Study Processwork

What is Processwork? 

Processwork, also known as Process-Oriented Psychology, is a holistic approach to personal and collective change that emphasizes awareness, creativity, and relationship-building.

At its core, Processwork is a framework for understanding the dynamics of human experience, including dreams, conflicts, and altered states of consciousness. It assumes that each person has their own unique inner process, and that this process can be explored and understood through attentive listening, open curiosity, and a willingness to engage with what emerges.

Processwork offers a range of tools and techniques for working with this inner and outer process, including body awareness, movement, voice work, and creative expression. It also emphasizes the importance of relationship-building, both within oneself and with others.

For prospective students, Processwork offers an opportunity to deepen their understanding of themselves and others, and to develop skills for working with complex issues and conflicts. It is particularly well-suited to those interested in psychology, counseling, coaching, or other helping professions, as well as to artists, activists, and anyone interested in personal and collective transformation.

About the Process Work Institute

The Process Work Institute is a non-profit educational organization located in Portland, Oregon, that offers training programs, workshops, and events in Processwork. It was founded in 1989 by Drs. Arnold and Amy Mindell and their colleagues who are pioneers in the field of Processwork and have contributed significantly to its development and application.  

The Institute offers a variety of training opportunities for those interested in developing their awareness and their skills in facilitation, counseling, coaching, or related fields. The Institute offered a Master’s degree in Processwork (1992-2023) and continues to offer Processwork learning pathways including the Self-Guided Diploma and the Certificate in Processwork, along with a range of continuing education courses and workshops.

The Institute also hosts conferences, public lectures, and other events that bring together practitioners, scholars, and students from around the world to share knowledge, insights, and experiences related to Processwork. In addition to its educational programs, the Institute includes a community-based Processwork center called the Portland Processwork Clinic, which offers services to individuals, couples, families, and groups. The Clinic is staffed by graduates of the Institute’s training programs, who provide a range of services to support personal growth, healing, and transformation.

The Process Work Institute, Portland, Oregon, is a leading institution in the field of Processwork, offering high-quality training and support to individuals and communities interested in personal and collective change.