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Dr. Jai Tomlin is an integrated medicine and chiropractic physician, with over 20 years of private practice and clinical administration experience.   She is also a facilitator, coach and consultant. She assists individuals, teams and organizations to develop leadership, embrace change, and transform conflict. Jai is a Diplomate of the Process Work Institute of Portland and a member of IAPOP, the International Association of Process Orientated Psychology. Her skills include facilitation of physical and mental health, leadership and community building, and she has organized conferences and programs for professionals in these fields.

One of her passions is working with dogs as an animal chiropractor and physical therapist.  She and her therapy dogs Luna and Soleil are also members of Pet Partners and Oregon Coast Therapy Animals.  They work as teams with special needs children and at risk teens.

Experience includes:

  • Faculty member of the Process Work Institute of Portland Oregon.
  • Diplomate of the Process Work Institute of Portland.
  • Doctor in Private Practice, Yachats Community Health & Newport Chiropractic.
  • Certified Animal chiropractor and physical therapist. Graduate of Options for Animals.
  • Certified Therapy with Dogs, through Pet Partners and Oregon Coast Therapy Animals OCTA.
  • Creating, designing and organizing conferences and seminars nationwide for physicians, psychologists and healing arts professionals.
  • Lava Rock Clinics and Dreambody Medicine instructor and consultant for people with chronic symptoms.
  • Facilitates public dialogue on a variety of social, medical and political issues.
  • Speaker and facilitator at various health and wellness seminars nationwide.
  • Adjunct faculty member of Naropa Institute.
  • Founder of the Radiant Health Center, the first healing arts center in Alaska (1976).


Dr. Jai Tomlin, is not only a highly gifted body therapist, but an amazing process worker, and will be of benefit to anyone with body problems, personal problems, relationship or group difficulties.”

Drs. Amy and Arny Mindell

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