Videos about Processwork

Worldwork with Arnold Mindell PhD
Arnold Mindell PhD on Worldwork - a method, art, and science for working with groups and organizations. Interviewed by Chris Allen from the Process Work Institute. Yachats, Oregon August 2015. Table of Contents 1. 00:06 What is Worldwork? 2. 00:56 How Do You Work with Different Comfort Levels for Emotional Expression? 3. 2:40 How Do You Get Groups That Are Extremely Polarized to Be Open? 4. 3:29 What is Deep Democracy 5. 4:55 Why Do You Call Your Work Facilitation? 6. 5:30 What Can a Facilitator Do to Prepare? 7. 6:04 What Helps You Work with Difficult Conflicts? 8. 6:54...
Worldwork Theory in a Nutshell
Watch Tom's overview of some of the key elements of Worldwork theory (all of which will be explained in greater detail in different parts of the film.) (Also see the film at: )
What's it like to study at PWI?
Myriam Rahman, MA, DiplPW. Our next cohort for the Master’s in Process-Oriented Facilitation and Conflict Studies (MAPOF) program will be starting Fall 2015. Now Accepting Applications.
Gary Reiss PhD Challenges and Reasons for Working with Extreme Conflict
In this Vlog, Gary Reiss PhD, a faculty member at PWI, addresses the question of why he chose to work with extreme conflict situations (e.g. war) and how working with extreme conflict relates to working with less extreme conflicts such as everyday relationship conflicts.
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