Co-Creating Politics: Interventions for our Political Discourse

with Dawn Menken, Ph.D

“I have a confession to make. I yell at my TV. Like many, I am so frustrated by our politics, leaders and political discourse. I coach them from my couch. Being a facilitator or a leader takes vision, heart and skill. We must do better; we watch the news and want our politicians not only to represent our world view and policy platforms, but we want them to be more conscious, authentic, and facilitative.”

3 Saturdays 11am-1pm, Feb 8th, March 14th, April 11th

This class will study video of different politicians and their interactions in current U.S. politics as a vehicle to create interventions that deepen political debate and bring forth inspired leadership.*
We will explore public attack and criticism, how to use our social rank or lack thereof, and how to be smart and address unintended communication and the subtext of our interactions. We will study the videos and re-enact them in order to create the kind of world we want to live in.
This class will be useful to facilitators, teachers, social activists, leaders, managers, public speakers, politicians and anyone interested in co-creating a different politics!

  • Dawn apologizes for the U.S. centric focus. Media clips will be taken from current U.S. politics but learning is applicable across nations.

In person, Livestream and video recording participation options available

$135 early registration (until Jan 25th)

$150 regular registration fee (after Jan 25th)

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  • March 14, 2020
    11:00 am - 1:00 pm
  • April 11, 2020
    11:00 am - 1:00 pm