Ethics Complaint Form

Any individual or group may file a complaint, if there is a concern or allegation that a faculty member, employer, administrator, board member, community member or student has acted unethically.  The complaint must contain credible information supporting the allegation(s) that one or more of the Ethical Principles and Standards of the Process Workers have been violated.

The Ethical Principles and Standards of the Process Workers apply to activities that are part of the educational and/or professional roles of Process Work practitioners. Areas covered include but are not limited to the clinical, counseling and educational practice of Process Work, research, teaching, supervision of trainees, public service, social intervention, organizational consulting, program design and evaluation, and administration. This ethics code applies to these activities across a variety of contexts, such as in-person, postal, telephone, internet and other electronic transmissions. These activities shall be distinguished from the purely private conduct of Process Workers, which is not within the purview of the ethics code.

All complaints must be received in writing.  Please use this form to initiate the process of inquiry.

Written complaints must contain the following: the basis of any allegation; all relevant names and dates and a brief description of the actions forming the basis of the complaint; copies of any available documents or materials that support the allegations (please attach to the complaint form).

In cases of anonymous complaints or where the complainant requests for his/her name to be kept confidential, the Ethics Committee considers how to proceed and whether the anonymous complaint sets forth reasonable and credible information that a violation of the Institute’s ethics have occurred and whether the complainant’s identify is not necessary to investigate.