Summer Intensive

Summer Intensive coming in 2025

NEWS MAY 1, 2024

Friends, there was a lot of interest for the 2024 Summer Intensive.

However increased travel costs associated with the northern hemisphere summer, along with post-covid inflation proved prohibitive for too many people.

As a result, we took the decision to postpone the Summer Intensive until June 2025 to give more time for participants to arrange and budget for their travel plans.

Register your Interest for the 2025 Summer Intensive

Next Summer the Process Work Institute will host a Summer Intensive course LIVE IN PERSON in Portland, Oregon.

The Intensive will be offered mid- June – mid July (dates to be confirmed January 2025) with an experienced, diverse teaching team, and including over 100 hours of immersion in Process Work teaching.

This carefully facilitated learning space provides a unique opportunity for accelerated learning in an intimate, multicultural setting. The Intensive Course will offer a comprehensive introduction to the essentials of Processwork theory, skills, and metaskills.

(Intensive 2020)

What is a Processwork Intensive?

The Intensive Course utilizes lectures, experiential exercises, demonstrations, group processes, and community building to explore Processwork and its various applications. Topics covered will include in depth structural understanding of the work, Processwork applications including dream and bodywork, relationship work, small and large group work on world and local issues, a process oriented approach to creativity, and working with non-ordinary states of consciousness such as those found in addictions, and extreme states.

(Intensive 2020)

Small groups are created on day one and meet four times over the course of the Intensive. These provide an intimate and facilitated container for further learning, practice, and support over the 19 days.

What’s it like to attend a Processwork Intensive?


Summer Intensive Schedule 2024 (POSTPONED)

Note Schedule subject to change.

Intensive Faculty are Processwork trainers and Diplomates, certified Process-oriented therapists, group facilitators, and teachers, who conduct seminars and training workshops throughout the world. Trainers hold academic degrees in fields such as psychology, medicine, theology, art, physics and other disciplines.

Meet the 2024 Intensive team


Bill Say, MA,. Dipl PW

Bill brings over twenty years of experience to the intersection of diversity awareness training, conflict resolution, and leadership/team/community building, including work in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. His organizational consulting experience is with health, mental health, and educational organizations in the US and abroad including with the Cities of Berkeley, Richmond and San Rafael; Alameda County Human Resources; the Highlander Research and Education Center; UN refugee health organizations in the Middle East (UNRWA); New Energy in China; and Independent Thought and Social Action in India. He is an adjunct faculty member of the California Institute of Integral Studies, the Wright Institute and JFK University. Bill is a Mindell Process Work Diplomate. He is Japanese Korean American, cis and male and straight identified, middle-class-ish, spiritually oriented, socially introverted, married to Linda and parent to son Gabe.

Dawn Menken, Ph.D., Dipl PW.

Dawn Menken has been working in the field of psychology and facilitator development for 40 years. She is an internationally respected educator, facilitator, therapist, leadership coach, and conflict resolution specialist. She is a co-founder of the Process Work Institute, where she co-created its master’s programs and served as academic dean for more than a decade. Her most recent award-winning book, Facilitating A More Perfect Union: A Guide for Politicians and Leaders, introduces new ideas to support leaders, particularly those in the public sphere. In all of her endeavors she is moved to improve social discourse and inspire more meaningful civic engagement.
Dawn is a thought leader and change agent who brings her gifts to a variety of sectors. Her parenting book, Raising Parents Raising Kids: Hands-on Wisdom for the Next Generation, offers a groundbreaking approach to parenting and has been described as “… a must read for everybody who cares about the state of our relationships and our world.” She is the creator of Teens Rise Up (TRU), a cutting-edge program that empowers and educates young people to step into their leadership, engage in honest dialogue and co-create more welcoming school communities. She is a passionate teacher and facilitator with a special devotion to relationship and building sustainable community. She is based in Portland, Oregon.

Susan Kocen, MA., Dipl PW.

Susan graduated from the Process Work Institute in 2005, and joined the Faculty in 2012. In addition to her Processwork journey, Susan has a background in Art and design, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and she received her MA in Gerontology – the study of aging – with her Thesis focused on the Altered and Extreme states of Alzheimer’s disease. She has worked as a counselor for Portlands’ unhoused, mentally diverse community, has been a Community Program Facilitator and has a private practice working with individuals, couples, groups and families.

