Certificate in Process Work

The Certificate Program has been streamlined and revised in order for student’s to pursue their individual interests within the framework of the program.


The Certificate Program is a self-guided, independent study of the fundamentals of Process Work that offers you an opportunity to use Process Work for personal and professional growth. The Certificate Program can be designed to meet your learning goals, at a pace, in a style, and in a structure that suits your unique and individual needs and tastes. The Certificate Program allows participants to study anywhere in the world, as well as on-line or through teleconference courses. The Certificate Program is unique in the diversity and multi-cultural learning that happens through learning together with people from around the globe. More information about the Certificate program can be found in the program handbook.

The Certificate of Study Program

The Certificate Program provides students with a wide range of learning opportunities and encourages each student, in collaboration with a Mentor, to design a program tailored to his or her individual needs and interests. Standard requirements include participation in seminars, trainings, supervision and mentor sessions. In addition to these basic requirements, each student formulates a Learning Agreement (LA) which includes his or her individual needs and areas of interest. Upon completion of this program, a certificate of study is awarded, verifying that the graduate is a Process Work Associate, having studied the fundamentals of Process Work. Process Work Associates, if they wish, can apply to the Diploma Program, or another program of study in Process Work.

Admission to the Program

In order to be admitted to the Certificate of Study program, the applicant fills in an application form which describes their interest in studying, and reasons for joining the program. After submitting the application with a non-refundable fee of $75, the student will be interviewed by a member of the admissions committee, to discuss the suitability of the program for the student. If after the interview, both the student and admissions committee member agree on the direction of study, the student is admitted to the program.


The Certificate is an entry level certification that enables students to deepen their understanding of Processwork.  It does not on its own prepare people for practice in mental health, coaching, or organizational work. Students should have other qualifications such as advanced degrees to practice in their domain of expertise.

Students are cautioned that the Certificate is not recognized by any license granting agency as a basis for licensure or professional membership as a licensed mental health practitioner in Oregon.  Students are responsible to research their domain of expertise and practice in the state or country where they live and work.

PWI expects graduates of all our programs to work collaboratively with other professions and abide by relevant regional requirements.