Gary Reiss PhD Challenges and Reasons or Working with Extreme Conflict

In this Vlog, Gary Reiss PhD, a faculty member at PWI, addresses the question of why he chose to work with extreme conflict situations (e.g. war) and how working with extreme conflict relates to working with less extreme conflicts such as everyday relationship conflicts.


  • Inspiring to hear your dedication to bringing Process Work insights to people of all backgrounds and in all stations of life. You remind us of how all is interconnected–our inner reality, relationships, groups, organizations, the world. Thanks for following your vision!

  • Thank you for reminding us why we need to get up and do something and keep our good humour.

  • Bravo for the launch of this VLOG! The comment that stays with me most is towards the end of the interview where Gary shares a story of working in a small Arab village with Palestinians and Israeli’s on the conflict between them and the man asking at the end, “…this is all very good. Now can you me deal with the conflict at home with my wife”…and Gary relaying what Arny said at Worldwork in Denver when someone asked what can we do about this terrible conflict in the Middle East and Arny said, work on it in your family. That feels really profound and key for all of us. Thanks for doing this interview! Look forward to more. Cathy

  • SO very inspiring and insightful Gary and interviewer (Chris?).

    Wow – Gary, what a gift hearing about your vision quest… and the commitment to grassroots practicality… and the details of conflict work in the ARAB / ISRAELI – family contexts… SO Very exciting and appetising…mmm dreamy… A great yarn!

    In appreciation,

    Love, Ben

  • The notion of helping the world by helping your own world (self, family, relationships) strikes a cord. Microcosm and Macrocosm, it’s all connected…

  • Thumbs up for the vlog and waiting for more!!! 🙂