Joe Goodbread

Joe Goodbread, PhD

BS, Princeton University, 1968
MA, Stanford University, 1971
Dr. Sc. Techn., Swiss Federal Polytechnic Institute, Zurich, 1976
Diploma in Process Oriented Psychology, Research Society for Process Oriented Psychology, Zurich, 1982

Research, publications, projects:
Facilitator in Worldwork seminars since 1991
Conducted research / therapeutic seminars with victims of the Chernobyl disaster, 1994-1997.
Co-founder (with Amy Mindell and Kate Jobe) of the Journal of Process-Oriented Psychology
Diversity consultant to major mass-transit organization, 1998.
Conducted training and research seminars throughout the world, 1987-present.
Co-designer of and trainer in “Befriending Conflict” program, Donegal, Ireland, to introduce process-oriented facilitation methods to community workers in Republic of Ireland-Northern Ireland border towns, 2003-2004.
Facilitator, with others, of the ‘Parallel Worlds Extreme States Clinic’ since 1991.

The Dreambody Toolkit, Lao Tse Press, 1997
Radical Intercourse: How Dreams Unite Us in Love, Conflict, and Other Inevitable Relationships, Lao Tse Press, 1997
…plus numerous articles in the Journal of Process-Oriented Psychology and other publications.

Special Interests:
I am fascinated by the philosophical roots of Process Work, and particularly of World Work. How does philosophy influence our world view? How does it contribute to our facilitation skills?
My interest in philosophy led me to my current research into the processes of social marginalization. How do groups and individuals become marginal? How can we encourage the so-called mainstream to reflect on how it marginalizes individuals and groups?
Another research area that fascinates me is the development of ‘tiny’ training programs that help people like social workers, mental health workers, mediators and others acquire just enough process work skills to facilitate their work, without having to enroll in a full-scale process work training program.

Personal Statement:
I moved to Portland in 1990, where I live with my partner Kate Jobe and our cat Ben, after living nearly 20 years in Zurich, Switzerland. I have pursued dual careers as a research engineer and Process Worker, and have finally given up trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up. I love riding my bicycle in the hills around Portland, and enjoy working with metal and glass in my workshop at home. I am a passionate cook and baker. If I’d been born 300 years earlier, I would probably have been an alchemist.