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Love & Deep Ethics for our Living Earth: Fear, Grace, Belonging, Recovering

Tuesdays April 30, May 21, June 18, 12noon – 2pm Pacific time


Relationship Interventions

April 24 -26, 10am – 12 noon Pacific

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Build your Processwork Toolkit

Processwork Toolkit Series offers short online courses introducing the core topic areas and applications of process oriented psychology and deep democracy, the work developed by Arnold Mindell.  Take the courses as a series or jump into individual topics that best suit your learning needs.

The Toolkit Series is a perfect entry point for beginners seeking a structured introduction to the basic ideas and practices of Processwork, and is recommended for students enrolled in our Certificate program.

It offers a great way to connect with other folks interested in Processwork and to learn from different faculty.

Take the Toolkit Series courses to deepen and consolidate learning from other introductory level courses, allowing you to get a structured introduction to core concepts and practices.

What can I expect?

Community Engagement: Connect with a community of like-minded individuals, sharing experiences, insights, and supporting each other’s growth and development.

Facilitate Personal Growth: Develop Processwork skills to facilitate personal growth and transformation, empowering yourself and others to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and insight.

Unlock Your Own Wisdom: Tap into your inner wisdom and intuition, using the experiential and creative approach of process oriented psychology, gaining valuable insights and guidance from your process, for personal and spiritual development.

Enhanced Awareness Skills: Develop a heightened sense of awareness, particularly in subjective experiences like emotions, inner body feelings, and dream images.

What are the topics?

APRIL – Dreaming Process and Life Myth With Mila Gaca

MAY – Innerwork with Jai Kahn MAY

JUNE – Dreams and the Dreaming Process with Lane Arye


Toolkit Series Bundle (April-May-June) – save 20%

Experience systemic disadvantage?

Equity Rate Bundle available

Dreaming Process and Life Myth

With Mila Gaca

Wednesdays April 17, 24, and May 8

4-6pm Pacific

Livestream and recording access

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Innerwork With Jai Kahn

Tuesdays May 7, 14, 28

10-12 noon Pacific

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Livestream and recording access


Dreams and the Dreaming Process

With Lane Arye

Wednesdays June 5, 12 & 26

10-12 noon Pacific

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Livestream and recording access



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