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Arnold Mindell (1940 – 2024)


Our grief is the expression of deep love, gratitude and respect

Thank you dearest Arny, for your life work that uplifts and gives us hope in the darkest times, for teaching that there is always a meaningful path to unfold, if we can use our awareness, and believe in our experience.  Thank you beyond words.

Arnold Mindell passed away peacefully, June 10, 2024

Amy Mindell shares:

“Some time ago, Arny told me that when he was no longer here in his bodily form, we could connect and talk with him by looking at and communicating with the sea, his beloved sea.

And he said that when anyone dies, they are not just dead. We are not just bodies, we are a spirit and dreaming behind them, so he and all of us are always there.”

Read Amy Mindell’s Facebook Post

There will be an online Celebration of Life, details to be announced.

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Arny and Amy teaching together (from Facebook)

Processwork Essentials with Dawn Menken 2024

Excited about Dawn Menken’s new Essentials training series, starting January 31, 2024!

Processwork Essentials includes six mini-intensives January – June 2024 covering Structural Skills, Depths of Dreaming, Body Dreaming, Relationship Interventions, Altered and Extreme States, and Group Facilitation.

Part 1: Jan. 31-Feb 2nd, Structural Skills

Part 2: Feb. 28-March 1st, Depths of Dreaming

Part 3: March 27-29, Body Dreaming

Part 4: April 24-26, Relationship Interventions

Part 5: May 22-24, Exploring Altered and Extreme States

Part 6: June 19-21, Applications, Challenges, and Interventions in Group Facilitation

Dawn invites you to join one or all of the series and co-create a learning community across borders.  Each mini-intensive will include opportunity for practice as well as theory and community conversation.

Register now for PART 1: Structural Skills



Part 1: Jan. 31-Feb 2nd, Structural Skills

In the Structural Skills online mini-intensive, part 1 of the Processwork Essentials Series, we deeply investigate process structure within the framework of Processwork. Over three consecutive days, Jan. 31-Feb 2nd, 10am-12noon Pacific, we uncover the subtle intricacies and complexities inherent in various process manifestations and dynamics. Dawn will focus on the complex area of dreaming up and how to make the therapist’s experiences useful. Attend live sessions or catch up with recordings on demand.  Ask questions in the private online discussion space. Participants develop confidence in identifying, comprehending, and effectively engaging with these intricate structures, gaining practical skills for real-world applications. Through interactive sessions and discussions, this course aims to enhance practitioners’ abilities in discerning and navigating the nuances of process dynamics, empowering them for more adept professional practice.


  • Enhanced Understanding: Gain a deep comprehension of process structure, allowing practitioners to perceive nuanced manifestations and dynamics within processes.
  • Increased Confidence: Develop confidence in working with complex dynamics, providing a solid foundation for practitioners to navigate varied situations.
  • Practical Application: Acquire practical skills that can be immediately applied in practice, empowering practitioners to navigate diverse client scenarios effectively.

All mini-intensives delivered live 10am-12noon Pacific. Recordings available through Dec 31, 2024.

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Who is it for?

This mini-intensive and the full series is meant for students of Processwork, whether you are enrolled in a program or have been exploring on your own and just want to learn more.  A basic understanding of Processwork is assumed in order to appreciate the depth of material that we will cover.

Processwork Essentials Series Information

$240 per Mini-Intensive, or Bundle the Series of 6 for $1,200 and save $240.