Processwork has informed her worlds for 30 years. She loves the practice of this work, as well as the teaching and learning of it. It has given her a framework and language for life and living that deepens and gives meaning to everything.

Kas Robinson, Ph.D., Dipl PW.

Kas is originally from New Zealand/Aotearoa.  She has been a faculty member at the Process Work Institute of Portland since 2007, and she is a clinical director at a behavioral healthcare agency. Kas loves process work methods for discovering meaning, accessing altered states, addressing conflict, and grounding discoveries and insights into our everyday lives. Kas is deeply committed to Process Work’s awareness of diversity issues, its anti-oppressive lens,  and to diving into the challenges of life.

Aleksandr Peikrishvili, L.C.S.W., M.S.W., Dipl PW.

Aleksandr feels lucky to have met the PW paradigm in his early twenties at NYC’s open center, when searching to answer the question “why am I here?”.  Hard to believe, it is over 20 years later, and he continues to deepen the answer to this question 🙂 as he continues to feel deeply moved by the depth of human experience awareness, and dreaming that the PW paradigm cultivates. He is excited to share his love for the work as an international trainer, teacher, supervisor, process and conflict facilitator; working with individuals, couples and groups across a breadth of contexts internationally and locally. Additionally, Aleksandr has served the local Portland community as a licensed clinical social worker in the non-profit sector, working with long term HIV survivors; houseless folks in extreme states and addiction; eastern european refugees experiencing mental health crisis and young adults from multi stressed backgrounds in the process of pursuing trade training, and more.  In private practice Aleksandr works with leaders, creatives, couples and teams on issues of use of power, major life changes, burnout using PW, coaching and social work lenses and drawing on his experience as a Queer Armenian/Georgian Immigrant with a family history of genocide. To his own surprise, Aleksandr has recently discovered himself as an avid hiker, hiking the breathtaking 22 mile NaPali Coast trail with his partner Connor. Aleksandr, Connor and their dog Harvey reside in north Portland, Oregon.

Emetchi, M.A, Dipl.PW.

Emetchi is a longtime Diplomate living in Pdx, a teacher, therapist, facilitator, supervisor and mentor who works in the US and internationally. She has experience working in private and government settings with marginalised groups and mainstream establishments, and is comfortable working in private practice, with small communities and organisations as well as doing street work. Many years ago in Sydney, Australia Emetchi was part of the first HIV prevention streetworking team and earlier co-created the first Child Sexual assault and Incest recovery center. For some years now she has considered the Tao That Cannot Be Spoken to be her first employer and tries to balance allegiance to this with paying her bills. She travels less these days as body symptoms, aging, creative pulls and the environmental downside of travel gain traction.
Her passion for the PW paradigm deepens as Life continually creates opportunities to tweak her edges and grow her comprehension of Deep Democracy in action and the blessed gift of living dreaming while awake.

Ingrid Rose, Ph.D., LPC., Dipl.PW.

Ingrid Rose’s guiding inspiration for her life work stems from her history of growing up in South Africa, where as a child, perceiving the injustice around her, she decided early on to devote herself to individual and social change.
Ingrid has been in private practice for more than 30 years working with a large range of presentations, as well as being a clinical supervisor and group facilitator. She has taught at college level, and has had extensive experience teaching Processwork to many groups in Portland and all over the world. She also has a long history of yoga and meditation practice and a strong interest in shamanism, adding to the depth of her work. Pronouns: she/her/hers.

Rhea. MA., Dipl.PW.

Rhea is a therapist and trainer on faculty at PWI. She says: I have a background in improvisational theater, meditation and activism. I am always interested in supporting the theater of everyday life and a deeper democracy in everyday activism. I am grateful to Process Work for bringing me back to my own deep dreaming nature and happy to share that learning and support that process in all of us.

Marissa Seiler M.A., Dipl.PW.

Marissa is a queer, mixed-race Asian American facilitator and conflict resolution practicioner living in Portland. Her work focuses on leadership ethics, interpersonal connection, and personal power. She specializes in highlighting external and internal power dynamics within conflict, and the potential to transform conflict as a means of authentic connection, and deep collaboration. She believes in the potency for transformational change on both a macro systemic and micro interpersonal level. As a Process Work facilitator and educator, she empowers individuals and organizations to grow at the edge of their own emergence.

Lolo Halman, MA., Dipl.PW.

