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Photo of Ayako “Aya” Fujisaki Ph.D.
Work Phone: 503-358-1009 Website: http://www.Ayakofujisaki.com

Aya Fujisaki Ph.D. is a certified Process Worker and works as a counselor and consultant in her private practice in Portland, Oregon. She also teaches Process Work at the Process Work Institute and at Marylhurst University and leads workshops and educational trainings in Process Work, leadership, communication skills, and group facilitation both nationally and internationally. She is one of the original members of the Process Work training programs in Japan and Russia.

Because of the education and training she has received in both Japan and the US, and because she has lived in different parts of the world, Aya has developed a keen awareness and deep understanding of cultural diversity and cross-cultural communications. She recently completed a research study on Asian Americans’ experiences of race and ethnicity for her doctoral dissertation at Saybrook University. She is also interested in applying Process Work to international humanitarian and development activities, and she has been involved in projects with local NGOs in Bangladesh and Nepal.

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