Annual Processwork Winter Intensive

Thank you for your interest in our ANNUAL PROCESSWORK WINTER INTENSIVE 


We are not planning to host our winter intensive in January 2024.

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Live IN PERSON in Portland, Oregon for the first time since 2020!

Jan 16 – 31, 2023

Art by Amy Mindell

The Annual Processwork Winter Intensive is a transformational, experiential introduction to the ideas, practices and range of Processwork tools for personal and collective transformation.

2023 will be the 38th Winter Intensive.

Don’t miss this irreplaceable, life-changing opportunity to go deeper into the things that matter.

Join a dynamic teaching team for 16 days of immersive Processwork learning in community!

Teaching Team

Arnold & Amy Mindell, Bill Say, Susan Kocen, Ingrid Rose, Myriam Rahman, Dawn Menken, Rhea, Marissa Seiler, Aleksandr Peikrishvili, Kas Robinson and more.

Detailed Schedule

Winter Intensive 2023 Public Calendar

Registration Process and Payment Information

To register, complete the online form with your name, home location and a short personal statement about your interest in the Intensive. Provide your email contact information and select your payment preferences.

  • Your name and home location
  • Personal Statement (300-500 words)
  • Email Contact
  • Payment Preferences (early reg, payment plan, special request)

You will be sent an invoice after your registration form is received with information on payment methods. All tuition must be paid in full by December 15th, 2022.

Winter Intensive tuition: $2100
$500 deposit due by Nov 1st or upon registration.

Payment plan option: 3 installments: $500 Nov 1st or upon registration; $800 Nov 30th; $800 Dec 15th

OPTIONAL – if you experience financial disadvantage and wish to request either Workstudy or a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Scholarship, please make your request in the personal statement section of the online form.  After your registration form is submitted, provide further details as described below, by emailing  Applications for support are waitlisted in the order received.

See below for full details about Workstudy and DEI scholarship opportunities and requirements.

Accepted Payment Methods:
Check or money order in US dollars made out to Process Work Institute. PayPal, Wire Transfer, and Credit/Debit Card.

Please note that the registration fee for the Winter Intensive does not include accommodation or meals.  Scroll down below for some local accommodation options.


For over three decades, the community of the Process Work Institute of Portland has been hosting a Winter Intensive Course in Processwork.

Many of us first met at these deep, immersive community experiences. Many friendships were forged, professional and intimate relationships were established.

Having lunch, walks in forest park, day trips to the coast, the mountain, the waterfalls, coffee, dinner, dancing, fighting, loving and being amazed and moved by the awesome flow of process.

We know now in a way that we did not know before how much it means to gather in person. And the experience is precious. Irreplaceable.

January 2023 will be PWI’s 38th Annual Winter Intensive.  Back in person for the first time since 2020.


Come and listen to signals we see in everyday reality and in the world of darkness of the night, that means, from our dreams and pre-dream experiences.

The course offers a unique opportunity to learn Processwork in an intensive format and within an international group setting. The course includes Processwork’s many applications and its most recent developments, and it is designed as an adult learning event. Participants will learn and study together by means of theory, experiential exercises, and group processes. Since the course attracts students from many nationalities, ethnic groups, and religious backgrounds, issues such as multiculturalism, diversity, and community building are part of the learning experience.



For more information, contact our Outreach Coordinator: or please call 503.223.8188

What is Processwork?

Processwork is an awareness practice that follows nature and the unique expression of what is trying to happen. It is an innovative approach to individual and collective change, which brings psychology, spirituality, social activism, and creative expression together into a single paradigm. Processwork was developed in the 1970s and 80s by Dr. Arnold Mindell. At the time, Dr. Mindell was a Jungian analyst, who began researching illness as a meaningful expression of the unconscious mind. He discovered that the dreaming process manifests not only in nighttime dreams but also in physical symptoms, relationship difficulties, addictions, extreme states of consciousness, and social tensions. The Processwork paradigm believes that approaching these dreamlike processes with openness and respect can lead to new insights and create energetic shifts that are vital for our development. With its roots in Jungian psychology, philosophical Taoism, and modern physics, Processwork is based on the assumption that the solution to a problem is contained within the disturbance itself, and that within the problems of today lie solutions for tomorrow. Recent developments in Processwork theory have deepened the connection between quantum physics and process-oriented awareness training through the concepts of sentient reality and earth-based psychology.

The Intensive Course

The Intensive course offers a comprehensive beginning training in essential Processwork philosophy, skills, and metaskills and includes topics such as dream work, body work, relationship work, inner work, large group work, and working with non-ordinary states of consciousness and addictions. In addition to classes, each participant will be in a small group that meets twice during the intensive and provides an intimate container for learning and mutual support.