Financial Equity

PWI recognizes the global and systemic forces that unequally impact people’s opportunities to participate.  If you are from an emerging economy or carrying the burden of systemic inequality and impacted by financial disadvantage, please choose the equity rate ($168) by registering with this link:

Structural Skills Equity Rate ($168)

About Dawn

Dawn Menken, Ph.D., certified Process Worker, (she/her/hers) has been working in the field of psychology and facilitator development for 40 years. She is an internationally respected educator, facilitator, therapist, leadership coach, and conflict resolution specialist. She is a co-founder of the Process Work Institute, where she co-created its masters programs and served as academic dean for more than a decade. Her most recent award-winning book, Facilitating A More Perfect Union: A Guide for Politicians and Leaders, introduces new ideas to support leaders, particularly those in the public sphere. In all of her endeavors she is moved to improve social discourse and inspire more meaningful civic engagement.
Dawn is a thought leader and change agent who brings her gifts to a variety of sectors. Her parenting book, Raising Parents Raising Kids: Hands-on Wisdom for the Next Generation, offers a groundbreaking approach to parenting and has been described as “… a must read for everybody who cares about the state of our relationships and our world.” She is the creator of Teens Rise Up (TRU), a cutting-edge program that empowers and educates young people to step into their leadership, engage in honest dialogue and co-create more welcoming school communities. She is a passionate teacher and facilitator with a special devotion to relationship and building sustainable community. She is based in Portland, Oregon.

Visit Dawn’s website

Join Amy Mindell for the Creativity of your Dreaming Process

Join Amy Mindell for a special class to explore how your dreaming process is an endless source of creativity.  Discover wisdom, insights, and creativity within fun exercises using everyday objects. Benefit from Amy’s guidance to unleash your creativity, gain insights, and apply newfound wisdom to enhance both life and work.

Expect short talks and fun exercises (using simple objects you can find at home) to experience the wisdom, insights, and creativity just waiting to be discovered for your life and work. If possible, please have these simple materials ready for the class: some paper, pens or markers, and something fun (like a hat, stuffed animal, puppet, or something else).

February 11th, 10am – 1pm Pacific

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About Amy

Dr. Amy Mindell is in private therapeutic practice in Portland, Oregon and teaches in many countries in the world. She helped developed process work in the areas of coma, creativity, dance, and facilitator styles.

She holds a M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology and is a diplomate of the Process Oriented Psychology Center of Zurich. She has written many books such as , Metaskills: The Spiritual Art of Therapy, The Dreaming Source of Creativity, Alternative to Therapy and her newest book, Your Unique Facilitator Style, as well as papers in professional journals. (Her studies of the feeling skills in therapy, or “metaskills”, are at the core of much of her work.). Amy is also an artist, puppet-maker, singer-songwriter, and dancer. Her most recent musical CD is called, First Bloom. 



2024 Winter Intensive!

Our ANNUAL PROCESSWORK WINTER INTENSIVE will be online only in 2024!

February 10-17, 2024

Register your interest here to be the first to find out more!

More information coming soon …


Join Amy Mindell and colleagues for a transformational, immersive, experiential training in Processwork.

The Annual Processwork Winter Intensive is a transformational, experiential introduction to the ideas, practices and range of Processwork tools for personal and collective transformation.

2024 will be the 39th Winter Intensive hosted by the Process Work Institute.

Don’t miss this irreplaceable, life-changing opportunity to go deeper into the things that matter.

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Art by Amy Mindell

2023 NEW Cohort Experience

Delighted to announce a new Cohort Experience learning opportunity!

Want to deepen your Processwork training and earn recognition as a Processwork Diplomate?

Want the flexibility to follow your own learning path, but still get the truly exceptional, irreplaceable, intense and powerful support of a cohort residency experience?

Our students consistently report that the residency and cohort experience makes the difference in their processwork learning journey at PWI.  

Download the Cohort Experience flyer

PWI’s Cohort Experience Bundle 2023 offers the opportunity to make an annual commitment that will supercharge your diploma studies.

Don’t miss the Cohort Experience starting September 2023


In Person Learning Intensives

Oct 1-14, 2023 and April 1 -14, 2024

Diversity Open Forum February 18, 2023

Flier OPENFORUM_mapof8

Our MAPOF8 students invite you to an Open Forum

Diversity: Can We Hold the Discomfort?

