Join Amy Mindell for the Creativity of your Dreaming Process

Join Amy Mindell for a special class to explore how your dreaming process is an endless source of creativity.  Discover wisdom, insights, and creativity within fun exercises using everyday objects. Benefit from Amy’s guidance to unleash your creativity, gain insights, and apply newfound wisdom to enhance both life and work.

Expect short talks and fun exercises (using simple objects you can find at home) to experience the wisdom, insights, and creativity just waiting to be discovered for your life and work. If possible, please have these simple materials ready for the class: some paper, pens or markers, and something fun (like a hat, stuffed animal, puppet, or something else).

February 11th, 10am – 1pm Pacific

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About Amy

Dr. Amy Mindell is in private therapeutic practice in Portland, Oregon and teaches in many countries in the world. She helped developed process work in the areas of coma, creativity, dance, and facilitator styles.

She holds a M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology and is a diplomate of the Process Oriented Psychology Center of Zurich. She has written many books such as , Metaskills: The Spiritual Art of Therapy, The Dreaming Source of Creativity, Alternative to Therapy and her newest book, Your Unique Facilitator Style, as well as papers in professional journals. (Her studies of the feeling skills in therapy, or “metaskills”, are at the core of much of her work.). Amy is also an artist, puppet-maker, singer-songwriter, and dancer. Her most recent musical CD is called, First Bloom.