Past Intensive Participants Share their Experiences


CLICK HERE for more testimonials from students & faculty

The Faculty

Processwork trainers and Diplomates are certified Process-oriented therapists, group facilitators, and teachers, who conduct seminars and training workshops throughout the world. Trainers hold academic degrees in fields such as psychology, medicine, theology, art, physics and other disciplines.

Learn more from some of our faculty…

Location, Dates & Logistics

Jan 16 – 31, 2023

The course is held at the Process Work Institute, located at 2049 N.W. Hoyt, Portland, Oregon 97209. 

English Language Proficiency
Expect a multilingual group with very diverse experiences in English, and a process that focuses on understanding one another in large and small group environments. It is up to the participant to ensure a comfortable level of understanding within English conversation and instruction.


There is a small kitchen at the Process Work Institute where participants can prepare lunch. We will provide a list of restaurants in the vicinity of the institute for participants who wish to dine out.


Please register early to allow for planning. An online registration form including a personal statement are required to apply for the Winter Intensive. Your personal statement is a short statement about your background and interest in the Winter Intensive.


Options near PWI abound, and below are a few locations students and Intensive participants have stayed at in previous years. Please contact the location for current rates.

NW Portland Hostel
Offers discounts for Winter Intensive participants!
Located at 425 NW 18th Ave. (corner of 18th & NW Glisan St.), Portland, OR 97209.
Very close to PWI.
To reserve your discounted room, please contact Tracy by email or by phone at 503 241 2783.

The Portland International Guesthouse
The Portland International Guesthouse at 2185 NW Flanders Street, (a few blocks from the center), offers European-style accommodations for the budget minded traveler.  Facilities include six clean, private guestrooms that share three baths.  We also offer a fully furnished, private, one-bedroom garden level apartment.  Call (503)-224-0500.

Hotel DeLuxe
Located at 729 SW 15th Avenue, Portland, OR 07205; a short walk to PWI.

The Inn at Northrup Station
Located at 2025 NW Northrup, Portland, OR 97209, a short walk to PWI

The Park Lane Suites
Located at 809 S.W. King Ave, Portland, OR 97205, a short walk to PWI


Full tuition: $2100 ($500 deposit due by Nov 1st or upon registration)

Payment plan available: 3 installments: $500 Nov 1st ; $800 Nov 30th; $800 Dec 15th

Tuition must be paid in full by December 15th, 2022.

Early registration: $1650 (Paid in full by November 1, 2022)

Please note that registration for the Winter Intensive does not include accommodation or meals.

Accepted Payment Methods:
Check or money order in US dollars made out to Process Work Institute, PayPal, Wire Transfer, and Credit/Debit Card.

Check or money order made out to Process Work Institute. These can be dropped off or mailed to:  2049 NW Hoyt St. | Portland, OR 97209

To pay using PayPal, Wire Transfer, and Credit/Debit Card, please select this option in your course registration and we will be in touch with further information.

Public Courses Refund Policy:

Please follow this link to view our Public Courses Refund policy

Work-Study Opportunities

PWI offers a limited number of work-study opportunities. These include but are not limited to:

  • Audio/Visual Support
  • Cleaning Crew
  • Key Holder
  • Teacher Support
  • Celebration & Kitchen Patrol

To apply for a work study position you must submit:

  1. A brief statement about your financial situation (including income, financial hardship, and amount of tuition reduction requested)
  2. Your top 3 task preferences along with any additional work-study skills you would like to offer.

Please submit your workstudy application to after you have with your course registration form for the Winter Intensive. Workstudy applications can only be considered if you have submitted your course registration form and are waitlisted in the order received.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Scholarships

Systemic oppression based on race has devastating impacts on people of color globally.  In recognition of the unfair, historical and present day context of systemic disadvantage, we offer a limited number of Diversity Equity and Inclusion scholarships (50% tuition discount).

To be considered for the DEI Scholarship please add your request to your personal statement when you submit your course registration form for the Winter Intensive. Scholarship requests can only be considered along with your course registration form and are waitlisted in the order received.

Information for International Participants

A student visa (F-1 or M-1) is not required to participate in this public program. A tourist visa (visa waiver) or business visa (B-1 or B-2) will be adequate.

If you have any questions about traveling to the United States on a visitor visa we encourage you to visit for more information.

International participants can also contact with any further questions.

If you would like to contribute to our scholarship fund, please indicate this on your registration form and make a check payable to PWI Intensive Course Scholarship Fund.

Special Needs

If you need easily accessible lodging or special assistance, please let us know with your registration. The Process Work Institute is wheelchair accessible.

For More Information

Contact us at the Process Work Institute
Phone: 503-223-8188

The Intensive Course admits and welcomes participants of any race, religion, national or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, and ability.