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Photo of Lane Arye Ph.D.

Lane Arye, Ph.D. supports individuals, couples and groups to discover wholeness, creativity, reconciliation and community. He studied Processwork in Zurich in the 1980’s and was one of the founding members of the Process Work Center of Portland (now PWI). Approaching our joys and our troubles with curiosity, respect, and heart, he fosters the experience that life is mysterious and meaningful.

Lane developed Unintentional Music, a way of using Process Work with musicians (and non-musicians) as they play or sing to help them transform their music and themselves. That work also led him to teach people around the world how to transform stage fright in new and exciting ways.

In the Balkans, Lane co-led a six-year UN funded project that brought together Croats, Serbs and Muslims after the war to work on ethnic tension, community building, human rights, and trauma. He has also worked with anti-Semitism in Germany and Poland, as well as racism, sexism, nationalism, homophobia, and class issues in the US and Europe. In Oakland, California, he facilitated a conflict between then mayor (now governor) Jerry Brown and an African American cultural arts center.

Lane lived in Warsaw from 1995-1999, where he trained the first generation of Polish Process Workers, and also supervised a psychiatric day hospital and support groups for victims of domestic violence.

Author of Unintentional Music: Releasing Your Deepest Creativity, and co-author of “Transforming Conflict into Community: Post-war Reconciliation in Croatia,” as well as a manual for the European Union entitled Back to Our Future: A Handbook for Post-war Recovery, Lane lives near San Francisco with his wife, Lecia, and their two children. He loves to sing, play guitar, and write songs.

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Annie Blair, MA, Dipl PW, has a private practice in Portland with a focus on personal growth, movement work, dreams, addictive tendencies, and creativity. She especially loves using improvisational movement to delve into the mysteries and challenges of life.  Her current project is exploring the relationship between Processwork and the discipline of Authentic Movement.

Annie shares Processwork approaches to eating disturbances in workshops that combine her one woman show, “Dancing Through a Field of Bingeing and Starving,” guided inner work, and experiential exercises. She has facilitated these at the IAPOP Conference in Portland, PSU, PCC, the OHSU School of Nursing, and Lewis and Clark.

Annie moved from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon in 2000 to study Processwork. As often as she can, she goes to her studio to move and dance and to the forests and mountains to hike and be inspired by nature.

Contact Information: please use the email below to contact Annie for consulting and counseling work.

Email: blair.annie@gmail.com

Phone: 503 708 2387

Website: http://www.annieblair.com

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Photo of Jan Dworkin Ph.D.
Home 2049 NW Hoyt St Portland OR 97209 United States
Work Phone: 503.235.9293 Website: Jan\’s Webiste Website: 361ArtWorks

Jan Dworkin, PhD is a Process Work facilitator, coach, educator and artist living in Portland, Oregon. One of Arny Mindell’s original students, Jan has been developing and co-creating Process Work theory and practice for over twenty-five years. She has worked with groups and multiple stakeholders on opposing sides of issues in highly tense and charged conflict situations around the world. She has co-authored various Process Work training programs both in the U.S.A. and abroad and she conducts training workshops and public seminars internationally. Jan served as the Academic Dean of the Masters in Process Work (MAPW) program for many years.

Jan specializes in conflict facilitation, relationship work, sexuality and creativity. She is owner and partner in 361ArtWorks, a unique facilitation company that uses Process Work awareness methods and the Arts to support organizational development and community transformation.  Jan is passionately involved with her own creative process as well—especially as a painter. She is also an avid long distance road cyclist and nature lover. Above all else, she tries to follow the unpredictable direction of Nature and Spirit in whatever she undertakes.



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Photo of Ayako “Aya” Fujisaki Ph.D.
Work Phone: 503-358-1009 Website: http://www.Ayakofujisaki.com

Aya Fujisaki Ph.D. is a certified Process Worker and works as a counselor and consultant in her private practice in Portland, Oregon. She also teaches Process Work at the Process Work Institute and at Marylhurst University and leads workshops and educational trainings in Process Work, leadership, communication skills, and group facilitation both nationally and internationally. She is one of the original members of the Process Work training programs in Japan and Russia.

