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Learn More About Processwork Training Opportunities at PWI

If you would like to learn more about our Masters Program, Advanced Processwork Training, the Annual Winter Intensive, or Public Courses and Workshops at PWI we encourage you to connect with our Outreach and Admissions Coordinator to arrange an in-person, phone, or Skype meeting.

We also offer program-specific information sessions throughout the year. If you are interested in signing up for a program-specific information session please sign up using the form provided below. You may also use the form to schedule a one-on-one meeting with our Outreach and Admissions Coordinator.

Outreach and Admissions Coordinator

Elsa Henderson

I am honored to connect with prospective students around our programs here at PWI.  
As a diplomate and graduate of the four year diploma program (MAPW), I am intimate with the joys and challenges of the Processwork learning journey. Studying at PWI has had a huge impact on my life: I now have the skills to navigate and facilitate a wide array of challenging life experiences, as well as the awareness to track patterns and unfold what is emerging in any given moment. 
I now use Processwork professionally as a coach, facilitator and therapist and I am passionate about helping other learners to discover how Processwork can enhance their paths both personally and professionally.”


If you are interested in working with race or speaking with a member of PWI’s People of Color Faculty Committee, please contact our Outreach and Admissions Coordinator who would be happy to connect you. You can read more about the POC Faculty Committee here.


Please Note: You will receive a confirmation email from the Outreach Coordinator upon submission of the sign-up form. If the information session is available via Skype or phone you will receive the call-in information via email.

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