Sex as a Mirror: Deepening Our Potential for Intimacy with Ourselves and Others

Niyati Evers, MAPW
Wednesdays; 2/22, 3/1, 3/8; 11 am – 1 pm PST
This class is offered online only. Watch Niyati Evers speak about Sex as Mirror
Our sexuality is a mirror into how we show up in relation to ourselves and to other people: what our habitual patterns of relating are, how much of ourselves we are able to bring into our experiences of sex, how we deal with closeness and separation and how deeply we can stay in touch with ourselves while being connected to another person.
Potentially, our sexuality is a place where we can express and get to know about our inner diversity: our power and our vulnerability, our shyness, wildness, passion, surrender, pleasure, love, tenderness, intensity and even ecstasy and transcendence.
It’s also a place where we can experience many difficult feelings, like loneliness, boredom, shame, feeling stuck or split off from our bodies, feelings and desires.
In this course we will explore ways to expand and deepen our intimacy with ourselves and others by using sexuality as a mirror. 
This course is open to women of all sexual orientations, including trans women. Sex is not only a literal act but also a Dreaming Process therefore: you do NOT have to be in a sexual relationship right now to attend this course.
Distance: Live Web Stream (Online Only) 
Cost: $120
Early Reg. Price: $108
Early Reg. Deadline: 2/8/2017
Level: All levels of Processwork experience
  • February 22, 2017
    11:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • March 1, 2017
    11:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • March 8, 2017
    11:00 am - 1:00 pm