Annual Processwork Winter Intensive





February 10-17, 2024

gather, connect and learn together!

13 immersive courses, 10 awesome teachers

Amy Mindell, Bill Say, Dawn Menken, David Bedrick, Susan Kocen, Kas Robinson, Pierre Morin, Aleksandr Peikrishvili, Vassiliki Katrivanou and Jai Tomlin Khan

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Hosted by the Process Work Institute for nearly four decades, discover fundamental Processwork tools for personal and collective transformation with experienced faculty, in an international group setting, during our 39th Annual Winter Intensive.

This life-changing opportunity offers:

  • Experiential Learning: Designed for adult learners seeking practical exercises for awareness, understanding, insights and meaning
  • Life-Altering Insights: Engage with topics that truly matter, shaping your understanding and practice of Processwork for personal transformation and professional application.
  • Comprehensive Exposure: Explore a range of Processwork theory and applications and latest developments.
  • International Community: Learn with a diverse group from around the world.

The Processwork Intensive course is designed as an adult learning event, fostering an interactive and participatory atmosphere where theory meets practice, empowering attendees to transform personally and professionally. 

Live online classes, private online community, and class recordings access until August 31, 2024. 

How will it work?

Everyone will enjoy the Community stream, and then you add either the Ocean or Forest streams, whatever suits you best … OR choose the Full Bundle with everything together, include both Ocean and Forest Streams, to have a fully immersive experience!

Community Stream 

Feb 10, 11 and 17

(10am – 1pm Pacific)

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Ocean Stream 

Feb 12-16

(9am-12noon Pacific)

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Forest Stream 

Feb 12-16

(2pm – 5pm Pacific)

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Plus there will be a private community space for connections, sharing, reflections on our new Experience Processwork platform.  All sessions will be recorded in case you can’t attend LIVE.

You will also join our free online community Experience Processwork – where the Intensive will be hosted!   It takes just a minute to join.  You can even download the app and access it on your phone!

Choose your participation option: 

Full Bundle (39 training hours) 

Community Stream + Ocean Stream + Forest Stream



Intensive Full Bundle

Single Stream Bundle (24 training hours) 


Ocean Bundle = Community Stream + Ocean Stream 

Intensive OCEAN bundle

Forest Bundle = Community Stream + Forest Stream

Intensive FOREST Bundle

Financial Equity

PWI recognizes the global and systemic forces that unequally impact people’s opportunities to participate. We are glad to be able to offer partial scholarships to support participation equity for the Intensive.  If you are from an emerging economy or carrying the burden of systemic inequality and impacted by financial disadvantage, please email to request our partial scholarship.  We hope to support you to participate!

Join Amy Mindell & Colleagues for a transformative immersion into Processwork Learning

Embrace the chance to grow, learn, and connect within this exclusive opportunity to study Processwork intensively. Join us for an immersive experience where theory meets practice, and personal growth intersects with collective transformation.

Join Amy Mindell and colleagues for a transformational, immersive, experiential training in Processwork.

The Annual Processwork Winter Intensive is a transformational, experiential introduction to the ideas, practices and range of Processwork tools for personal and collective transformation.  2024 will be the 39th Winter Intensive hosted by the Process Work Institute.

Don’t miss this irreplaceable, life-changing opportunity to go deeper into the things that matter.

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Art by Amy Mindell

For nearly four decades, the community of the Process Work Institute of Portland has been hosting an Annual Winter Intensive Course in Processwork.

Delve into a rich experiential exploration of Processwork’s ideas, practices, and an array of tools for personal and collective transformation. This life-changing Winter Intensive offers a deep dive into Processwork within an international group setting. It serves as an immersive introduction to Processwork’s theories, tools, and applications for personal and collective growth.

Participants will engage in:

  • Experiential Learning: Through practical exercises and group processes, dive into hands-on experiences that enhance understanding and application.
  • Diverse Perspectives: Embrace multiculturalism, diversity, and community building within the learning experience, fostering a rich, inclusive environment.
  • Cutting-Edge Insights: Explore Processwork’s latest advancements and applications, incorporating its various tools and recent developments.

This intensive course is designed as an adult learning event, fostering an interactive and participatory atmosphere where theory meets practice, empowering attendees to transform personally and professionally.