Because of the education and training she has received in both Japan and the US, and because she has lived in different parts of the world, Aya has developed a keen awareness and deep understanding of cultural diversity and cross-cultural communications. She recently completed a research study on Asian Americans’ experiences of race and ethnicity for her doctoral dissertation at Saybrook University. She is also interested in applying Process Work to international humanitarian and development activities, and she has been involved in projects with local NGOs in Bangladesh and Nepal.

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Photo of Hellene Gronda Ph.D.
Dean of Academic Programs, Executive Director PWI

Hellene Gronda, Ph.D, PW. Dipl, MA, BSc/BA(Hons)
Dr. Gronda is an experienced leader, manager and administrator with over 10 years experience in academic and nonprofit administration and public sector management. She led PWI’s successful application for national accreditation with ACICS (awarded August 2016) and has served as Dean of PWI’s academic programs since 2015, providing oversight and management of the academic program including faculty assignments, accountability and performance evaluation; program logistics and administrative control and standards compliance.

Previously Dr. Gronda served on the executive leadership team of the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI). She established and led the AHURI Research Synthesis Service, their national research consultancy business unit (2008-2012). Publications include: What makes Case Management Work and What makes a difference? Building a foundation for nationally consistent outcome measures. Other roles include policy development leader for the Victorian State Government, and research coordinator for a large nonprofit.

Dr. Gronda uses her mastery of innovative change facilitation methodologies for individuals and groups. She brings her proven ability in leadership, teaching, research, policy, partnerships and business development, along with a strong project delivery and publication record, to deliver sound management and leadership of the Institute.

Hellene is a Processwork Diplomate and member of PWI Faculty since 2015, with a PhD in Cultural Studies from Monash University (Aust.) and a BSc/BA(Hons) from the University of Melbourne, Australia. She graduated from the Process Work Institute’s Masters in Process Work (MAPW) program in February 2013. Her doctoral research, Dance with the body you have (2006), focused on the meaning and implications of body awareness practices, while her first degree was in Physics.


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Photo of Kate Jobe M.A.


Diploma, Research Society of Process Oriented Psychology, Zurich. 1990
Certificate in Laban Movement Analysis, Laban Institute of Movement Studies, NY, NY. 1980
MA, Western Washington University. 1973
B.Mus. Philadelphia Dance Academy/Combs College of Music, 1972
Certified Somatic Movement Therapist/Educator since 1998

Research, publications, projects:
Facilitator in Worldwork seminars since 1991
Conducted research /therapeutic seminars with victims of the Chernobyl disaster, 1994-1997.
Co-founder (with Amy Mindell and Joe Goodbread) and Editor in Chief of the Journal of Process-Oriented Psychology.
Diversity consultant to major mass-transit organization, 1998.
Conducted training and research seminars throughout the world, 1987-present.
Co-designer of and trainer in “Befriending Conflict” program, Donegal, Ireland, to introduce process-oriented facilitation methods to community workers in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland border towns, 2003-2004.
Co-founder of the Irish Process Oriented Psychology training program. (Process Oriented Psychology Ireland)
Facilitator, with Joe Goodbread and Arny Mindell, of the ‘Parallel Worlds Extreme States Clinic’ since 1996.
Co-founder Lao Tse Press, Ltd. Portland, OR

Five Blind Men and the Elephant: A Comment (editorial for the issue). Spring/Summer 2001. Vol. 9, No 1.
What is the Point of Process Work? 1995-1996, Vol. 7, No. 2.
Standing Before the Muse: Dance and Process Work. Winter 1994-1995, Vol. 6, No 2.
“But What Does iIt Mean?”: Mystery as a Key to Exploring Experience. Spring/Summer 1993, Vol. 5, No. 1.

