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New to Process Work and you are not sure where to begin? Below is a breakdown of how to get started learning and participating in courses and programs at the Process Work Institute. For additional assistance, please contact the PWI administrative office at: or 503-223-8188.

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Step One – Attend the Winter Intensive
Learn the basics of Process Work in a group setting by attending the annual Winter Intensive program. This immersive 5 week course will teach you the basic tenents of Process Work and how to apply them to your everyday life.

Step Two – Enroll in a Course(s)
Some students wish to focus their studies in a particular area of Process Work. To facilitate this process, PWI offers courses in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer which focus on specific applications of Process Work. These courses are for the beginner and advanced learner and are offered in person or at a distance. Online registration is available.

Step Three – Experience Process Work at a High Level
Continue your dreaming and become a Process Work practitioner. PWI offers an MA in Process Work. This 2 year residency based program offers an in depth study and mastery of Process Work.

If your professional life does not leave time to study within the MA program, PWI offers a self-paced, non-degree, program called the Certificate in Process Work. The Certificate program appeals to many busy professionals and practitioners.

Have questions about the Masters program or non-degree program? Please the Admissions and Outreach coordinator or sign up for an information session.

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For additional assistance, please contact the PWI administrative office at or 503-223-8188.


Additional Learning opportunities

Discover the work of Arnold and Amy Mindell and attend a coastal seminar.

PWI hosts research symposia that are free to the community and are a great supplement to your classroom learning. If you would like to explore Process Work on a personal level, schedule a session with a counselor at the Rivers Way Clinic.

Join an Information Session in person at the Process Work Institute or via conference call to learn more about our programs

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