Don’t Miss This Unique Opportunity

Discover the essence of Processwork within an intensive and international group setting. This life-changing opportunity offers:

  • Transformational Experience: Immerse yourself in a curriculum designed to delve into the heart of Processwork principles and applications.
  • Experiential Learning: Engage in practical, hands-on exercises, group processes, and theoretical exploration.
  • Global Perspective: Interact with a diverse cohort representing various nationalities, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds, fostering discussions on multiculturalism, diversity, and community building.

Highlights of the Course:

  • Comprehensive Exposure: Explore Processwork’s multiple applications and its latest developments.
  • Adult Learning Environment: Designed for adult learners seeking in-depth knowledge and practical application.
  • Life-Altering Insights: Engage with subjects that truly matter, shaping your understanding and practice of Processwork.

A Life-Changing Journey Awaits: Explore Processwork’s Transformative Tools

Come and listen to signals we see in everyday reality and in the world of darkness of the night, from our dreams and pre-dream experiences.

The Intensive offers a unique opportunity to learn Processwork in an immersive format and within an international group setting. The course includes an introduction to core of Processwork’s applications and developments, and it is designed as an adult learning event. Participants learn and study together by means of theory, experiential exercises, and group processes. Since the course attracts students from different nationalities, ethnic groups, and religious backgrounds, issues such as multiculturalism, diversity, and community building are part of the learning experience.

Online Advantages

  • Global Connection: Seamlessly join the Winter Intensive from any corner of the world, transcending borders to create a truly global learning community. Foster connections and meaningful interactions with a diverse international community of like-minded individuals, sharing insights and perspectives toward a common goal of personal growth and sustainability.
  • Inclusive Opportunities: Empower individuals facing physical limitations or travel constraints to participate fully, fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment where everyone’s voice matters.
  • Travel-Free Learning: Embrace a sustainable lifestyle by eliminating the need for commutes and reducing your carbon footprint, while also saving precious time and resources.
  • On Demand Recordings to personalize your participation: Craft a learning schedule that harmonizes with your lifestyle, allowing you to absorb knowledge at your own pace and rhythm, and balance the demands of your busy life, empowering your personal growth journey. 
  • Stress-Reduced Environment: Create your own tranquil, personalized space for learning, promoting mental wellness and nurturing a calm and focused mindset conducive to personal development.
  • Economical Choice: More affordable and accessible online learning eliminates additional costs related to travel and makes participation more inclusive.

What is Processwork?

Processwork is an awareness practice that follows nature and the unique expression of what is trying to happen. It is an innovative approach to individual and collective change, which brings psychology, spirituality, social activism, and creative expression together into a single paradigm. Processwork was developed in the 1970s and 80s by Dr. Arnold Mindell. At the time, Dr. Mindell was a Jungian analyst, who began researching illness as a meaningful expression of the unconscious mind. He discovered that the dreaming process manifests not only in nighttime dreams but also in physical symptoms, relationship difficulties, addictions, extreme states of consciousness, and social tensions. The Processwork paradigm believes that approaching these dreamlike processes with openness and respect can lead to new insights and create energetic shifts that are vital for our development. With its roots in Jungian psychology, philosophical Taoism, and modern physics, Processwork is based on the assumption that the solution to a problem is contained within the disturbance itself, and that within the problems of today lie solutions for tomorrow. Recent developments in Processwork theory have deepened the connection between quantum physics and process-oriented awareness training through the concepts of sentient reality and earth-based psychology.

The Intensive Course

The Intensive course offers a comprehensive introduction to essential Processwork philosophy, skills, and metaskills and includes topics such as dream work, body work, relationship work, inner work, large group work, and working with non-ordinary states of consciousness and addictions. 

Privacy & Recordings

Intensive sessions are  recorded to provide on demand access and the opportunity to review and study deeply over time.   If you speak or show your camera, you will become part of the recording, available to other enrolled participants via the course site.


Courses are offered as a confidential, adult learning environment. Participant privacy and confidentiality is extremely important for everyone’s safety and learning. Please ensure that you keep other participant’s personal information private and confidential and do not share identifying details beyond the course participant group.

Experiential Training

Courses are offered as a confidential, adult learning environment focused on personal and community transformation. The activities may elicit emotional and psychological stress. If you have experienced psychological difficulties either in the past or present that may impact your participation, please consider carefully if this event is right for you. While all care is taken to support individuals, each person is responsible for their own needs and boundaries. By registering, you agree to take personal responsibility for your experience and to seek out support if you need it.

