Jytte Vikkelsoe

Jytte Vikkelsoe, Ph.D.

Jytte was born in Denmark. She is in private practice and teaches at the Process Work Institute. Jytte works internationally and has been part of founding training programs in Process Work several places around the world.

She has a Ph.D. in Social Psychology, and a Diploma in Process Oriented Psychology. She has applied the research of her doctoral dissertation “Beyond Guilt and Innocence. Towards a Process Oriented Criminology” in prisons internationally, as well as taught and introduced the methods to staff in Sydney maximum security prison, and Criminal Institutions for delinquent teenagers in Japan, and the US. She has lectured at the Department of Criminology at the University of Copenhagen. From 1997-1999 she facilitated year-long leadership and group facilitation trainings for professionals together with Max Schupbach Ph.D., as well Diversity Training for leaders of a fortune-500 company 1998-1999.

Currently she is completing a book focusing on that very tricky and sticky point within that not only holds the master-key to change and transformation, but is so crucial for the sustainability of such change and transformation.

This summer Jytte became the proud owner of a Ducati motorcycle and is enthusiastically exploring the small roads of Oregon.