Special Interests:
My life-long interest has been in the quick and direct path to solving problems, deepening meaning, and revealing unknown possibilities offered by focusing on movement expression. I am humbled by the profundity of the difference that focusing with awareness on conflict, dreams, symptoms, addictions, extreme, disturbing, or ecstatic and elated states can make on individual and community’s progress and unfolding development. I am fascinated by the consistency of each of our processes, how it underlies dreams, hopes, and the potential for us as individuals and the world. I have worked with thousands of people on 8 continents in extreme and not so extreme situations and continue to discover the innate intelligence found in diverse people in diverse situations.

Personal Statement:
I moved to Portland from Zurich in 1990, where I live with my partner Joe Goodbread and our cat Ben. I grew up as a “global nomad” living with my family in many different countries from the age of 10. In my early years as a dancer/choreographer I discovered a great yearning to know more about myself and the mystery of the unknown and found a path to process work. As well as my career as a process work teacher, therapist and group facilitator, I take great joy in being a wildly creative individual enjoying multiple avenues of artistic expression including dance and improvisational theatre, photography, painting, sewing, knitting, and a budding interest in film making. I’ve always wanted to be able to sing like a diva but alas that’s for another lifetime. I love hill riding in Portland with Joe and making a bountiful summer garden.

Visit Kate’s website at: http://katejobe.com/

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Home Phone: (360) 624-8398

Jennifer Kleskie is an international practitioner in conflict management, coaching, and the facilitation of diverse groups and teams.  She has twenty years of clinical experience working with individuals and groups in a variety of settings, including in-home conflict work with at-risk families to facilitation in in-patient hospital settings to developing interventions in teams for psycho-social support after natural disasters in the Philippines.   As a mixed-race individual, she is familiar with having to bridge worlds and realities.  She is an experienced practitioner in facilitating the polarities that exist around diversity issues.  Since receiving the Warrior Diplomat Award from the Armed Forces of the Philippines in 2012 for mentorship in conflict management, she has run courses within the AFP-CMOS, the premier civil military school in Asia.  Jennifer has been trained at the United States Institute for Peace, holds a Masters in Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change and has a Diploma in Process Work.

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Photo of Susan Kocen M.A.
non-Teaching PWIMACF/MAPW
Home Phone: 503 333 4264
Susan Kocen began studying Process Work in Australia in the mid-90′s. Coming from a background in art and design, her interest in the paradigm was first ignited beside a camp fire, stars overhead and clear freshwater lake nearby. Since that first introduction to the work the stars overhead have seemed closer to earth and the clear freshwater lake is never too far away.
Before meeting Process Work Susan had studied Textile Design as an under-graduate in England, and as a post-graduate at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad in India. After living in India for 12 months she emigrated to Australia in 1988, working eclectically over the next decade as a Textile Designer, Artist, Organic Food Activist and Retailer. She also trained in and qualified for a Diploma in Applied Science, Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture.
Susan moved to Portland in 1998 and received her Diploma in Process work in 2005. She emigrated to the United States in 1999 and became a citizen in 2007.While studying Process Work, Susan has worked for many years in the Mental Health fields, working specifically with the SPMI diagnosed homeless population of Portland.In 2012 Susan graduated from Marylhurst University with an MA, focus on Gerontology. Her Masters Thesis explored ideas of rethinking the altered and extreme states of aging, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.Since 2012 Susan has worked in community development, building programs, groups, classes, workshops and facilitating forums with the LGBTQ community of seniors.
Susan’s earliest myth with Process Work continues through her on-going practice, with her deep love of innerwork, dreamwork and the stars overhead central to her facilitation style.
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Photo of Dawn Menken Ph.D.
Work Phone: 503 287 3969 Website: http://www.dawnmenken.com

Dawn Menken,  Ph.D, is a certified process worker, group facilitator, conflict resolution educator, workshop leader, and coach. A senior faculty member at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon, Dawn has been a co-creator of various Master of Arts programs and supports many of the PW programs world-wide. She is the founder and director of Teens Rise Up, a summer leadership intensive for youth. Dawn enjoys facilitating multi-cultural groups and has worked in organizations, agencies, small businesses, and schools. She is a passionate teacher and facilitator with a special devotion to relationship and building sustainable community.

