals that can be observed in individuals and groups.  Processwork facilitation techniques work with behaviors, feelings, interactions, expression and inner experiences to elicit unexpected solutions and meaning from the most difficult problems.

We prepare graduates with the skills needed for employment in roles such as management, mediation, facilitation, individual coaching, leadership, human resource and community services management, international development, organizational consultancy and training.

Our mission serves a diverse local and international community of learners seeking quality education and training delivered through a rigorous combination of academic and vocational study; practical and experiential learning; personal development and social awareness.


Our values include awareness, diversity, learning, relationship, collaboration and a continued commitment to personal growth. 

We are committed to a learning environment that:

  1. Views the individual and his or her unique personal style as an integral part of the learning process
  2. Fosters an atmosphere of collaboration, experimentation, and mutual discovery in learner-teacher interaction
  3. Provides intensive and experiential instruction using onsite, distance and online learning modes of delivery that strengthens student learning
  4. Connects the student’s skill development to his or her own personal process and unique style
  5. Emphasizes the role of community and relationship in the learning process
  6. Promotes dialogue, inclusion, and intercultural competence.

We value being locally connected and internationally collaborative. 


To embody our mission, we have the following specific objectives:

  1. Deliver quality Masters level education, preparing graduates for work in the field of facilitation and conflict studies, specializing in the skills and knowledge of Processwork.
  2. Continue to achieve retention rates that exceed 70%.
  3. Prepare Masters graduates for careers in the following fields:
    • Management and leadership.
    • Conflict facilitation (Alternative Dispute Resolution/mediation).
    • Organizational development, change management, team building and consulting.
    • Life coaching and individual development facilitation.
    • Human resources and community services.
  4. Continue to achieve graduate placement rates that exceed 70%.
  5. Increase graduate recognition and employer satisfaction by seeking and achieving accreditation, partnering with other institutions, and working toward increased opportunities for certification or licensure in relevant fields of application.
  6. Recruit, retain and develop outstanding faculty in the range of applications of Process-oriented Psychology and from allied disciplines and modalities that work with process.
  7. Maintain and expand our technology infrastructure and library resources to support a high-quality learning context for students.
  8. Provide robust, efficient administration and sound financial management through good administrative staff, functions, procedures, and technology to ensure quality educational support for students and faculty.
  9. Advance and disseminate the evidence base for Process-oriented Facilitation and Conflict Studies and other applications of Processwork through research and publications, events, collaboration and partnerships.
  10. Promote community, diversity awareness, and social and personal well-being by supporting open forums on social issues facilitated by students, graduates and faculty.