Covid-19 Prevention & Response Plan

Process Work Institute’s COVID-19 Prevention & Response Plan outlines operational plans effective for Fall 2021. 

Local Covid-19 Testing & Vaccination Resources

Free COVID-19 Testing Sites in Oregon

Check for appointments: CDC Vaccine Finder

Oregon Health Authority: How to Find a COVID-19 Vaccine 

Multnomah County Community Testing Sites: 

For help finding a clinic call: 211

Multnomah County Health Department’s Primary Care Clinics: 503-988-5558

Onsite Operations - Winter 2022

Continuing with protocols that have been successful at keeping our community safe, PWI will be requiring all students and faculty to provide documentation of recent covid testing (no more than 48 hours prior) to be present for residencies. This applies regardless of vaccination status due to the threat of the Omicron variant. Students and faculty that have received full vaccination should supply a copy of their vaccination card, which will be recorded to their file, to aid in risk management. 

PWI will continue to require everyone to wear masks at all times while indoors and to practice safe social distancing as recommended by public health guidelines. KN95 masks will be provided on site to all students and faculty. Temperature checks will be taken upon arrival each day, and sanitary stations will be available throughout the building.

This policy applies to all school activities conducted under the supervision of faculty either in the Portland building or at other offsite locations.

Resumption of Onsite Operations

PWI will resume limited on-site operations in the beginning of October 2021. Small cohorts of students will be able to be present at the school for study following social distancing and mask wearing protocols. No large group classes or meetings will be held until it is safe to do so. Practitioners and teachers can use private office space to their discretion while observing physical distancing, appropriate hygiene, and the wearing of masks.

We have been in communication with our small student body to understand and respond to travel restrictions and safety concerns and to ensure that all students have equity of access to the right to complete their educational program and meet their goals. 

PWI operational plan is in compliance with local public health authority guidance and the OHA standards.

Kelly Queen, PWI office manager, is the designated employee who will implement, enforce or supervise that standards and requirements provided in this operational plan. 

Key Principals

Key Principles to Reduce Potential Exposure to Covid-19 and other Potential Respiratory Pathogens:

  1. PWI will require students and faculty to maintain a minimum of 6 feet of distance with other people. We are a small school and our student cohorts are between 6-12 students. We have two classrooms with the following dimensions 1054 and 504 square feet respectively. This gives us ample room to accommodate our student cohorts safely.
  2. PWI will encourage hand hygiene and have readily accessible hand sanitizer in the building and soap in all bathrooms. 
  3. PWI will require the use of face coverings in the building. Signage referencing the Governor’s order is in place at the front entrance. Face coverings will be made available for those who need them.
  4. People will be required to maintain 6 feet of distance.
  5. PWI will regularly clean and disinfect high touch surfaces. In addition, sanitation supplies will be regularly available for office staff, students, faculty and practitioners. 
  6. Office staff, students and faculty are expected to monitor their health and to quarantine if they have been exposed to Covid-19, as well as trace their contacts and inform others of potential exposure.

Entry and Self-Screening

  • The Process Work Institute will only be open for official school business, practitioner office hours, internship supervision, and limited classes.
  • Upon entering the building every person is required to wash their hands for 20 seconds or use an alcohol based hand sanitizer with 60-95% alcohol.
  • Face masks will be provided upon entry for those who do not have their own.
  • Anyone entering the building will be required to sign in with their name and contact information in case there has been an exposure. The office will then be able to contact and inform anyone of a potential exposure as well as to report to the relevant health authorities for their contact tracing.
  • Before coming to the Institute each person is required to conduct a self-check for Covid symptoms. If any of the following symptoms are recognized, individuals must stay at their residence. Covid-19 symptoms are as follows:
    • Primary symptoms of concern: cough, fever or chills, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing.
    • Note that muscle pain, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or small, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, nasal congestion, and runny nose are also symptoms that could be associated with Covid 19.
    • Emergency signs and symptoms that require immediate medical attention: trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, new confusion or inability to awaken, bluish lips or face or other severe symptoms.
    • Office staff, faculty or students who have a chronic or baseline cough that has worsened or is not well-controlled with medication should stay home. 

Isolation Measures

  • Staff, faculty, and students will be in contact with the school authorities if they are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms and are unable to attend school. 
  • If staff, faculty or students develop symptoms while on campus, the person should immediately return to their residence. If they are unable they will be isolated in an office until they can be transported home or to a health care facility. Any person who is contact with that individual will wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.
  • The person will be encouraged to seek medical care and Covid-19 testing through their medical provider or the local public health authority.
    • If the person has a positive Covid-19 test, they are required to remain at their residence for at least 10 days after illness onset and 72 hours after fever is gone without the use of fever-reducing medications, and other symptoms are improving.
    • If the person has a negative viral test and all other multiple tests are negative, they should remain at their place of residence until 72 hours after the fever is gone, without the use of fever medications, and other symptoms are improving.
    • If the person does not undergo Covid-19 testing, the person should remain at their residence until 72 hours after their fever is gone, without the use of fever medications, and other symptoms are improving.
  • Any staff, faculty or student known to have been exposed to Covid-19 within the preceding 14 days should stay in their place of residence and follow instructions from the health local public health authority.

