“Processwork got born in way when I realized … I have a process that manifests in dreams, it manifests in the body and it is neither psychological nor physical – and that exciting thought – ‘I am really studying process’ – that’s how Processwork began for me …”. Arnold Mindell (2012). 1)Arnold Mindell interviewed by Thierry Weidmann, for the documentary film An Oral History of Processwork, 2012.

Arny Berlin Kira stage

Arnold Mindell, founder of process oriented psychology

Process is the core idea of Processwork. Process is the potentially meaningful flow of inner and outer signals, including behaviors, feelings, interactions, expression and inner experiences that can be observed in our individual and group lives. 

If experience is a flow of changing perceptions then shouldn’t your training enable you to work with all its aspects?  

Learn how to facilitate the process of change as it shows up in the measurable reality of worldly and everyday problems, in the subjective feeling experiences of dreams, body problems and relationship conflicts, and in the subtle, intuitive impulses and atmospheres of individuals and groups.

Studying process reveals a structure that organizes even the most painful, disturbing or chaotic-seeming events and situations. This process can be facilitated to bring greater awareness and empowerment to individuals, organizational and business teams, and communities.

The Process Work Institute is part of a network of process oriented training centres internationally. The International Association of Practitioners of Process Oriented Psychology (IAPOP) is the professional association for Processwork and deep democracy practitioners.  IAPOP recognizes training centers located in more than 25 countries including the UK, Greece, Japan, Germany, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, India, Switzerland, Poland, East Africa, Slovakia, Israel, Palestine and Spain.  Graduates of Process Work Institute programs are entitled to join the association and participate in a vibrant and diverse community of practice around the world.

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1. Arnold Mindell interviewed by Thierry Weidmann, for the documentary film An Oral History of Processwork, 2012.

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