Amy Mindell

Amy Mindell, M.A., Ph.D., diplomate in Process Work, Specializes in Coma, Metaskills, Movement Work, and Creativity. Her interest areas are many, including creativity and the integration of art and music into Worldwork. These days she is researching the creative process including the use of puppets, music, and art in body symptoms work and worldwork as well as the evolution of process theory.

She has published books including the following
— in process. THE INTENTIONAL FIELD AND CREATIVITY: Simple Ways to Enjoy and Work On Yourself.
— 2002. ALTERNATIVE TO THERAPY. A Few Basic Process Work Principles. Zero Publications, Portland Oregon. Purchase from Lao Tse Press
— 1999. COMA, A HEALING JOURNEY; a Guide for Family Friends and Helpers, Lao Tse Press, Portland Oregon.
— 1994/2001. METASKILLS; The Spiritual Art Of Therapy. Tempe, Arizona. New Falcon 94/Lao Tse Press.
—1992. (with Arny) RIDING THE HORSE BACKWARDS, Process Work In Theory + Practice. New York + London. Penguin, Lao Tse Press, May 2002.

She has written the following Articles:
” The Evolution of Process Theory” 2002 , website.
“Amy’s Hyperspaces: Creativity, the Bird of Paradise, and the Doorway to Parallel Worlds”: 2002 , website.
“Music, Mystery, and the Dreaming Process” 2002, Dream Network Journal.
“Moving the Dreaming Body: Movement in Process Oriented Psychology,” Contact Quarterly, 1995,
“Discovering the World in the Individual; The World Channel in Psychotherapy,” Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 1995.
“Working with Movement in Process Oriented Psychology,” Internationale Zeistschrift fuer Musik-Tanz-und Kunz Therapie, 1989 .