Health-Related Communication

  • Staff, faculty, students and practitioners will be sent the PWI Operational Plan for safe campus activity before classes begin. Protocols will be posted.
  • The PWI Operational Plan will be posted on the PWI website as well as on site at the building.
  • Staff, faculty, students and practitioners will be advised that working while ill is not permitted.
  • Staff and faculty will remain current on all increased precautions and updated protocols.
  • All people will be advised and encouraged to wash hands frequently. Signage around the building will serve as reminders.
  • Protocol for communicating with staff, faculty and students when a case of Covid-19 has been diagnosed:
  • Immediate emails will be sent to all staff, faculty, students and practitioners
  • PWI staff will interview the infected person in order to track direct contacts and then inform those who have had more direct exposure
  • Designated staff person will communicate to custodial staff on cleaning requirements and Covid-19 safety requirements.
  • This operational plan will be posted on the PWI website.
  • The board will regularly review the PWI operational plan and make any needed amendments.

Hand Hygiene and Respiratory Etiquette

  • Signage will be placed in the building to remind people about hand washing and respiratory etiquette.
    • Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or us an alcohol-based sanitizer with 60-95% alcohol.
    • Respiratory etiquette means covering coughs and sneezes with an elbow or tissue. Tissues should be disposed of and hands washed or sanitized immediately afterwards.
  • Hand hygiene stations with alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be placed at the entrance to the building. People will be encouraged to sanitize upon entering and leaving. Bathrooms will also have soap and sanitizer.

General Facilities

  • Soap and alcohol-based sanitizer with 60-95% alcohol will be readily available and strategically placed.
  • Masks will be available upon entry to the building.
  • PWI will clean and disinfect daily according to the CDC guidelines on disinfecting public spaces.
  • Classrooms and office spaces will be regularly aired out. Big classroom has large sliding doors which support optimal air flow.
  • Cleaning supplies and sanitizing wipes will be readily available.
  • Classroom chairs will be sanitized daily at the end of the day, as well as high touch surfaces.
  • The large classroom is a big open space of 1054 square feet. Chairs will be arranged with 6 feet of distance between them. According to the formula of 35 square feet per person, the room can accommodate up to 30 people safely. Class size at PWI is considerably smaller. Our student cohorts will have no more than 15 people and will give ample space for physical distancing.
  • The library or small classroom is 504 square feet. Based on the calculation of 35 square feet per person, the maximum number of people allowed would be 14. We anticipate this room being used at a much smaller capacity. 
  • Teachers will monitor that there is 6 feet of distance between people at all times.
  • The kitchen will be closed. There is a water cooler with disposable cups that is accessible in the hallway. A hot water pitcher will be made available in the classroom with teas and disposable cups.

Cleaning Protocol

  • Daily cleaning and sanitizing of the building with special attention to high touch surfaces including: door knobs and handles, hand railings, chairs and desks, countertops, light switches, shared phones, shared computers and mice, remote controls, video and audio equipment.
  • Use gloves when cleaning and wash hands after removing gloves.
  • Dispose of all wipes, rags and gloves safely.
  • Staff should not touch their face while cleaning
  • When cleaning after an infected person has been in the building, contaminated clothing should be put in a plastic bag and laundered at home.

Communicable Disease Management Plan

  • Designated staff will immediately notify the public health authority (LPHA) of any confirmed Covid-19 cases among students, faculty, staff or practitioners.
  • PWI will keep a record to assist the LPHA as needed with contact tracing
  • If an individual becomes ill at the school they will be required to self-isolate either at their residence or they will be assisted to get health transportation to a health facility. While waiting for transportation the ill individual will be isolated in an office space and will be provided with face coverings and alcohol based sanitizer.
  • Staff monitoring the individual will wear a mask, gloves, and keep distance. 
  • Other people in the building will be sent home until the building can be disinfected.
  • After the infected person leaves the building, PWI will follow the OHA and CDC guidelines to disinfect classrooms, offices, bathrooms and activity areas. Windows and doors will be opened to allow circulation and fresh air.
  • Others who might have had potential exposure to the infected individual will self-monitor and quarantine as needed.
  • If someone on campus is known to have been diagnosed with Covid-19, PWI will consult with the local public health authority (LPHA) regarding cleaning and possible school closure.