Dawn is the author of the award winning book, Raising Parents Raising Kids: Hands-on Wisdom for the Next Generation, an inspiring and ground-breaking book for parents, educators and practitioners who work with children. She is also the author of Speak Out! Talking About Love, Sex and Eternity, a book of essays that explore themes of marginalization, relationship, and the essence of community. 

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Photo of Amy Mindell Ph.D.

Amy is in private therapy practice in Portland, Oregon and has taught together with Arny all over the world. She developed the concept of “Metaskills” and has also helped develop Process Work in the areas of coma work, movement work, and creativity. She has a BA in dance and theater,  an MA and PhD in psychology, and is a diplomate of the Research Society for Process oriented Psychology in Zurich. She is the author of 5 books and has published numerous journal articles.

Amy loves to create whimsical puppets and animated figures of all kinds, and is also a musician, songwriter, and singer. She is in the midst of creating an animated film about Worldwork. Most of all, she is passionate about creating and dreaming together with others.

In the great outdoors, she enjoys running, skiing, gardening, and the boundless beauty of nature.

Website: http://www.aamindell.net

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Photo of Arnold Mindell Ph.D.

Arnold Mindell, or Arny has a Ph.D in psychology from the Union Institute, and M.S. from M.I.T. Arny has many years of consulting experience with government and organizational leaders around the world as well as many hundreds of individuals . He created processwork, or process oriented psychology while still working as Jungian training analyst in Switzerland in the late 1970’s. He has written 21 books.

For more see http://www.amindell.net

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Photo of Pierre Morin Ph.D.

I have always been interested in health, in approaches that facilitate awareness in health care for individual professionals, patients, and health care administrators. As a medical facilitator I believe that communication and relationship is a basic principle in health care. I recognize the many competing subsidiary issues that need to be addressed in a communicative dialogue (e.g. rising health care costs, health disparities). I integrate an adult education paradigm and address in addition to all other needs, the power and rank imbalance between health care providers and clients and the dominance of some cultural values over others. I believe in deepening meaning by unfolding individuals and communities stories and narratives. In contrast to the disenchanted worldview of mainstream medicine in which there is no place for mystery and magic I believe in peoples sentient experiences and dreaming nature. I embrace the idea of a force of life that animates our bodies and selves and try to foster the therapeutic powers within ourselves, which help us regain strength and overcome fatigue and sickness.

In my leisure time I play saxophone and love cooking for friends and my family. I love the outdoors and long walks on the Oregon beaches.

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Photo of Susette Payne M.A.

Suzette Payne, MA, Dipl.PW is a Faculty member of PWI. She has a private practice in Portland with a focus on personal growth, trauma, addictions, dreaming, creativity, empowerment and relationship issues. She has a passion for Worldwork, and is a member of the Worldwork Committee for IAPOP. Suzette helped develop and is on the Advisory Board for the Open Studio Project, a non-for-profit arts organization and gallery, serving community social justice issues for children and adults with creative healing and awareness.  She is passionate about community healing, nature, play, art process, Worldwork and a co-creative unfolding of our deepest dreaming together.

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Photo of Aleksandr Peikrishvili MPW, LCSW
Aleksandr Peikrishvili,  M.P.W.,  L.C.S.W. 

phone:  5033679888

I am an international process oriented trainer, facilitator, therapist and licensed clinical social worker. I am senior faculty at Processwork Institute in Portland, Oregon; Moscow, Russia and Colombia, Bogota. 

