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PWI provides two Advanced Certificates in Processwork.  These require previous foundational training in Processwork, for example the Master’s in Process-Oriented Facilitation and Conflict Studies Program (MAPOF), the MACF or the equivalent of a Phase I training in Processwork.  

The Advanced Certificates provide opportunities for students with an MA or the equivalent in Process-oriented studies to further specialize in Processwork. Taken together, with the appropriate pre- and co-requisites, the Advanced Certificate 1 and Advanced Certificate 2 enable a student to earn the title of Processwork Diplomate recognized by the International Association of Process-Oriented Psychology (IAPOP). 

If you are considering studying to become a Processwork Diplomate, please register your interest with our Outreach and Admissions Coordinator, and we will connect with you once program details are finalized.

Outreach and Admissions Coordinator

The title of Processwork Diplomate has been awarded since 1982 by the Research Society of Process-oriented Psychology in Zurich and since 1990, by the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon.

Training Goals

The Advanced Certificates train students to use the theory, methods and attitudes of Processwork to work effectively with human and organizational change building on a foundation of personal growth. The program prepares professionals to work effectively with diverse populations in the following situations: individual growth processes or experiences accompanying mental health challenges, somatic experience including those accompanying acute and chronic illness, relationship and family work, addictions and substance abuse, withdrawn, altered and extreme states of consciousness, dream work and group facilitation. The program gives top priority to the nurturing of students’ personal and professional goals, and encourages the creative application of Processwork in diverse spheres of interest.