Program Objectives

MACF Program



The purpose of the program is to help students:

  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding and practice of the process work approach to conflict, group dynamics and organizational change processes
  • Recognize, appreciate and explore all aspects of experience -conscious or consensual or, unconscious or dream-like, and subtle or ineffable
  • Use conflict, including one’s own, as an opportunity for meaningful change
  • Value all cultural and communication styles, and points of view, regardless of the facilitator’s, group’s or predominant cultural values
  • View experiences, people and attitudes which are outside of one’s identity as aspects of oneself
  • Use self-awareness techniques to work with one’s own difficult states, moods, biases and emotions
  • Explore, appreciate, and engage with the less known, ambiguous, or marginalized experiences of a group or organization, making that knowledge available as a resource or intervention
  • Understand, appreciate and relate to the group’s social, cultural and historical context
  • Think critically about Process Work within the broader fields of facilitation, conflict resolution and organizational change
  • Demonstrate awareness of ethical professional conduct