Self-Guided Diploma in Processwork

Become a Processwork Diplomate

Processwork is more than a set of skills.  It is a commitment to learning how to connect one’s inner experiences to the world around us. Engaging in the Diploma in Processwork learning pathway nurtures students’ personal and professional goals, and encourages the creative application of the paradigm in diverse spheres of interest. Learning is guided by one’s dreams and passions. Internship placements, case work and the pursuit of an individualized project of inquiry provide avenues for students’ dreams and passions to be brought to the world. 

A graduate of the Self-Guided Diploma learning pathway earns the title of Processwork Diplomate, the highest level of Processwork practitioner training recognized by the International Association of Process-Oriented Psychology.  They have demonstrated their mastery of Processwork skills across 8 areas of competency, and completed a Final Project which demonstrates their mastery of the paradigm and makes an original contribution to the body of Processwork knowledge.  

Self-Guided Diploma Learning Pathway

The Self-Guided Diploma (SGD) learning pathway is intended for people who have mastered the fundamentals of Processwork, and who wish to meet the standards for recognition as a Processwork Diplomate by the International Association of Process Oriented Psychology (IAPOP).   

The Self-Guided Diploma learning pathway provides an opportunity to study Processwork for personal and professional development.  It leads to recognition as a Processwork Diplomate by the Process Work Institute (PWI) upon successful completion of the 8 diploma competency exams and a Final Project, and enables diplomate membership in the IAPOP community. 

The Self-Guided Diploma is not a beginner level program of study.  People just beginning their Processwork learning journey are recommended to consider enrolling in the Certificate in Processwork as a foundational step, or to explore other training opportunities to gain the fundamentals of Processwork knowledge and experience.   

Self-Guided Diploma students are responsible for creating their own program of study through seminars, courses, and other training activities with the support of a study committee to guide, support and evaluate their learning. Students may participate in Processwork training opportunities anywhere in the world, including online and in person instruction. The diploma competency exams take place in person, arranged by PWI and typically conducted in Portland, Oregon. 

The duration of the program is individually determined based on the student’s starting level and progress over time.  The SGD is designed to meet students exactly where they are, and to support and follow their individual learning process.  In general however, students should expect to take between 3-5 years to achieve recognition as a Processwork Diplomate. 

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Quick guide to estimated learning activities

Get a quick overview guide to estimated recommended levels of supervision, therapy, and other training activities for the self-guided diploma learning pathway. Each student has their own learning path, depending on background, experience and unique learning process. This is an estimates guide only, provided as supportive resource.


The SGD program requires a great degree of self-reliance and initiative and the admissions process is designed to assess the applicant’s suitability for this learning path.  The purpose of the Admissions Process is to ensure that the SGD is the right fit for the student’s background, dreaming process and goals. 

Prospective students need to meet the following criteria: 

  • Mastery of the fundamentals of Processwork 
  • Self-resourced; able to put together the program they want and take responsibility for designing their learning experiences
  • Excited by rigorous independent learning and personal development
  • Able to plan, resource and implement activities for their development and learning 
  • Capable of finding study mentors and training opportunities within the international Processwork community.

Step One: Initial Interview

The first step is to arrange an initial interview to discuss the program and whether it is a good fit for you.  There is no fee for the initial interview. The purpose of the initial interview is to determine whether the SGD is a good match for the person’s goals and to assess their level of Processwork experience. 

In preparation for the initial interview, you should familiarize yourself with this SGD Handbook and the Principles for Ethical Practice for Processworkers.  

To request an initial interview, submit this form with a brief statement of your goals, a summary of your Processwork experience, and the dream or dreamlike experience which calls you to this learning path (not more than 500 words total).  

After the initial interview, the SGD Program Coordinator will either invite you to apply for the SGD learning pathway, or suggest further learning opportunities to prepare you for applying.  

Step Two: Engage your Study Committee Members

If you are invited to apply and feel the program is right for you, your first step is to obtain the commitment of two IAPOP recognized Processwork Diplomates to serve on your Study Committee.   

The SGD program allows the student to invite any IAPOP recognized Diplomate from the international community to serve on their Study Committee, however all prospective SC members must be confirmed by PWI.   

When seeking to engage potential Study Committee members, the student is encouraged to share their response to the Enrollment Essay Questions (see below) which are required as part of the application process. 

The student must plan on typically completing at least 10 individual sessions annually with each SC member to enable adequate monitoring and support for the student’s learning progress. 

The cost and availability of individual sessions varies and these details should be negotiated and confirmed individually as part of choosing and engaging Study Committee members. PWI does not facilitate these conversations or agreements.

Step Three: Submit Enrollment Materials and Application Fee 

Once invited to apply, the applicant submits the following enrollment materials:

  • Personal contact and background information form
  • Written or video essay in response to the application questions (see below)
  • 2 written references and declaration of commitment from each of the Diplomates who have agreed to be on the applicant’s Study Committee
  • Informed Consent and Commitment to the Ethical Principles for Processworkers Declaration
  • Application fee of $100.

Enrollment Essay Questions

Please answer the following questions in a written or video format to submit along with the other enrollment materials.

  1. Please share a brief autobiographical statement (500-1000 words), highlighting your background and your current context, along with the dream or dreamlike experience that called you to engage in a learning path toward recognition as a Processwork Diplomate. 
  2. Please share your prior experience with Processwork, any areas of application that you would like to specialize in, and your reasons for joining the program at PWI.
  3. Discuss how you intend to apply Processwork skills in your professional work and/or personal life, and how you imagine this program will support your learning and development. 

Program Costs

The annual SGD enrollment fee is $3,000 which includes two study committee meetings per year, assessment of the student’s readiness for exams, and evaluation of the final project. 

There is an additional final exam fee of $1,995. The exam fee is due when the student registers for the exam process with PWI, after receiving permission from their Study Committee.

All other training expenses, including courses, seminars, supervision, travel, and personal development therapy are paid for directly by the student.

Self-Guided Diploma Fees
Application Fee $100
Annual Enrollment Fee $3,000 per annum 

Includes two study committee meetings per year and the evaluation of the student’s Final Project. 

Final Exam Fees $1,995 due when registering for exams

$250 Reschedule Fee if requested less than 14 days prior to Exam Delivery Date.  

All other training costs At the student’s discretion 


The Self-Guided Diploma learning pathway does not confer any academic degree, nor can it be used as the basis for licensure, admittance into an academic program, or membership in any other professional association besides the International Association of Process-oriented Psychology (IAPOP).