February 18th, 6-8pm (Pacific)

Invited speakers will open the forum with a variety of experience related to diversity to share their thoughts and experience.
  • Sweta Rajan, Indian-Canadian consultant on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Angela Gray, DEI lead at the Provincial Health Authority in Canada
  • Amy Hirayama, creative writer with a past experience in DEI work as a school teacher
  • Solana Booth, Indian first Nation, Nooksack Nation, Mohawk, Tsymsyan, Pacific NW Traditional Medicine Keeper working in Health and Wellness
The second part of the open forum will be dedicated to you, the audience, to bring in your own thoughts and experiences, your comments or questions, to expand the conversation and come to a larger, collective understanding of the topic at hand.
Expect some expert thoughts, opportunity to reflect and explore, a chance to listen to, share and get some insights on this ever present topic of diversity.
  • What does diversity mean for you?
  • How do you relate to diversity when it appears in your everyday life?
  • How do you keep moving forward with diversity around you?
With love from all of us at PWI
go deeper into the things that matter

Urgent Fundraising Campaign

Urgent Fundraising Campaign

Urgent Fundraising Campaign

Please Help Support Us!


Process Work Institute is currently running an urgent fundraising campaign to maintain the school building and accreditation status.

The pandemic has deeply impacted our institution, resulting in disruptions in operations and services. We have been unable to offer in-person classes, public courses, and coaching sessions. This has resulted in a significant decrease in revenue.

In addition, on August 19th 2022, the US Department of Education announced they’ll no longer recognize the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), click title above or go to News Tab to read more… which affects 27 ACICS-accredited institutions, including PWI. This puts us in the difficult position of needing to establish with a new accreditation body during the grace period.

To take advantage of this grace period we need to move quickly.


Funding Goals

The support received from this fundraising campaign will help the institute to thrive, maintain a physical campus, and invest in activities that will foster financial growth. So far we’ve raised approximately $50,000 in donations and pledges toward our goal, but we still need your help.


2 Target Goals:


$150,000 – Urgent Accreditation Support  By January 31, 2023

The initial $150,000 in funding would allow us to move forward in establishing with a new accreditation agency during the grace period.

$100,000 – Building & On-site Services   By March 31, 2023

This additional contribution will help us maintain the building and administrative & faculty costs while programs and cohorts are rebuilding.


This would prevent an 4-5 year accreditation gap.

We are asking directly for donations because we have been faced with challenges from the pandemic, accreditation difficulties and more. Please consider the value of Process Work, our community and school, and donate if you feel moved to do so.

Checks can be made out to Process Work Institute and mailed to:

Process Work Institute
2049 NW Hoyt Street
Portland, Oregon 97209

If you send a check, please contact us to let us know, so that we can include this in our urgent fundraising report due on December 15th.

Or click on this donate button to contribute any amount:

Donate Now

Or if you’re international and our campaign via the button above won’t accept your payment, Paypal is another option:

All contributions deeply appreciated!

The Process Work Institute is a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) and all gifts are tax deductible in the US. All contributions large and small are deeply appreciated!

And please consider spreading the word to others about our campaign. We need all the help we can get! Together we can help make a difference.

2023 Winter Intensive

Process Work Institute Annual Winter Intensive

Jan 16 – 31, 2023

The Annual Processwork Winter Intensive is a transformational, experiential introduction to the ideas, practices and range of Processwork tools for personal and collective transformation, offered for over three decades.

Live IN PERSON in Portland, Oregon for the first time since 2020!

Don’t miss this irreplaceable, life-changing opportunity to go deeper into the things that matter.  Join an international teaching team for three weeks of immersive Processwork learning in community

Teaching Team

Arnold & Amy Mindell, Bill Say, Susan Kocen, Ingrid Rose, Myriam Rahman, Dawn Menken, Rhea, Marissa Seiler and Aleksandr Peikrishvili.

January 1st, 2023: Updated Detailed Schedule

Winter Intensive 2023 Public Calendar

Register NOW!

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