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Work Phone: 503-313-5733 Website: http://katjewagner.com/

Katje Wagner, PhD, LPC has a private practice in Portland where she works with individuals, couples, and groups as a Process Work and somatic psychotherapist. She is also faculty at the Process Work Institute and Dean of the MA in Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change. Coming from a diverse background in performance and holistic health, Katje’s work builds on years of experience in dance and theatre, yoga and bodywork, midwifery and women’s health. She specializes in working with people facing complex physical health issues, using the body as a source of information and wisdom for whole-life growth and development, and values collaboration with other healthcare practitioners to support people’s learning and transformation processes. Katje is passionate about helping people connect with themselves and discovering the unique gifts and callings each person brings to this world. More info at http://www.katjewagner.com



  • PhD in Clinical/Somatic Psychology (Santa Barbara Graduate Institute)
  • MS in Counselor Education, specializing in Couples/Marriage/Family Counseling (Portland State University)
  • BS in Communications with an Emphasis in Gender Relations (Occidental College)


Research Experience:

  • True Colors: The Role of the Body in Women’s Experiences of Fulfilling Life Paths
  • Transformation through Relationship: A Phenomenological Case Study of One Woman’s Experience of Fulfilling Intimate Partnership
  • Bridges, Borders and the Dance: A Cooperative Inquiry Study of Multiple Role Relationships within the Process Work Community of Portland, Oregon
  • Inside Out: Focusing as a Therapeutic Modality


Current Interests:

  • Holistic health and food
  • Creative expression and performance
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Gardening and sustainable building practices
  • Racism, diversity, and healing history

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