Tuition and Program Costs: Advanced Certificate

Effective May 2019

The tuition cost and required program fees of the Advanced Certificate program include all in-person and distance course work, study committee meetings, and program administration. Tuition may be adjusted at the beginning of each academic year. Re-enrollment and additional costs will occur if courses are required to be repeated. The tuition and program fees do not include books and reading materials, travel costs, long distance telephone fees, local and offsite room and board, or personal and professional development sessions.  A detailed breakdown of program costs is provided below, including estimated additional costs for books, travels etc.

Program Cost Summary

Tuition $23,460
Tuition plus Required Program fees $24,035
Estimated Total Program Cost  $29,760

Detailed Cost Breakdown 

Program Tuition  (per credit cost = $408)


Application Fee


Graduation Fee  (paid in last quarter)


Technology Fee ($75 paid per quarter – summer omitted)


Tuition plus required program fees


Estimated Additional Program Costs:

Lodging – shared (estimate based upon18 nights at average rate of $30/night)


Books (estimated)


Personal and Professional Development (estimate based upon 60 sessions @ $80)


Estimated Total Program Cost              


Fees and tuition are subject to periodic change; please refer to PWI website for the most current information.

Graduation Fee

Billed in last semester of the program, this fee covers the cost of graduation: $25

Technology Fee

Billed each academic quarter, this fee covers the costs associated with the PWI online Learning Management System (LMS) named Sakai: $75/quarter (summer term omitted) for a total cost of $450 

Miscellaneous Fees (if required)

Interim fee                $100

Additional transcripts   $15

Returned Check Fee     $15

Tuition Installments

Tuition is due in quarterly installments. Tuition installments are due on the first day of each quarter. Invoices are sent 30 days prior to the beginning of the quarter.  See the academic calendar for tuition due dates. 

Tuition Refund Policy

A student is permitted to withdraw during any part of the program in whatever manner – in writing, by phone, or in person. The following policy guides the minimum tuition refund entitlement in the case of student withdrawal.  Tuition refunds are calculated based on unused instructional time and are prorated on a weekly basis up to the middle of the academic term. Other fees are not refundable.

In case of a student illness, accident, psychological emergency, death in family, or other circumstances beyond the control of the student, the Process Work Institute will give special consideration to the student’s request for tuition refund beyond the minimum refund policy.

 PWI academic programs are structured in academic quarters of ten weeks.  The following table outlines the refund policy based on the weeks of the quarter.

Withdrawal Point

Refundable Tuition

Prior to the first day of the quarter


Within first week of the quarter


Within the second week of the quarter


Within the third week of the quarter


Within the fourth week of the quarter


Within the fifth week of the quarter


Sixth week of later

No entitlement to refund