My basic nature and some of the formative experiences, growing up as a feeling gay man in a a former Soviet Republic of Georgia, immigrating to the US at 16 and a family history of Armenian Genocide, are an inspiration for my dream of creating a different world for us to live in. These experiences continue to be deep sources of agony, growth and compassion that guide me in my work with groups, relationships and individuals, and being a person and relating to others. The dream of a different world has moved me to be one of the organizers of Worldwork 2011 in Denver, Colorado, to be on the faculty in different parts of the world and to continue to follow the unpredictable and awesome ways that nature expresses herself in me, relationships and the world.
I met Processwork in 1998 at the NYC Open Center and since then I continue to be deeply moved by the feeling of home that the paradigm has helped me create inside myself and the world by in its value of the relationship with the Dreaming, curiousity and awe for the unknown, love and respect of diversity of human experience and the profound framework for befriending things that scare or disturb us in life. I am honored to be a part of the community and faculty, locally and internationally that practices relationship with the world anchored in deep democracy and eldership. I am passionate about a diversity of applications of Processwork, personally and professionally, and probably, most importantly, growing our capacity for Eldership, our ability to welcome and relate to the disavowed, disturbing and unwelcome parts of our inner and outer worlds.  I have been closely following Arny and Amy Mindell’s latest research in 2nd training and process mind and am an active 2nd training teacher in addition to 1st Training. 
I am passionate about facilitation of World issues and large group work, Rank, Power and Relationship Work, Metaskills, and Facilitator development, 2nd training, Leadership development, Supervision and skills building: experiences close to my heart are Gender and Relationship/Sexual Orientation, Bicultural and Immigrant experience and other experiences of the mainstream and margin, and creative expression of being a person. 
In my free time I love hanging out with my dog Harvey, the ocean, I enjoy good food, performance art and love textures, colors, and shapes of fabric.
In my free time I love hanging out with my dog Harvey, the ocean, I enjoy good food, performance art and fashion.
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Home Phone: Phone: 510 384-7230
Myriam M Rahman, MA Dipl PW
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Photo of Gary Reiss Ph.D.
Clinical Director, River’s Way Training Clinic PWIMACF/MAPW

I live out in the country near Eugene, Oregon, with my partner Sharon Emery, and her son Jamie and my daughter Eliana, as well as cats, dogs, and horses. My work life includes my private practice, teaching Process work, and writing books. When I am not working, I love being active and running, skiing, biking, and camping, as well as having time to meditate, and especially time to have laugh and have fun with family and friends.

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Photo of Kas Robinson Ph.D.
Work Phone: 503-407-8039

Kas is originally from New Zealand and lived in Australia for 11 years. She is a certified Process Worker and has been a faculty member at the Process Work Institute since 2007.  She has experience in wellness, recovery, facilitation and leadership. She focuses on personal growth,  professional development, teamwork,  body symptoms, creativity, relationship issues, and the empowerment of marginal experiences.  Kas loves process work’s deep respect for the diversity of human nature and diving into the mysteries and challenges of life. She practices improvisational theatre and is inspired by the calm and wild rhythms of nature.

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Photo of Ingrid Rose Ph.D.

Ingrids guiding inspiration for her life work stems from her history of growing up in South Africa, where as a child, perceiving the injustice around her, she decided early on to devote herself to individual and social change. In service of this vision, Ingrid has achieved two doctoral degrees, has become an Australian licensed psychologist, licensed Professional Counselor, a certified Process Worker, and is a faculty member and Dean at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon.

Ingrid has spent the past 40 years exploring various modalities that enhance human potential and growth, all of which contribute to her eclectic style and method in working with others. She has had extensive experience teaching Process Work to many groups all over the world in addition to being an associate professor at Portland State University, and the National College of Natural Medicine for some years.

