Speaking out to facilitate consensus

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Wondering what is happening these days with the structures that used to seem so stable? From scientific facts to our legal and governance systems, those institutions supposed to create safety, to our very climate and precious biosphere, the essential ground for life on earth?

It feels like every day there is another threat to things that we should be able to take for granted.

Arnold Mindell gave us the concept of consensus reality … and it inspires me to think that the realm of objectivity is a consensus project. Truth is a group process! Seems we have to work together to create a new stable ground, to enact deeply democratic justice, to re-form a foundation that we can all share and build upon.

With institutions and environmental systems under threat, the role of structure, of stability, and grounding seems to be coming back to each one of us.

People are speaking up everywhere and we need to facilitate consensus reality in a deeply democratic way.  How are you picking up this role? How are you contributing towards creating a sustainable ground for us all to share?

Processworkers help people go more deeply into the things that matter.

Join us to resource the work you need to do.

Hellene Gronda

Executive Director, Ph.D, PW. Dipl, MA, BSc/BA(Hons)

Hellene has a life-long interest in personal and collective change and has been inspired by Processwork for over 30 years. An experienced leader in government and nonprofit settings she values the deep optimism and courageous spirit of Processwork, and its ability to find creative and unexpected solutions to the most difficult, confusing or inexplicable challenges.