Facilitation & Conflict Studies

What does it mean to facilitate, rather than resolve, a conflict?

Can inner and outer conflicts be facilitated to create stronger relationships, a more resilient community and a deeper sense of shared meaning?

What is the process behind the conflicts that disturb our inner life, relationships and communities?

The Process Work Institute focuses on the process-oriented facilitation and study of conflicts on all levels of human experience: from the inner dynamics of personality, personal history and psychological conflicts, to the interpersonal conflicts that arise in relationships, families, teams, organizations and the broader human society.

It seems clear that individual and group paradigms on their own can only explain part of human behavior. So Processwork develops the ability to follow a process between individualrelationship, and group levels of experience. Facilitators learn how to switch between these levels with fluidity and work with all aspects of individual and group life.

Process-oriented facilitation and conflict studies uses the Processwork paradigm and skill set to train facilitators of psychological and organizational change, building on a foundation of personal growth and development, and practical facilitation training.

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