She has been in private practice since 1985, working with a large range of presentations in children, adolescents, and adults. Areas of interest and application over the years have been in working with:

  • Children, Adolescents, Families
  • Couples and Relationships
  • Individual therapy
  • Mental Health and Extreme States
  • Palliative and Coma Care
  • Group work and conflict facilitation
  • School violence and bullying
  • Student training and supervision

Process Work has cultivated further a love of engaging and working with groups on diversity issues and conflict situations. Among some of her group work experiences are:

  • training and facilitation of groups in Russia during the transition from communism to democracy
  • training and facilitating groups in South Africa on race relations and community building after the fall of apartheid
  • facilitation of stalemate situations between environmentalists and foresters over old-growth disputes in Australia
  • Public education on issues related to Genocide, specifically the situation in Darfur and South Sudan
  • facilitation of international groups at Worldwork seminars

Ingrid offers classes, student training, individual therapy, supervision, exam preparation, as well as seminars, training and group facilitation in Portland and all over the world

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Photo of Stephen Schuitevoerder Ph.D.
Work Phone: 503-452-1626 AIM: Ph.D., University of Western Sydney Website: http://processconsulting.org/

As an international consultant, coach, lecturer and facilitator, Stephen consults and presents seminars, keynotes and workshops internationally including South Africa, Australia, Russia, Japan, Europe, South America, Canada, Mexico and the United States.

He works with communities and organizations in many diverse situations ranging from the facilitation of change management for the United Nations; to staff retreats, consultation and strategic planning for Esalen Institute; individual coaching and consultation with executives at Afognak Native corporation and more.

Stephen’s expertise is in the area of individual, interpersonal and system development and change. His practice with organizations includes strategic coaching consultations with corporate executives, change management, work with diversity, team building, conflict resolution and executive development

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Dr. Schuitevoerder’s association with education and counseling began in 1983. At that time he was operating a private practice in South Africa in addition to being a consultant and primary presenter at a walk-in crisis center (South Africa). Until 1991 Dr. Schuitevoerder was a lecturer is Psychology for the University of Technology(Sydney, Australia) and Further Education College(Australia). From 1991 until the present he has worked as a counselor and organizational consultant to the United Nations, Esalen Institute, Citi Bank, Investec and the National Naturopathic College. From 1995 until 2003, Dr. Schuitevoerder was the Vice President and Executive Director of the Process Work Institute (Portland, Oregon). In 2006 he was appointed President and CEO of the Process Work Institute (Portland, Oregon) and served in that role until 2012. He holds a Bachelors of Commerce (Witwatersrand University, South Africa, 1978), a B.A. in Psychology (University of South Africa,1980), a M.A. Clinical Psychology (Rand Afrikaans University, South Africa, 1982), a Graduate Diploma in Education (Sydney College of Advanced Education, Australia, 1986), a Ph.D. (University of Western Sydney, 2000), and is a Process Work Diplomate (The Process Work Institute, Portland, Oregon, 1994). His educational achievements combined with his professional experience make him an ideal chair of the PWI board.

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Photo of Salome Schwarz Ph.D.

Salome Schwarz, Ph.D., certified process worker. Im a faculty member and trainer at the Process Work Center in Portland, facilitate seminars and groups and work as a therapist in private practice. Im especially interested in the connection between indigenous and eastern thinking, personal development and community building. I have been a staff member at the worldwork seminars for ten years and love studying with Amy and Arny at their facilitation trainings and classes.

Currently Im connecting with the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy. Im also preparing for an open forum on interfaith dialogue in January 2005. I have been enjoying teaching transformational leadership in multi-cultural and multi-professional groups. My passion is collaboration and teamwork with practitioners from various organizations and arenas. Im especially interested in including peoples deepest selves as group and conflict facilitators.

The movements of nature, friendships, and poetry inspire me.

