Jai Tomlin

Summary of Qualifications

Over 20 years’ experience as a doctor, group facilitator, public speaker, conference organizer, and consultant working locally and internationally with individuals, groups and organizations.

Experience Highlights 

Doctor of Chiropractic

Over 20 years’ of private practice and clinical administration. 

Trainer, Facilitator, Instructor and Personal Wellness Consultant

Over 20 years’ experience in facilitation of physical and mental health and community building and developing conferences and programs for professionals in the fields of physical, mental and spiritual health, leadership, and community development.

Experience includes:

  • Faculty member of the Process Work Institute of Portland Oregon
  • Creating, designing and organizing conferences and seminars nationwide for physicians, psychologists, healing arts professionals, and spiritual/religious organizations.
  • Lava Rock Clinics, consultant for people with chronic symptoms
  • Facilitated public dialogue on a variety of social, medical and political issues
  • Speaker and facilitator at various health and wellness seminars nationwide
  • Faculty member of Naropa Institute 2007
  • Founder of the Radiant Health Center, the first healing arts center in Alaska



2009, Certified Animal Chiropractor, Options for Animals, Wellsville, Kansas

2001, Diploma in Process Oriented Psychology, Portland, Oregon

1991, Clinical Nutrition, Western States Chiropractic College, Portland, Oregon

1990, Doctorate of Chiropractic, Palmer University, California

1985, Biological Sciences, New College, California

1975, Psychology and Health Sciences, University of Utah, SLC, Utah

1972 ,Utah School of Massage, SLC, Utah



  • International Association of Process Oriented Psychology IAPOP
  • Global Process Institute GPI
  • Faculty Member of Process Work Institute of Portland PWI
  • Oregon Board of Chiropractic Physicians OBCE
  • American Order of Rosicrucian’s AMORC
  • International Veterinary Chiropractic Association IVCA

Selected Publications

2003. Sentient Body Work Handbook. Bodywork and Process Work

2000. Article on Deep Democracy, co written with Dr. Salome Schwarz

Yearly. Various Nutritional Articles