Ethics Complaint Procedure

The Process Work Institute ethics code applies to activities that are part of the educational and/or professional roles of Processwork practitioners associated with the Process Work Institute.  The Process Work Institute Ethics Committee is responsible for reviewing reports of conduct that may have breached these guidelines.

To register an ethical complaint against a Processwork practitioner associated with the Process Work Institute, individuals or groups may submit complaints in writing by emailing:

The scope of the PWI ethics codes includes but is not limited to the clinical, counseling and educational practice of Process Work, research, teaching, supervision of trainees, public service, social intervention, organizational consulting, program design and evaluation, and administration. This ethics code applies to these activities across a variety of contexts, such as in-person, postal, telephone, internet and other electronic transmissions. These activities shall be distinguished from the purely private conduct of Process Workers, which is not within the purview of the ethics code.

Written complaints must contain the following: the basis of any allegation; all relevant names and dates and a brief description of the actions forming the basis of the complaint; copies of any available documents or materials that support the allegations.  In cases of anonymous complaints or where the complainant requests for his/her name to be kept confidential, the Ethics Committee considers how to proceed and whether the anonymous complaint sets forth reasonable and credible information that a violation of the Institute’s ethics have occurred and whether the complainant’s identity is not necessary to investigate.  The PWI ethics committee does not hold special privilege for maintaining the anonymity of complaints, therefore some complaints may require disclosure particularly if more harm will come to a person or organization by not disclosing the complaint.

Any individual or group bringing complaints against PWI, its faculty or students can expect the following:

  1. An acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint from a member of the Ethics Committee, in writing or by telephone, within 72 hours of receipt of the complaint.
  2. The Ethics Committee will assign a member of the committee to complete and maintain a record of the initial complaint, all documents and correspondence related to the complaint, the committee’s findings and the resolution of the complaint.
  3. The committee will inform the President of the complaint within 72 hours of receipt of the complaint and keep the President advised of the progress of the committee regarding the complaint including: the committee’s investigation; findings; proposed actions; and resolution. If the President is the object of the complaint, the Chair person will contact the Board of Directors and inform them of the complaint.
  4. The Ethics Committee will meet within 7 days of receipt of a complaint to review the complaint and decide on a course of action which may include research of the issue at hand, interviews with parties to the complaint and consultation with outside sources as the committee deems necessary.
  5. The Ethics Committee will make every effort to respond to complaints in a fair and equitable manner and to find a speedy resolution to the complaint, however, some complaints may take several months to resolve.
  6. Once a resolution has been determined, the Ethic Committee will send a written summary of the resolution and any timeline for actions to be taken to the immediate parties to the complaint.
  7. The complete record of the complaint, the committee’s findings and actions, as well as the resolution will be submitted to PWI within 10 days of the written summary of the resolution.
  8. The complete record of the complaint will be stored in the Complaints File in a lockable, fireproof, and secured file drawer in the administrative office of PWI.

PWI is committed to the highest standards of student service. If this procedure fails, individuals or groups may pursue the complaint through:

The Oregon Student Assistance Commission, Office Of Degree Authorization, 775 Court St NE, Salem, Oregon 97401, or call 800-452-8807.