English Language

Courses are taught in English, with an awareness and sensitivity to the experience of those for whom English may be a second (or third or fourth) language. We welcome a multilingual group and ask for shared awareness of the challenges of using English when it is a second language. Participants should ensure they are comfortable with their own level of understanding of English conversation and instruction.

Explore the curriculum

Welcoming and Dreambody in Community with Dr. Jai Kahn and Friends

February 10th, 10am – 1pm Pacific (Community Stream)

This class will be an opportunity to connect in community and get to know each other. We will have a meet and greet time and then focus on settling into our bodies. Having a body symptom can be a very lonely experience. Your dreaming body can help you to connect more to yourself and to others in the community. In this time together you will learn have an experience of

  • Noticing signals (both intended and unintended) to discover new information, insights, and directions.
  • Learning to discover and unfold sensory grounded information that will lead to understanding the Dreambody and body symptoms from a process-oriented perspective.
  • Noticing levels of symptoms and discovering how to navigate these different levels, bringing more freedom and fluidity into health and body symptom challenges. 
  • Finding the ally and power in our body symptoms to help empower you and your and their unique process.  

The Creativity of Your Dreaming Process with Dr. Amy Mindell

February 11th, 10am – 1pm Pacific (Community Stream)

Join Amy Mindell for a special class to unlock your creative potential through the power of your dreaming process. Discover wisdom, insights, and creativity within fun exercises using everyday objects. Benefit from Amy’s guidance to unleash your creativity, gain insights, and apply newfound wisdom to enhance both life and work.

In this class, we’ll explore how your dreaming process is an endless source of creativity. Expect short talks and fun exercises (using simple objects you can find at home) to experience the wisdom, insights, and creativity just waiting to be discovered for your life and work. If possible, please have these simple materials ready for the class: some paper, pens or markers, and something fun (like a hat, stuffed animal, puppet, or something else).

By engaging in simple exercises using everyday items, your dreaming process can become a vivid playground of wisdom. Inspired by Amy’s warm, compassionate style, find your creativity soaring, infusing fresh ideas into your personal life and your work.

Key Benefits:

  • Creative Awakening: Tap into your dreaming process as an endless reservoir of creativity.
  • Practical Exercises: Engage in enjoyable exercises using everyday objects, bringing insights and creativity to life.
  • Guided Wisdom: Amy Mindell’s warmth and creative guidance helps unlock creativity for personal and professional growth. Join us for an enriching experience that fosters imagination and practical application.

Inner work with Aleksandr Peikrishvili

February 12th, 9am – 12noon Pacific (Ocean Stream)

Join us on a transformative journey as we explore the profound tools of the process oriented awareness paradigm, applied to our personal growth. Dreaming is always just a ‘flirt’ away.  Our emergent self, our facilitative superpower, our life’s purpose, is accessible through the subtle experiences that we often marginalize.  

In this course, discover some of the tools of process oriented awareness paradigm applied to our work with ourselves.  Inspired by the wisdom of Joseph Campbell and insights from Arnold Mindell’s  “The Shaman’s Body,” we begin to unearth our emergent selves, tap into our facilitative superpowers, and align with our life’s purpose. We challenge the conventional belief that great teachers are confined to dreams or seclusion, as we delve into the intricate dynamics of relationships, everyday life, and our contemporary world.  By embracing the awareness path, we discover that seemingly challenging situations are catalysts for self-transformation. Through deep introspection and self-mastery, we transcend inner obstacles, reaching the very core of our existence. Join us as we embrace the transformative path of Innerwork. Together, let’s navigate the complexities of life with wisdom, compassion, and a deep understanding of our own existence.

WorldWork with Aleksandr Peikrishvili

February 12th, 2pm – 5pm Pacific (Forest Stream)

Dive into the heart of human connection and personal growth, exploring the depth of contact with one’s own humanity, with another and with life itself.  In this course, we will begin to cover some of the process oriented approach’s application to facilitating groups.  As our dear colleague and friend, Errol Aramesekera, expressed, “I feel closer to God during group process.” He reminds us of the immense power and beauty that lies within the realm of group dynamics.  It is so moving as a facilitator to hold such a space.

Drawing inspiration from Arnold Mindell, we embark on a journey that echoes the words of Albert Einstein: “I want to know God’s thoughts.” Mindell’s passion for process-oriented research has ignited our love for group work and its ability to provide a profound understanding of ourselves, others, and the world around us. As group facilitators, we hold a sacred space for exploration and growth, allowing individuals to delve into the depths of their own experiences and connect with others on a profound level.

