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Arnold Mindell (1940 – 2024)


Our grief is the expression of deep love, gratitude and respect

Thank you dearest Arny, for your life work that uplifts and gives us hope in the darkest times, for teaching that there is always a meaningful path to unfold, if we can use our awareness, and believe in our experience.  Thank you beyond words.

Arnold Mindell passed away peacefully, June 10, 2024

Amy Mindell shares:

“Some time ago, Arny told me that when he was no longer here in his bodily form, we could connect and talk with him by looking at and communicating with the sea, his beloved sea.

And he said that when anyone dies, they are not just dead. We are not just bodies, we are a spirit and dreaming behind them, so he and all of us are always there.”

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There will be an online Celebration of Life, details to be announced.

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Arny and Amy teaching together (from Facebook)

Deep in your heart, deep in the quietness of the night, your grandest visions include hope for the future of humanity and the planet earth. Formulate those grand visions now …

After thinking of these visions, consider how you can model them in all that you do.  Imagine right now using your vision, and see yourself modeling it.


Amplify your vision with the following ‘addition’: n

ature moves us; our job is to make these movements conscious and useful. Dreams and emotions, love and anger happen.


Our job is to guide these feelings so that they enrich our own and everybody else’s life, the life of all sentient beings. This ‘addition’ to your vision implies that life itself is a sacred event, even though it sometimes seems impossible.


Life is not just a problem, but a kind of spiritual fighting ring, a temple requiring your utmost ability and wisdom. Nothing less than the grandest part of you is needed in an ultimate situation. The present moment is an opportunity, not only a threatening catastrophe.


Amy and Arnold Mindell. (2003). Short recipe for resolving conflict crises. Psychotherapy and Politics International, 1(1), 64–68.