Sonja Straub

Sonja Straub, Ph.D.

Sonja Straub studied psychology first at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, and then received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from The Union Graduate School in Ohio, USA. She has been involved in Process Work since the early 80s.

Special Interests:
Currently Sonja works in private practice, teaches in diverse settings and has had lots of supervisory experience with Process Work students as well as with outside organizations. In addition to her extensive worldwork experiences inside the Process Work community, she has worked in various organizational and community settings. These include the
Massachusetts Transportation Authority, a multicultural counseling agency, and community groups in the border counties of Northern Ireland.

Personal Statement:
The richness that comes from living with diversity is important to Sonja in a very personal way. In her spare time she loves to cook, toot her saxophone and run with her dog, Juneau, through the forest.