Advanced Seminar Series 2016

February 22nd – 28th, 2016

The 2016 Advanced Seminar Series is comprised of three courses offered consecutively, for those wishing to study the advanced applications of deep democracy and Processwork. The workshops include applications for personal growth, organizational work, governmental work, and worldwork.  Although the seminar will offer advanced applications, enrollment is open to all levels of learners and the structure of the seminars will be relevant to all types of learners.  Learners may register for one event or all events. Please contact us with any questions at or 503-223-8188. We will provide reading and tutorials in advanced for those who request the information.

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Workshop Schedule
February 22nd – 24th

Deep Democracy + VUCA
by Max and Ellen Schupbach

February 25th – 26th Drying Up the Bones
by Ingrid Rose
February 27th – 28th Working with Internalized Oppression
by Gary Reiss PhD and Jennifer Kleskie MA

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Deep Democracy + VUCA

by Max and Ellen Schupbach

February 22, 23, 24, 2016

How the global deep democracy approach is helping individuals, communities, organizations and governments to lead and create new realities out of today’s challenges.


VUCA, an acronym standing for Volatile – Unpredictable – Complex – Ambiguous, has recently gained momentum to frame the challenges that we as nations, communities, and individuals are faced with today. It conceptualizes a growing consensus in the international leadership community that seemingly local and contained crises – local health epidemics, local environmental disasters, local political issues, etc. –  can spiral quickly to a global level, shifting the global power balance and changing overnight world economics and global health, while tearing apart the stability of local communities and overturning the lives of millions of individuals – as in the recent refugee wave. Large cities, small rural communities, big corporations, local church groups, professional organizations; all are affected by this new reality, and have their own VUCA experiences. Everyone is looking for approaches that can help.

Today, many individuals across the mainstream and through the margin realize that traditional leadership paradigms, known coping strategies, and previously applied solution models are losing their effectiveness day by day. Solutions that once somehow “worked” for local, isolated crises often seem today to be ineffective, and at times even further escalatory to the situation at hand. For lack of better solutions, they are still being applied ambivalently and reluctantly.

This workshop will explore how those of us who are disturbed by what is happening in the world at large, including in our own communities, families, and friendships, can find new creative relationships to these disturbances, and use them for impactful interactions with the stakeholders involved.  Starting out with our inner global scenes, our own teams and relationships, and our personal experiences in our own lives, we hope to explore and discover where our personal myths want to take us to contribute in our own ways to a new world. We will also focus on the following questions/topics: How can Deep Democracy best be applied for those of us active in grassroots movements or advocacy initiatives? Which concepts and methods have in our experience proven to be particularly useful in midsize to large for-profit and non-profit organizations? What roles and ghostroles are nearly globally present in all governments and their bodies? – How can we understand them, and how can we have meaningful conversations with them?

Day 1: Your Vision – A Lifewalk: Your Un-burnt Wood as an Opportunity to Change the World: What Spirit Wants to Dance with You? – Inner Work and Outer Leadership

Day 2: The Deep Democracy Facilitator as the Dragon Whisperer: How to Relate to Corporations, Governments, the Mainstream, the Right Wing, Extremists, Terrorists and Other Dragons: an Inner Work and Worldwork Experiment

Day 3: You, Your Community, and the World: Leadership as a Meditation/Martial Art

Cost: $432 
Early Reg. price: $388.80 (10% discount)
Early Reg. Deadline: February 8th, 2016

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Drying Up the Bones: Death, Transformation, Personal Growth, and Social Change

by Ingrid Rose PhD

Feb 25 & 26, 2016

How to kill yourself off before others do in order to be effective in life as a facilitator and change agent

Being on the path of spiritual warriorship – wanting to invest in personal development and social change – often involves giving up or transforming parts of ourselves that we have outgrown, that are no longer useful to us or that keep us stuck at the edge. The path of knowledge (don Juan) is fraught with many forces that challenge us to an opening of awareness, not only of our deeper natures, but also to the conflicts between parts within us. Once on this path of life, death and transformation it is hard to turn back. Harnessing new powers that we discover as we progress along the path, helps us to encounter, wrestle with and learn from the disturbers we meet along the way.

In this 2-day seminar, we will be using dreaming and shamanic-based techniques to encounter, connect with, and if necessary kill off, formerly little-known aspects of ourselves that when engaged with give rise to new insight and greater freedom in our relationships with ourselves, others, and in the world.

Workshop material will be explored through theory, art, inner work, exercises and group process.

Ingrid Rose: Ingrid’s guiding inspiration for her life work stems from her history of growing up in South Africa, where as a child, perceiving the injustice around her, she decided early on to devote herself to individual and social change. Ingrid has been in private practice for more than 30 years working with a large range of presentations, as well as being a clinical supervisor, group facilitator and worldworker. She has taught at college level, and offers training and workshops in many countries of the world. Ingrid also has a long history of yoga and meditation practice, and a strong interest in shamanism, adding to the depth of her work.

Cost: $288 
Early Reg. price: $259.20 (10% discount)
Early Reg. Deadline: February 10th, 2016

PWI students, faculty and members receive a 10% discount

Working with Internalized Oppression

by Gary Reiss PhD & Jennifer Kleskie MA

Feb. 27 & 28th 2016

Many of us have experienced external oppression in our lives. We have been marginalized because of race, class, economics, religion, education, physical health, mental health, age, and other sources of oppression. We take into ourselves also the history of oppression our families carry. All of this internalizing can potentially lead to self-criticism and self-hatred; body symptoms; becoming unconsciously oppressive to others, and other negative consequences. Having our energy tied up in this kind of internalized struggle can make us less effective social change agents.

In this seminar we will find ways to free ourselves from our internalized oppression. Knowing this lives not only in our minds but also our bodies, we will “burn our wood” to process our emotions around our being marginalized. Then we will move into recently developed exercises that help us to clear the patterns of oppression so we are free again and go back to experiencing our original, pre oppressed natures. We call this finding and showing our original face. With our original natures restored we can tap into the power of the oppressor and instead use this consciously for the sake of all.

In this seminar we will cover:

  • Methods of burning your wood around oppression
  • Group process and internalized oppression
  • Transforming your hungry ghosts
  • Unplugging from your “psychological inheritance’
  • Expressing your essence through social action.

Cost: $288 
Early Reg. price: $259.20 (10% discount)
Early Reg. Deadline: February 10th, 2016

PWI students, faculty and members receive a 10% discount