Have you ever wondered what is the common ground or deep story that brings people together in relationship?

Have you ever wished for more intimacy, more freedom, or just better skills for negotiating conflicts in relationship?

Relationships are the source of both our greatest joys and worst suffering. Everywhere we turn are relationships: families, partners, colleagues, teammates, neighbours, enemies … and at some point everyone seems to be impossible!

Processwork provides a multi-levelled framework and tools for facilitating your own and others’ relationships. By connecting to the deepest part of ourselves, writes Arnold Mindell, we can open up to the other person and understand their viewpoint:

“This is not just switching roles, it is getting deep into yourself, so when you come up, you are a little bit the other person and you can almost feel her or him. This approach makes relationships easier.”


Arnold Mindell, (2013, p. 182).[1]Mindell, A. (2013). The Dance of the Ancient One: How the Universe Solves Personal and World Problems. Eugene, OR: Deep Democracy Exchange.

In particular, Processwork brings attention to the more unknown aspects of relating and teaches how to catch the gifts within irrational, dreamlike experiences, difficult moods, body symptoms and intractable conflicts.

Process oriented relationship facilitation includes seeing the relationship as a system, creating a container for the unknown to emerge, and participating in relationship interactions with fluidity, curiosity, and openness. Mindell explains:

“When you are yourself and at home in the universe, you can bring others home. Then things start working better. When you are deeply in connection with the processmind, you are home. When you are at home then, because of nonlocality, the other person is likely to be more at home as well.”


Arnold Mindell, (2013, p. 182-3).

Training focuses on the dynamics of relating, tracking the interactional signals and identifying the level at which the interaction is occurring: intrapersonal, interpersonal, or transpersonal. You will learn the skills and metaskills of facilitating the interaction and working with the relationship as a system – assisting each person individually, but also bringing attention to the dreaming process of the relationship as a whole.

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1 Mindell, A. (2013). The Dance of the Ancient One: How the Universe Solves Personal and World Problems. Eugene, OR: Deep Democracy Exchange.