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Cell Phone: 503 367 9888

I am an international process oriented trainer, facilitator, therapist and licensed clinical social worker. I am senior faculty at Processwork Institute in Portland, Oregon; Moscow, Russia and Colombia, Bogota. 

My basic nature and some of the formative experiences, growing up as a feeling gay man in a a former Soviet Republic of Georgia, immigrating to the US at 16 and a family history of Armenian Genocide, are an inspiration for my dream of creating a different world for us to live in. These experiences continue to be deep sources of agony, growth and compassion that guide me in my work with groups, relationships and individuals, and being a person and relating to others. The dream of a different world has moved me to be one of the organizers of Worldwork 2011 in Denver, Colorado, to be on the faculty in different parts of the world and to continue to follow the unpredictable and awesome ways that nature expresses herself in me, relationships and the world.
I met Processwork in 1998 at the NYC Open Center and since then I continue to be deeply moved by the feeling of home that the paradigm has helped me create inside myself and the world by in its value of the relationship with the Dreaming, curiousity and awe for the unknown, love and respect of diversity of human experience and the profound framework for befriending things that scare or disturb us in life. I am honored to be a part of the community and faculty, locally and internationally that practices relationship with the world anchored in deep democracy and eldership. I am passionate about a diversity of applications of Processwork, personally and professionally, and probably, most importantly, growing our capacity for Eldership, our ability to welcome and relate to the disavowed, disturbing and unwelcome parts of our inner and outer worlds.  I have been closely following Arny and Amy Mindell’s latest research in 2nd training and process mind and am an active 2nd training teacher in addition to 1st Training.
I am passionate about facilitation of World issues and large group work, Rank, Power and Relationship Work, Metaskills, and Facilitator development, 2nd training, Leadership development, Supervision and skills building: experiences close to my heart are Gender and Relationship/Sexual Orientation, Bicultural and Immigrant experience and other experiences of the mainstream and margin, and creative expression of being a person.
In my free time I love hanging out with my dog Harvey, the ocean, I enjoy good food, performance art and love textures, colors, and shapes of fabric.
In my free time I love hanging out with my dog Harvey, the ocean, I enjoy good food, performance art and fashion.
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