Academic Financial Assistance Options

Financial Assistance – Academic Programs

To address different circumstances and increase equity of access to education, the Process Work Institute offers a number of options for assisting prospective students including opportunities for tuition discount scholarship awards, workstudy awards, and flexibility in payment plans.

Prospective students seeking financial assistance are encouraged to apply early as the opportunities are limited.  Please note that PWI does not provide access to federal financial assistance (title IV) loan programs. All students should plan on funding their educational program through personal means.


PWI offers a limited number of work-study opportunities to assist students in financial need. Work-study positions, if available, are allocated based on the student’s financial need and their ability to provide services needed to PWI.  Financial need is evaluated using the same procedures as other assistance options, and students seeking work-study should follow the application procedures detailed below. Students awarded work-study positions are assigned PWI responsibilities appropriate to their skills, and receive a compensation award equivalent to $17 per hour, to be applied only toward their tuition costs.

Payment Plans

PWI offers the flexibility of monthly payment plans upon request. Payments are due by the first day of each month during the program. Students seeking to establish a monthly payment plan should contact the administrative office for further information.

Tuition Discount Awards

PWI is a tuition funded non-profit educational organization, and is able to offer a limited amount of institutional financial aid for each program through tuition discount awards. These tuition reductions are provided to support students who experience financial hardship. The award amounts will vary based on the applicant’s financial needs, as well as the ability of the Institute to fund the awards. The awards are determined by the PWI financial aid committee.

Tuition discount awards are allocated across the length of the program, and are subject to the student maintaining satisfactory academic progress. In cases where a student applies during the course of the program, they will need to reapply each subsequent year to be considered. In cases where a student applies prior to beginning the full program, awards will be given for the duration of the degree program and will be automatically renewed each year provided the student maintains satisfactory academic progress.

Applying for Financial Assistance

To apply for the PWI financial assistance options listed above, prospective students should submit the following materials with their admissions application:

  • An essay describing the applicant’s situation and how a tuition reduction will be of assistance.
  • Financial documentation demonstrating the applicant’s financial situation and demonstrating why it would be a hardship to pay the tuition amount.

Financial documentation includes:

  • completed tax forms for one year prior to the application date
  • a statement about saving accounts and investment accounts including property owned, specifying types of accounts, and approximate amounts in the accounts.

Awards will be granted based upon the essay and a demonstrated financial need. Unfortunately, PWI cannot guarantee an award to all applicants. The award depends on the number of applicants and the ability of the Institute to fund the grants.

If a student experiences financial hardship during the program, they are encouraged to contact the administration office at PWI to determine if special funding arrangements or payment plans can be arranged to assist during the time of financial hardship.