Creating Bridges during Challenging Times with Dawn Menken 

February 13th, 9am – 12noon (Ocean Stream) and February 16th 2 – 5pm (Forest Stream)

Creating Bridges during Challenging Times: Embracing Processwork for Inner Growth and Connection. Join Dawn on a transformative journey as we harness the power of Processwork to nurture our innerwork, relationships, and connection with the world. In these two classes, we offer support for those seeking solace and guidance during challenging times. Together, we will embark on an exploration of key areas, including personal history, working with others, navigating the edges of our world, and unlocking the profound wisdom hidden within our dreams.

Through the lens of Processwork, we will learn to build bridges that bridge the gaps and foster a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. By cultivating these essential skills, we will navigate the complexities of our personal histories, enhance our ability to collaborate with others, and embrace the tasks that lie at the edges of our world. Additionally, we will delve into the transformative realm of dreams, unlocking their hidden messages and utilizing their guidance for personal growth.

Navigating Community Health and Wellness in Brutalizing Times: A Communal Medicine and Processwork Approach with Pierre Morin

February 13th, 2 – 5pm (Forest Stream)

We live through brutalizing times with many conflicts erupting all around us that impact us personally as well as our clients. Trauma is pervasive and the danger of retriggering and being triggered is acute. We need new tools to navigate these complex multiple layers of community relationships. In this 3-hour class Pierre will provide you with some awareness and relational skills that can guide your interventions.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Oppression as a public health crisis
  • Genes and environment, epigenetics
  • Navigating rank and power differences
  • Intersectionality
  • The 4 phases of conflict
  • Universe versus pluriverse
  • How change happens: awareness, learning and changing circumstances and systems

Shame, Somatic Experience and Processwork with David Bedrick

February 14th, 9am – 12noon (Ocean Stream)

Shame is one of the most talked about issues in psychology today. While the conventional literature conceives of shame as a painful feeling, that understanding is inadequate, neglecting the fact that most shame is totally unconscious, relegated to the shadow.  In this seminar you will learn how shame is an internalized witness that denies and gaslights our experience. This has profound implications, among them is the fact that we can literally unshame. How? By following experience, especially somatic experience. You will learn how to identify when shame is present, what it is “hiding,” and how to use the body to unshame.

Life Myth with Bill Say

February 14th, 2 – 5pm (Forest Stream)

The Life Myth can be likened to one’s dream of life, recognizable over time for its main theme, pattern, and figures. It contains our deepest struggles and gifts and may suggest our direction and meaning in life. In this class you’ll be introduced to some of the features of the Life Myth.

You’ll have the opportunity to practice the skill of symbolic thinking; here, utilized to consider your own Life Myths and how they may provide context and framing for your aspirations, struggles, relationships, work and more. Together, we’ll explore how an earliest dream or memory and its main representations of self and other may suggest a long-term relationship and integration process. We’ll touch upon other dreaming doorways, disparate areas of our lives where the Life Myth expresses itself, often in thematic ways. Finally, we’ll use the resource of our favorite nature or home spot energy to help offer grounding and perspective as we look at these enduring but often veiled processes.

Processwork, altered states and addictive tendencies with Kas Robinson

February 15th, 9am – 12 noon (Ocean Stream)

In this class we will be focusing on addictive tendencies.  Addictive tendencies touch our lives and can be a gateway to discovering marginalized energies, and unlocking creativity. There is or can be suffering with addictive tendencies and we will share Processwork methods that help access a deeper awareness, marginalized energies and can reduce the pull of the addictive tendency over time. Utilizing the tools of processwork we will deepen and unfold the altered state individuals are yearning for when they reach for a substance, behavior, or activity that has an addictive pull and integrate this experience, creativity, or altered state into our everyday lives.

Approaching Dreams with a Dreaming Mind with Susan Kocen

February 15th, 2 – 5pm (Forest Stream)

This class will offer an inspirational introduction to some of the process based tools and attitudes that encourage our explorations of night-time dreams as guides and gifts for our daily lives. To work with dreams requires skills both learned and intuitive, plus an attitude of awareness and creativity, and a deep welcoming of less known and oftentimes completely bizarre information that seemingly makes no sense. Let’s see what surprises we discover and what skills already exist and may just need to be remembered. After all, we are dreaming beings who tend to forget some of those less ordinary things that we have always known, and with a little nudge get to recover those rememberings.

