Board of Directors

The Process Work Institute is a nonprofit corporation, 501 (C) (3), incorporated under Oregon law 1989.  The Institute is governed by a Board of Directors as per the organizational by-laws.

Board of Directors

Rhea Shapiro, M.A., Dipl.PW.  (Board Chair)

Rhea is a long time PWI faculty member and processworker living in Portland, Oregon.  Processing is her life’s continual joy and challenge.  Coming from an activist background Rhea has a passion for worldwork and group process, part of the facilitation team at worldwork seminars and teaching group process, relationship work and process-oriented conflict resolution to diverse groups both nationally and internationally. Special interests include the development of the metaskill of eldership and the creation of sustainable communication between individuals and in groups. Rhea’s favorite quotes from Arny Mindell are; “Oh boy, we’re in a mess now!”  and;  “Each of us is a full-time group-process.”  These quotes remind her to  remember process when working with clients and herself.  They bring an overall engagement, patience, compassion and even a sense of humor when working with so much life experience.  Rhea has a background in improvisational theater and activism.  Continuing research projects include: bringing a dreaming theater into everyday life and supporting a deeper democracy in everyday activism. 

Irina Fegina, MAPOF, AC, Ph.D 

Irina Feygina is a process-oriented facilitator and psychologist who supports individuals and groups to deepen self-awareness, strengthen relationships and communication, and embrace conflict as a doorway into discovery and transformation. She is excited to be sharing Processwork and its call to authenticity, presence, and inclusion of all parts, and its welcoming of the unknown. Her passion is working on the human dimensions of climate change – conflict and cooperation, skepticism and engagement, and holding space for complex personal and community processes around this vast challenge. She has worked in government, non-profit orgs, and academia, and is currently developing approaches to climate conflict that combine insights from Processwork and the behavioral sciences. Irina holds a PhD is social psychology and is completing her Diploma studies in Process-oriented facilitation. Her work has been featured in New York Magazine, Psychology Today, Scientific American, TED, and others.

Amy Palatnick, MA. (Secretary)

Amy is a graduate member of the PWI Board of Directors.  Amy served on the Board as a student representative member and has continued as a full Board Member following graduation. Amy works as a coach, facilitator, and therapist, and teaches workshops that are focused on helping people orient to their deep “life myth” as a navigation tool for finding meaningful work and meaningful living. Amy is also known as “Amy the Potter,” and has been a professional potter in Eugene, Oregon for 26 years. She is also a passionate Black Belt Nia instructor, and has taught Nia for the last 16 years.

Diane Wong, JD. 

Diane Wong is a certified mediator, facilitator, and global conflict resolution processor. Born into a Black, Chinese, Mexican, Irish, & Native American family, Diane grew up as a member of Cleveland’s Black community and attended a segregated school system. Diane’s experience of navigating an educational system that sought to undermine her sense of self and history led her to pursue a Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law School. 

Diane is certified in mediation from Jams Endispute, in conflict resolution from the Global Processwork Institute of Oregon and in yoga and meditation from Be In Union yoga (Somerville, MA).​  Diane believes that race is a conversation in which America must learn to participate. She founded Let’s Talk About Race in 2017. Let’s Talk About Race is an award-winning multimedia show that she co-hosts with Pharaoh Saunders.  They have invited hundreds of people from all walks of life into conversations about race and racism through the radio show, panel discussions and community symposiums.

Diane is the founder of the Racial Justice Collaborative (RJC). RJC uses process-oriented education and facilitation to help individuals and groups move toward healing. In 2020, DWC, in partnership with RJC, hosted Sitting in the Fire, a race retreat with over 100 participants from all over the world. A second retreat on antiblackness, September 26, 2020, Sitting in the Fire II: Racial Justice Conciliation Circles brought nearly 100 participants from around the world.

Hellene Gronda, Ph.D, MA  (President and Executive Director) 

Hellene Gronda is an experienced leader with academic administration and research experience, public sector management, and proven ability in teaching, research, policy, partnerships and business development, with a strong project delivery and publication record. She is a Processwork Diplomate, member of PWI Faculty since 2015, with mastery of innovative change facilitation methodologies for individuals and groups.  Dr Gronda led PWI’s successful application for national accreditation for the Masters program (awarded August 2016).  Dr. Gronda is a confident and experienced relationship manager and public speaker, and has served as Dean of PWI’s academic programs since 2015, providing oversight and management of the academic program including faculty assignments, accountability and performance evaluation; program logistics and administrative control and standards compliance.  Hellene was appointed Executive Director in June 2017.