Julie Diamond on Positive Threats, Risky Comfort, and the Challenge of Rank in Learning

Most of us will achieve a high ranking role in some aspect of our lives. But once you’ve reached the next level of mastery, comfort sets in, and you risk becoming unaware, over-identifying with your role, and losing your edge. So how do you ensure you remain a constant learner?

Music: “Divider” by Chris Zabriskie.


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    Such great insights, from awareness of what prompts behavior from both sides of the high-low rank continuum. Hard stuff to grapple with, too. Thanks, Julie. (And I’m not being a psychophant.)

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    Very useful resource and look forward to more, and the Spanish translation!

  • Maphaka Malachi Dikotla

    I support the idea that listening is the best weapon for better discussion

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    I love JulieĀ“s clarity–as always!–and on such a difficult issue!! I am eager to read that book. Please, please…when it will be posible? Hope, soon. Thanks for sharing.
    Big hug from Mexico!