People of Color Faculty Committee


To create an environment that supports the voice and experience of students of color at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon.

What We Do:

The POC Faculty Committee will offer two to three regular meeting times throughout the year. These meetings will offer a space in which students can share and process issues related to the identity and experience of being a student of color while at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon. The POC Faculty Committee will provide support, encouragement and a sharing of resources related to the needs of students of color. The POC Faculty Committee will identify issues or complaints as they arise and will field the potential for institutional change as deemed possible and appropriate. 

Please contact Outreach & Admissions to be connected with a member of the POC Faculty Committee.

Meeting Schedule:  

Any students who identify themselves as a person of color are welcome. 

Fall 2017 dates to be announced! Please check back regularly.