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Diploma, Research Society of Process Oriented Psychology, Zurich. 1990
Certificate in Laban Movement Analysis, Laban Institute of Movement Studies, NY, NY. 1980
MA, Western Washington University. 1973
B.Mus. Philadelphia Dance Academy/Combs College of Music, 1972
Certified Somatic Movement Therapist/Educator since 1998

Research, publications, projects:
Facilitator in Worldwork seminars since 1991
Conducted research /therapeutic seminars with victims of the Chernobyl disaster, 1994-1997.
Co-founder (with Amy Mindell and Joe Goodbread) and Editor in Chief of the Journal of Process-Oriented Psychology.
Diversity consultant to major mass-transit organization, 1998.
Conducted training and research seminars throughout the world, 1987-present.
Co-designer of and trainer in “Befriending Conflict” program, Donegal, Ireland, to introduce process-oriented facilitation methods to community workers in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland border towns, 2003-2004.
Co-founder of the Irish Process Oriented Psychology training program. (Process Oriented Psychology Ireland)
Facilitator, with Joe Goodbread and Arny Mindell, of the ‘Parallel Worlds Extreme States Clinic’ since 1996.
Co-founder Lao Tse Press, Ltd. Portland, OR

Five Blind Men and the Elephant: A Comment (editorial for the issue). Spring/Summer 2001. Vol. 9, No 1.
What is the Point of Process Work? 1995-1996, Vol. 7, No. 2.
Standing Before the Muse: Dance and Process Work. Winter 1994-1995, Vol. 6, No 2.
“But What Does iIt Mean?”: Mystery as a Key to Exploring Experience. Spring/Summer 1993, Vol. 5, No. 1.

Special Interests:
My life-long interest has been in the quick and direct path to solving problems, deepening meaning, and revealing unknown possibilities offered by focusing on movement expression. I am humbled by the profundity of the difference that focusing with awareness on conflict, dreams, symptoms, addictions, extreme, disturbing, or ecstatic and elated states can make on individual and community’s progress and unfolding development. I am fascinated by the consistency of each of our processes, how it underlies dreams, hopes, and the potential for us as individuals and the world. I have worked with thousands of people on 8 continents in extreme and not so extreme situations and continue to discover the innate intelligence found in diverse people in diverse situations.

Personal Statement:
I moved to Portland from Zurich in 1990, where I live with my partner Joe Goodbread and our cat Ben. I grew up as a “global nomad” living with my family in many different countries from the age of 10. In my early years as a dancer/choreographer I discovered a great yearning to know more about myself and the mystery of the unknown and found a path to process work. As well as my career as a process work teacher, therapist and group facilitator, I take great joy in being a wildly creative individual enjoying multiple avenues of artistic expression including dance and improvisational theatre, photography, painting, sewing, knitting, and a budding interest in film making. I’ve always wanted to be able to sing like a diva but alas that’s for another lifetime.I love hill riding in Portland with Joe and making a bountiful summer garden.


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