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Apply for Fall 2017: M.A. in Process Oriented Facilitation & Conflict Studies

The Masters in Process-Oriented Facilitation and Conflict Studies (MAPOF) is our integrative, foundation training program in the process oriented approach to the facilitation and study of inner and outer conflicts. The program is distinct because, while each class presents a cross-disciplinary comparison of various theories and approaches to facilitating internal conflict (psychology) and external conflict (conflict studies), the program teaches the cohesive theory and practice of Processwork. Our graduates learn this cohesive theory and focus on intense practical skill training during their studies at PWI, so when they graduate they have a practical set of skills and are ready to apply these skills with expertise.

Awareness, Power, and Process Oriented Activism

Join Stan Tomandl and Ann Jacob to explore loving detachment while surrounded by difficult situations for our environment, fellow humans, and our own hopes and dreams. A deep look inward at attitudes and beliefs: how we activate, and don’t activate, ourselves in the midst of internal and external power struggles. For those interested in social and environmental justice and the art of eldership. Register online!

Upcoming: Research Symposium 7th June, 2015

Alive and Out There: Join us to learn from an innovative project to raise awareness of cancer and stigma through the use of theatre and film as health promotion tools.  Lynne Baker is excited to share both the challenges and inspirational aspects of working with theatre and diverse communities, and will show video excerpts to engage audience discussion.


Advanced Intensive: Feb 23rd – March 4th, 2015

The Process Work Institute invites you to join us for an advanced 10-day intensive workshop.Anyone having  workshop or personal training in Processwork, Deep Democracy training, is welcome. Graduates of PWI intensives are invited, and we welcome learners that have completed other types of intensives in Processwork. We’d like learners to have a basic knowledge of Processwork.

Power, Politics and Happiness: A Deep Democracy Open Forum

Join the Deep Democracy Institute, Process Work Institute, Gaia Education, and EoH (Economics of Happiness) for a Community Open Forum. Facilitated by Drs. Max and Ellen Schupbach from the Deep Democracy Institute and Dr. Chris Allen and team from the Process Work Institute.

The Open Forum is an opportunity for all participants to speak and listen, debate and learn together. After a short introduction by the facilitation team, 3 speakers representing opposing perspectives on the above topic will present their viewpoints in a 5 minute summary to initiate the public forum. Then the space will be opened to everyone present.


We believe Process Work offers a unique approach to inner work, therapy/coaching and group facilitation that can discover unexpected solutions from our most difficult challenges and promote a culture of deep democracy.

We want to grow our capacity to share, teach and develop Process Work in collaboration with other teaching centers.

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