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Photo of Rhea Shapiro MPW
PWI Board Chair, Faculty
Work Phone: 503-222-4478

Coming from an activist background I have a passion for worldwork and group process. I’ve been part of the facilitation team at worldwork seminars for many years and I have taught group process, relationship work and process-oriented conflict resolution to diverse groups both nationally and internationally. I am especially interested in the development of the metaskill of eldership and the creation of sustainable communication between individuals and in groups.

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Photo of Jai Tomlin D.C.
teaching PWIMAPW, MACF

Dr. Jai Tomlin is an integrated medicine and chiropractic physician, with over 20 years of private practice and clinical administration experience.   She is also a facilitator, coach and consultant. She assists individuals, teams and organizations to develop leadership, embrace change, and transform conflict. Jai is a Diplomate of the Process Work Institute of Portland and a member of IAPOP, the International Association of Process Orientated Psychology. Her skills include facilitation of physical and mental health, leadership and community building, and she has organized conferences and programs for professionals in these fields.

One of her passions is working with dogs as an animal chiropractor and physical therapist.  She and her therapy dogs Luna and Soleil are also members of Pet Partners and Oregon Coast Therapy Animals.  They work as teams with special needs children and at risk teens.

Experience includes:

  • Faculty member of the Process Work Institute of Portland Oregon.
  • Diplomate of the Process Work Institute of Portland.
  • Doctor in Private Practice, Yachats Community Health & Newport Chiropractic.
  • Certified Animal chiropractor and physical therapist. Graduate of Options for Animals.
  • Certified Therapy with Dogs, through Pet Partners and Oregon Coast Therapy Animals OCTA.
  • Creating, designing and organizing conferences and seminars nationwide for physicians, psychologists and healing arts professionals.
  • Lava Rock Clinics and Dreambody Medicine instructor and consultant for people with chronic symptoms.
  • Facilitates public dialogue on a variety of social, medical and political issues.
  • Speaker and facilitator at various health and wellness seminars nationwide.
  • Adjunct faculty member of Naropa Institute.
  • Founder of the Radiant Health Center, the first healing arts center in Alaska (1976).


Dr. Jai Tomlin, is not only a highly gifted body therapist, but an amazing process worker, and will be of benefit to anyone with body problems, personal problems, relationship or group difficulties.”

Drs. Amy and Arny Mindell

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Photo of Lily Vassiliou Ph.D.

Lily has a Ph.D. in psychology with a specialization in processwork from Union Institute & University, a Diploma in processwork from the Process Work Institute, and a Diploma in social work from the Higher School of Social Work in Greece. She also has been trained in systems theory, group dynamics and family therapy at the Athenian Institue of Anthropos in Athens, Greece.

Lily works as a processwork practitioner, trainer and facilitator in Greece and internationally, working in private practice, leading seminars, conducting trainings and team building, teaching, and facilitating groups.

She is part of a team of processwork diplomates that brought processwork to Greece. There she is also an associate of the Athenian Institute of Anthropos in Athens, Greece, and teaches processwork in the postgraduate program on pain management of the University of Ioannina, Greece.

Recent Professional Engagements:

Organizing and co-facilitating open forums in Athens, Greece, to work on the rising tension due to the financial, social and political crisis (most recent forum December 2013)

Train the Trainers in the Program “Activities in Neighborhoods” aimed at raising awareness on issues related to the intergration of immigrants in the host societies, organized by the Municipality of Athens, upon assignment from the Ministry of Interior, the European Integration Fund for the Third Country Nationals and the European Union (June 2013)

Trainer in the Program for Intercultural Training of municipality employees and municipality police officer coming in contact with immigrants organized by the Panteion Univeristy of Social & Political Sciences, Athens, Greece (April-June 2012)

Areas of special interest:

2nd training, worldwork, open forums, teamwork, coma work, panic attacks, creativity, dreams, body symptoms, relationships, teachers empowerment.