Lolo Haha(he/him) is a counselor, equity consultant, conflict mediator, and social justice theatre director based in Portland, Oregon. He works with individuals, couples, organizations, and communities to grow in their relationship toward conflict and paradox and to evolve toward a greater collective freedom.

Elva Redwood, MA., Dipl PW.

Elva Wolf Redwood is a Processwork Diplomate practicing with individuals, couples and groups in Portland, Oregon, USA.  They further their education and practice by studying different approaches to trauma healing and prevention, as well as ways to help dismantle oppression.  They facilitate sustainable activism, using Processwork to address conflicts and support relationships at a Climate Justice organization.  Elva is a writer and a lover of dogs and knitting, and they live with the challenges of chronic illness.

How to register


Applications for the 2025 Summer Intensive will open in January 2025.

You will need to include a brief statement about why you want to attend, some personal and contact information, and specify your payment preferences.

After we receive your application form, we will email payment information so you can complete your registration.

Note: Your information privacy is very important to us and your personal identifying information will be kept private and confidential and used only to register and support your participation in the Intensive.

What does it cost?

Summer Intensive Registration Fees: $2500

($500 deposit due on registration)

Installment Payment Plan: $500 deposit due immediately; May 13 $1000; June 10 $1000

Early Registration BY APRIL 30: $1950

($500 deposit due on registration)

Registration fees include access to 100 training hours, plus lunch time and social events.  Participants also receive a 10% discount on Processwork books sold at the Institute.

Registration fees for the Summer Intensive DO NOT include accommodation or meals. Participants need to make their own arrangements for lodging and food.  See below for a list of accommodation options.

Refund Policy

Please make sure the Intensive is right for you before applying. However we understand that unexpected emergencies can impact your plans.  Registration fees paid are fully refundable (less $50 administrative fee) until June 14.  After June 14, 50% refund is available.

Workstudy Scholarships

PWI acknowledges that systemic injustices contribute to a person’s economic status. We recognize social differences and economic disparities between different regions, countries and also within countries themselves.

PWI offers a limited number of workstudy opportunities in exchange for a partial discount on registration fees.  Please be aware that we receive more workstudy applications than we can accommodate. We recommend you apply early and share evidence of need to support your application.

Workstudy opportunities include:

  • Audio/Visual support
  • Room set up for classes and celebrations
  • Room clean up for classes and celebrations
  • Kitchen duties
  • Key holder (opening and closing of the building)
  • Classroom helper

Diversity Equity and Inclusion: Partial Scholarships Available

Systemic oppression based on race has devastating impacts on people of color globally.  In recognition of the unfair, historical and present day context of systemic disadvantage, we offer partial scholarships (50% tuition discount) to increase equity and participation for people impacted by systemic injustices based on race.  


The intensive is held at the Process Work Institute, located at 2049 N.W. Hoyt, Portland, Oregon 97209.


There is a small kitchen at the Process Work Institute where participants can prepare lunch. We will provide a list of restaurants in the vicinity of the institute for participants who wish to dine out.

English Language Proficiency

Expect a multilingual group with very diverse experiences in English, and a process that focuses on understanding one another in large and small group environments. It is up to the participant to ensure a comfortable level of understanding within English conversation and instruction.

Accommodation Options

There are many accommodation options near PWI, and below is a list of some locations where students and Intensive participants have stayed in previous years. Please contact the location for current rates.

NW Portland Hostel
Offers discounts for Intensive participants!
Located at 425 NW 18th Ave. (corner of 18th & NW Glisan St.), Portland, OR 97209.
Very close to PWI.
To reserve your discounted room, please contact Tracy by email or by phone at 503 241 2783.

The Portland International Guesthouse
The Portland International Guesthouse at 2185 NW Flanders Street, (a few blocks from the center), offers European-style accommodations for the budget minded traveler.  Facilities include six clean, private guestrooms that share three baths.  We also offer a fully furnished, private, one-bedroom garden level apartment.  Call (503)-224-0500.

Hotel DeLuxe
Located at 729 SW 15th Avenue, Portland, OR 07205; a short walk to PWI.

The Inn at Northrup Station
Located at 2025 NW Northrup, Portland, OR 97209, a short walk to PWI

The Park Lane Suites
Located at 809 S.W. King Ave, Portland, OR 97205, a short walk to PWI

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(artwork by Susan Kocen)