Picking up leadership when things look impossible with Vassiliki Katrivanou

February 16th, 9am – 12 noon (Ocean Stream)

There are moments in life when we are called to pick up the leadership role.  We may be called either as an appointed leader or as someone who has a better understanding of a situation, a certain vision and can motivate people. The focus of the class will be how to pick up our leadership role from an inner state of connection with people and our vision. Not only being motivated by ambition. But with the attitude “I can do it today and you can do it tomorrow”.  How can we lead in the midst of crisis, when things look extremely challenging, but life pushes us to go for it? In this class you will learn how to connect with your vision and fight with inner critic that puts you down.  Also, you will learn about your role as a leader and about your own personal power style. 

The Faculty

Intensive faculty are Processwork Diplomates and certified Process-oriented therapists, group facilitators, and teachers, who conduct seminars and training workshops throughout the world. Trainers hold academic degrees in fields such as psychology, medicine, theology, art, physics and other disciplines.

Meet the faculty

About Jai (Welcoming & Dreambody Feb 10) 

Dr. Jai Kahn is on faculty at the Process Work Institute of Portland and is a Diplomate member of IAPOP, the International Association of Process Oriented Psychology. She has been working with the dreaming body as a chiropractic physician and functional medicine doctor for over 30 years. As a facilitator and coach, she helps individuals and organizations to develop leadership skills, embrace change, and transform conflict. Her passions include raising awareness about racism, climate change and empowering people in their own unique leadership style.

About Amy (Creativity Feb 11)

Dr. Amy Mindell is in private therapeutic practice in Portland, Oregon and teaches in many countries in the world. She helped develop processwork in the areas of coma, creativity, dance, and facilitator styles. She holds a M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology and is a diplomate of the Process Oriented Psychology Center of Zurich. She has written many books such as , Metaskills: The Spiritual Art of Therapy, The Dreaming Source of Creativity, Alternative to Therapy and her newest book, Your Unique Facilitator Style, as well as papers in professional journals. (Her studies of the feeling skills in therapy, or “metaskills”, are at the core of much of her work.). Amy is also an artist, puppet-maker, singer-songwriter, and dancer. Her most recent musical CD is called First Bloom. 

About Aleksandr (Innerwork & Worldwork Feb 12)

Aleksandr Peikrishvili, L.C.S.W., M.S.W. Portland State University is an international process oriented trainer, supervisor, therapist, certified coach and licensed clinical social worker.  He is faculty at Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon; Moscow, Russia and Mumbai, India.   Aleksandr’s focus in processwork has lately been bringing together eldership and social activism, 1st and 2nd training, and his bicultural Armenian Georgian immigrant experience with his experience as a gay feeling man. He shares: my basic nature and some of the formative experiences, growing up as a feeling Armenian gay man in a a former Communist Republic of Georgia, immigrating at 16 alone to the US and a family history of Armenian Genocide, are an inspiration for my dream of creating a different world for us to live in. These experiences continue to be deep sources of agony, growth and compassion that guide me in my work with groups, relationships and individuals, and being human and relating to others, of finding the other in myself.

About Dawn (Community Feb 13 and Feb 16)

Dawn Menken, Ph.D., certified Process Worker, has been working in the field of psychology and facilitator development for 40 years. She is an internationally respected educator, facilitator, therapist, leadership coach, and conflict resolution specialist. She is a co-founder of the Process Work Institute, where she co-created its masters programs and served as academic dean for more than a decade. Her most recent award-winning book, Facilitating A More Perfect Union: A Guide for Politicians and Leaders, introduces new ideas to support leaders, particularly those in the public sphere. In all of her endeavors she is moved to improve social discourse and inspire more meaningful civic engagement. Dawn is a thought leader and change agent who brings her gifts to a variety of sectors. Her parenting book, Raising Parents Raising Kids: Hands-on Wisdom for the Next Generation, offers a groundbreaking approach to parenting and has been described as “… a must read for everybody who cares about the state of our relationships and our world.” She is the creator of Teens Rise Up (TRU), a cutting-edge program that empowers and educates young people to step into their leadership, engage in honest dialogue and co-create more welcoming school communities. She is a passionate teacher and facilitator with a special devotion to relationship and building sustainable community. She is based in Portland, Oregon.