Personal statement:

”In Process Work I found a paradigm in which process (what is happening) is the teacher; all experiences are valued and hidden treasures can be found in the most troublesome of them. This worldview fit my feeling about life. Being immersed in it has given me a deeper understanding of myself, and the world. The wide spectrum of applications of this paradigm, and the myriad aspects remaining to be discovered, thrill my inquisitive nature.

In my doctoral studies I focused on the application of process thinking to panic attacks. Through this research I have come to appreciate these experiences as potential doorways into unknown aspects of ourselves and the underlying intelligent field guiding our lives.

In my personal and professional life I apply processwork concepts, ideas and methods as I attempt to stay with and focus on the various tensions and difficulties that appear in everyday life, making space for the potential gifts they carry.

I love sailing the Aegean, gazing at the ocean on the Oregon coast, swimming, lying in the sun, sleeping under the stars, getting lost in music, gardening, cooking, doing things with my hands, building, chopping wood, pushing myself to my physical limits and beyond, all of which somehow help me get in touch with the sense of the mystery of life. My life myth revolves around living life as a divination process!”


lvassiliou @gmail.com


(+30) 210.984.8912

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Photo of Katje Wagner Ph.D.
Work Phone: 503-313-5733 Website: http://katjewagner.com/

Katje Wagner, PhD, LPC has a private practice in Portland where she works with individuals, couples, and groups as a Process Work and somatic psychotherapist. She is also faculty at the Process Work Institute and Dean of the MA in Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change. Coming from a diverse background in performance and holistic health, Katje’s work builds on years of experience in dance and theatre, yoga and bodywork, midwifery and women’s health. She specializes in working with people facing complex physical health issues, using the body as a source of information and wisdom for whole-life growth and development, and values collaboration with other healthcare practitioners to support people’s learning and transformation processes. Katje is passionate about helping people connect with themselves and discovering the unique gifts and callings each person brings to this world. More info at http://www.katjewagner.com



  • PhD in Clinical/Somatic Psychology (Santa Barbara Graduate Institute)
  • MS in Counselor Education, specializing in Couples/Marriage/Family Counseling (Portland State University)
  • BS in Communications with an Emphasis in Gender Relations (Occidental College)


Research Experience:

  • True Colors: The Role of the Body in Women’s Experiences of Fulfilling Life Paths
  • Transformation through Relationship: A Phenomenological Case Study of One Woman’s Experience of Fulfilling Intimate Partnership
  • Bridges, Borders and the Dance: A Cooperative Inquiry Study of Multiple Role Relationships within the Process Work Community of Portland, Oregon
  • Inside Out: Focusing as a Therapeutic Modality


Current Interests:

  • Holistic health and food
  • Creative expression and performance
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Gardening and sustainable building practices
  • Racism, diversity, and healing history

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Photo of Kara Wilde MAPW


2000, Masters of Arts in Process Work, Process Work Institute, Oregon, USA
1999, Diploma in Process Work, Process Work Institute, Oregon, USA
1995, Certificate in Instructional Skills, Technical and Further Education, Queensland, Australia
1986, Diploma in Therapeutic Massage, Brisbane College of Natural Therapies Queensland, Australia
1985, Bachelor of Science, Environmental Studies-Ecology, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia

Kara has a private practice in Portland.

Personal Statement:
Kara loves nature, art, craft and creativity and finding ways to bring art and dreaming into everyday life.

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Photo of Carol Zahner M.S.
non-Teaching DistanceMACF/MAPW

Carol has  25+ years with PW and I am still in love!  The philosophy, tools and attitudes of PW, and the relationship with colleagues stimulate my thinking and keep me constantly learning. I have 35 + years of multidisciplinary & eclectic experience in engineering research, aquaculture, small business management, as well as authentic movement & expressive arts. These days I work in Latin America, Spain and my home/studio in coastal Maine.  I spend a lot of time on Skype!  Interconnection across continents and cultures has delighted me since I was a little kid.  Creative expression in art and movement is my preferred mode of inner-work.  Worldwork is my passion. 

Categories: Faculty
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