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Want to deepen your Processwork training?

Aiming to become a Processwork Diplomate?


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Want the flexibility to follow your own learning path, but still get the truly exceptional, irreplaceable, intense and powerful support of a cohort experience?

Explore if the Cohort Experience is right for you

Level up your Processwork practice with our new, flexible Cohort Experience offering and our Cohort Experience Bundles that include our fully revised Self Guided Diploma Program.
twice yearly 14-day in person training events
practice, community, depth of theory, personal work and skill-development
Get the intensive community training that makes such a difference.

Don’t miss the Cohort Experience 

You want the freedom and flexibility to self-guide your Processwork training experience, so it matches your goals, and works with your resources and timing needs.

But it can be really lonely and hard, studying on your own.

Students love faculty, the curriculum, the school, but it is the cohort and in person residency experience that supercharges the learning.

Our students consistently report that the residency and cohort experience makes the difference in their processwork learning journey at PWI.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your Processwork training and work toward recognition as a Processwork Diplomate in a self-guided program with our cohort experience offering.

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Cohort Experience Intensive

14 Days In Person Training

  • Structured learning container so you can relax and focus
  • Intensive community learning for the magic, mystery, challenge and joy
  • Offered twice a year (October 1-14 and April 1-14)
  • $3,500 tuition (does not include travel or accommodation)

In Person Structured Learning Opportunities

April 1 -14 and October 1-14 annually

Two in person training opportunities offered annually (October 1-14 and April 1-14).

Each Cohort Experience Intensive includes the following training experiences:

  • Facilitator Development (20 hours) – personal transformation, work in the middle, innerwork, relationship deepening, group process, taught at an offsite location
  • Topic Focus Workshops (24 hours – two 12 hour course per residency) 
    • detailed study of work in the middle
    • theory and techniques across the Processwork Diploma Competency Exam Areas: 
      • Dream Work
      • Body Work/Symptom 
      • Relationship
      • Group 
      • Working on own conflict
      • Inner work
      • Long-term client
      • Extreme States 
  • Live supervision (22 hours)
    • large group process practice (10 hours)
    • small group supervision (3-4 students per faculty) (12 hours).
Cohort Experience Fall 2023

What does it cost?

Register for individual elements

  • Individual Cohort Experience Intensive $3,500 
  • Self-Guided Diploma Annual Enrollment Fee $3000

OR take advantage of our best offer … enroll in the Cohort Experience Bundle or Half Bundle.

Cohort Experience Bundles 

PWI’s Cohort Experience Bundle offers the opportunity to make an annual commitment that will supercharge your Processwork Diploma learning path.

  • Two Intensives (October and April) or One Intensive (Half Bundle)
  • Self-Guided Diploma Enrollment (12 months)
  • Plus bonus or discounted access courses during the year, and
  • Private online student community space

$8,995 USD or Half Bundle $5,995

Early registration pricing ($7,995) available annually April 15 – June 15 (requires $500 deposit)

Payable in installments (ask for more details)

Early registration

May 15 – June 15

After June 15
Cohort Experience Bundle $7,995 $8,995
Cohort Experience Half Bundle 

(1 training intensive)

$5,525 $5,995

What’s included?

Included in the Cohort Experience Bundle: 

  • Two In Person Residencies (stand alone cost $7,000)
    • Bonus and discounted access online courses
    • Private online student community space
  • Self- Guided Diploma Annual Enrollment Fee $3000
    • Two annual Study Committee Meetings 
    • Annual Learning Agreement; Progress Report and Annual Learning Reflections Assignment
    • Quarterly Student Community Meetings (Faculty Hosted)


  • The transformational power and depth of intensive in person learning and cohort experience
  • Two 14 day Structured Residency Learning Intensives including personal work, theory and live supervised practice 
  • 12 months enrollment in the Self-Guided Diploma Program (details below)
  • Flexibility for annual commitment – take one year at a time, take a break if you need to.  
  • Bonus or discounted access online courses
  • Option of a Cohort Residency Exam Experience (when approved for exams by your study committee)

What’s not included

  • Travel to and from Portland
  • Accommodation in Portland
  • Offsite accommodation – each Cohort Experience includes 3 days training at an offsite location in rural Oregon. PWI arranges affordable shared cost shared offsite accommodation which is additional to the Cohort Experience fees.
  • Personal Therapy (recommended 30 hours/year)
  • Professional Supervision (recommended 30 hours/year)
  • Final Project Individual Advising (recommended 10 hours)
  • If choosing an individual exam pathway, rather than the Cohort Experience Exam Residency, the SGD Exam Fee ($1995) is not included.  

Annual estimated investment

Cohort experience bundle and estimated additional training costs

$8,995 (Cohort Experience Bundle) + $3,000 supervision + $3,000 therapy = $14,995

Plus accommodation and travel.

Estimated additional costs breakdown

Supervision with Study Committee Members – recommended 30 sessions annually @ $60 -$140 per session – estimate $3,000

Personal Therapy with a Processwork Diplomate – recommended 30 hours annually (120 hours over 4 years – prior therapy within last two years can be credited) $3,000

Accommodation in Portland and at the offsite training location  14 nights @ $50-$140 per night  – estimate up to $1,400

Travel to Portland  – twice annually – dependent on home location – $250 – $2,500 per residency

Books & Additional Training

Books $250 – $600 investment dependent on interests

Online Courses e.g. Advanced Supervision Class 6 weeks $195 – $395

Training opportunities online or in person from IAPOP diploma schools – e.g. 3 day workshop $250 – $600

Key Dates

June 15 $500 minimum deposit due for early registration pricing Bundle or Individual Residency Participation
Sept 1st Self Guided Diploma year starts

First installment due 

Sept 30 SC meeting 1 and learning agreement completed
Oct 1 -14 Residency!
Jan 1 Second installment due 
March 1 Third installment due 
March 31st SC meeting 2 completed
April 1-14 Residency!
August 31st Learning Reflections Report DUE

Self-Guided Diploma Enrollment 

Self-Guided Diploma enrollment includes:

  • Freedom to shape your study journey and complement your cohort experience residencies with any Processwork trainings internationally
  • Guidance and support from your 2 member study committee (Processwork diplomates); two study committee meetings each year
  • Flexibility to choose study committee members from the international Processwork diplomate community
  • Annual learning agreement accountability, with a mid-year progress report and end of year reflections summary, 
  • Access to quarterly student meetings, online, facilitated by the SGD Program Coordinator
  • Final Project Evaluation by your Study Committee 
  • Upon completion, recognition as a Processwork Diplomate and welcome to the IAPOP diplomate community.

Get all the details in the Self-Guided Diploma Learning Pathway Handbook.


The Cohort Experience does not lead to or confer an academic or professional credential of any kind. The Cohort Experience is a social learning activity offering which includes short recreational intensives, typically delivered in Oregon, but may also be scheduled in other locations.  

The Self-Guided Diploma Program program is affiliated with the International Association of Process-oriented Psychology (IAPOP) and provides a pathway to recognition as a Processwork Diplomate by PWI and the IAPOP international community. The Self-Guided Diploma Program does not confer any academic degree, nor can it be used as the basis for licensure, admittance into an academic program, or membership in any other professional association besides IAPOP.