About Pierre (Big Medicine Feb 13)

Pierre Morin MD, PhD, currently works as consultant for culturally specific behavioral health clinics and as a counselor in private practice. He worked for 20 years as clinical director and supervisor with refugees and trauma survivors in a community outpatient mental health setting in Portland Oregon. As a physician in Switzerland, he worked in the fields of brain injury recovery and psychosocial medicine. He is the author of Health in Sickness and Sickness in Health and Big Medicine: Transforming your Relationship with your Body, Health, and Community. He has written numerous articles on mind-body medicine and community health. He is an international; coach and trainer and the current co-president of the international association of process-oriented psychology (IAPOP).

About David (Shame Feb 14)

David Bedrick is a teacher, author, and psychological activist dedicated to helping you live a life free from shame. For over 30 years, he has supported students in reconnecting with the wisdom, power, and intelligence of their whole and authentic selves by releasing the grip shame has over their lives. He founded the Santa Fe Institute for Shame-Based Studies to teach therapists, coaches, and healers how to liberate shame from the body and mind. Along with books and online courses, David has assisted thousands of people in addressing shame at the root & dismantling its power to strangle your life force.

About Bill (Life Myth, Feb 14)

Bill focuses on the intersection of diversity awareness, conflict resolution, and leadership, team and community development. He has offered training and facilitation to health, mental health, educational and business organizations in the US and abroad, including the Highlander Research and Education Center; BUILD; NAMI; East Bay AIDS Center; Taproot Foundation; UC Berkeley College of Engineering and Computer Science; Contra Costa Mental Health; the Cities of Berkeley, Richmond and San Rafael; Independent Thought and Social Action in India; New Energy in China and UN refugee health organizations in the Middle East (UNRWA). He has taught at UC Berkeley Extension, Esalen Institute, Naropa Institute, the Core Energetic Institute, SEEDS CRC, and the Process Work Institute. In his private coaching practice of over 25 years Bill works with individuals, couples and families. He addresses issues including: life direction and meaning, relationship issues and conflicts, diversity issues, communication problems, workplace conflicts, career paths, and leadership issues. Bill lives in Berkeley, California. He is married to Linda and father to Gabe.

About Kas (Altered States Feb 15)

Kas Robinson PhD, Dipl PW. Kas is originally from New Zealand/Aotearoa.  She has been a faculty member at the Process Work Institute of Portland since 2007, and she is a clinical director at a behavioral healthcare agency. Kas loves processwork methods for discovering meaning, accessing altered states, addressing conflict, and grounding discoveries and insights into our everyday lives. Kas is deeply committed to Processwork’s awareness of diversity issues, its anti-oppressive lens,  and to diving into the challenges of life. 

About Susan (Dreams Feb 15)

Susan Kocen is a Processwork Diplomat, currently working in private practice, and on the Teaching Faculty at the Process Work Institute. A dreamer since landing on earth, she has also been a working artist and designer, a Community Program Builder, a counselor for Portland’s Houseless, mentally diverse community, and an Acupuncturist. All roads have led to and been informed by a deep dreaming life, and an attention to lived experience informed by creativity, sensitivity, and the deep democracy of many levels of experience.

About Vassiliki (Leadership Feb 16 & Integration Feb 17) 

Vassiliki Katrivanou works in Greece and internationally as a process worker, trainer, group and conflict facilitator and organizational consultant. Currently, she is working at the Greek Council for Refugees as a coordinator of the social unit (2019-today).  She is also facilitating trainings for women politicians in order to support a feminist way of leadership. She was a member of the Greek Parliament with SYRIZA (2012 – 2016). She was also a Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (2014-2016). Her main focus is on human rights: immigration and refugees, the far right and antifascist movement, the rights of women and the LGBTQI community. Vassiliki,in collaboration with Bushra Azzouz, directed the documentary, “The Women of Cyprus” which portrays how a group of Turkish and Greek Cypriot women handle conflict. She holds a Diploma and a Masters in Process Oriented Psychology, a BA in International Studies and a Masters in Conflict Resolution (Portland State University). Her main interest is how to combine politics and psychology in order to support people, organizations and communities to be creative and close to their vision. She is also passionate about empowering women in their leadership role.

For More Information

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The Intensive Course admits and welcomes participants of any race, religion, national or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, and ability.