Tuition and Program Costs

Fees are subject to change and may be raised by the school at the beginning of an academic semester.

For MACF Cohort 6 entering Academic Year 2013-2014

Total program cost:               $47,210

Break-down of costs:

Residency and online study tuition                      $38,475
Elective courses                                                            $1,200
Final Project                                                                  $30
Lodging                                                                           $6,160
Books                                                                                $475
Application Fee                                                           $75
Graduation Fee (paid in last semester)              $75
Technology Fee ($120 paid per semester)      $720

 Tuition for Cohort enrolling academic year 2013-2014 

Year 1                                                              $10,530
Semester One: September 9, 2013                              $4,860
Semester Two: February 2, 2014                                $5,670

Year 2                                                              $14,175
Semester Three: June 3, 2014                                     $8,100
Semester Four: November 4, 2014                            $6,075

Year 3                                                              $13,770
Semester Five: May 5, 2015                                       $6,075
Semester Six: November 6, 2015                              $7,695

Total Tuition                                                    $38,475


Application fee                        $75
Graduation Fee                        $75
Interim fee                                 $100
Transcripts                                $15
Returned Check Fee               $15
Technology Fee                       $120 (per semester)

Tuition Refund Policy

Refund Policy: [The term “course” refers to the class or course of study in which the student is enrolled.] A student is permitted to withdraw during any part of the program in whatever manner – in writing, by phone, or in person. A student who elects to cancel their enrollment within 5 calendar days of enrollment will receive a full refund of all money paid. The 5 calendar days begin when the student signs the enrollment form, or confirms enrollment through email, or tuition payment. After the 5 day cooling off period, where the student cancels after completing at least one lesson but less than 50 percent of the course lessons, the Process Work Institute may retain the non-refundable fee (registration fee) of $200 plus a percentage of tuition which shall not exceed the following:

  • Up to and including 10% of the course, PWI retains 10% of the refundable tuition.
  • Between 10% and 25% of the course, PWI retains 25% of the refundable tuition.
  • Between 25% and 50% of the course, PWI retains 50% of the refundable tuition.

After the student completes more than 50% of the course, PWI shall be entitled to retain total course tuition.

The amount of the course completed shall be the ratio of completed required lessons to the total lessons required to complete the course.

In case of a student illness, accident, psychological emergency, death in family, and other circumstances beyond the control of the student, the Process Work Institute will give special consideration to the student’s request for cancellation beyond the minimum refund policy.

Additional Costs


Elective study is required for the MACF program. Elective courses can consist of any kind of further learning in Process Work, Worldwork, and related disciplines, and may be taken anywhere in the world. The cost of these electives is not included in the tuition requirements, nor are any travel, accommodation, or distance learning expenses associated with electives, such as long distance or internet charges. Depending on the type of course, students can expect to pay

$15 – $30 per hour for a class or webinar
$100 – $200 per day for a seminar or workshop
$800 – $1200 for a week-long or 10-day conference.


The Institute does not have on-campus housing or food service. A resource guide to assist in locating housing is sent to students upon enrollment. The Institute does not assist students in finding housing; however, students can often find housing with local students or community members. Accommodation costs in Portland vary. There are several hostels in the neighborhood, and some hotels offer special rates for long-term stay. Students can expect to pay:

Hostel (shared room)     $22-$28 per night
Hostel (private room)    $50-$70 per night
Hotel                                  $99-$135 per night

Residential training may also include offsite and seminar portions. Students stay in a shared rental venue, and are responsible for the costs of housing and meals during the offsite. The cost for this varies, but students can expect to pay $300-$400 for room and board for a week.


Seven residential courses are required in the MACF program over six semesters. Travel costs are not included in the cost of tuition. Travel from Portland to and from offsite venues are the student’s responsibility. Students are responsible for making their own travel arrangements.

Distance Learning Costs

Approximately 24% of the courses and learning in the Diploma and MA programs happen via distance learning. Students are responsible for all of the costs associated with learning at a distance: computer, long distance phone charges, high speed internet access, and the costs of an internet provider. All charges are subject to change by these companies. The Institute has no operational relationship with any online provider. PWI has free Internet access for students when they are in residence.

Books and Supplies

Many of the books required are available through the PWI publishing house, Lao Tse Press, and are available on campus or online, as well as in local bookstores. Students can expect to pay between $350 and $600 for the costs of books. If purchased online, there may be additional shipping costs. International shipping and priority delivery will increase these costs.

International Students

Applicants whose native language is not English and who have not earned a degree from an institution where English is the principal language of instruction must take an English Language equivalency test and have their transcripts translated and evaluated by an appropriate third party. The student is solely responsible for the costs associated with the English equivalency tests and translation and evaluation of transcripts.

Foreign students will also have to apply for a non-immigrant student fee. The costs associated with the application and SEVIS fee are the student’s responsibility.

Thesis and Final Project Expenses

All costs associated with research, writing, and preparation of the thesis, including editing, proofreading, typing, copying, and binding are the responsibility of the student.


As PWI is a tuition funded non-profit organization, we are able to offer a limited amount of scholarships for each degree program. These scholarships are provided to support students who have financial hardship. The award amounts will vary based on the applicant’s financial needs as well as the ability of the Institute to fund the scholarships. All scholarships are represented by a tuition discount for each year of the full program if granted prior to the start of the program or for one academic year if granted during the course of the program. In cases where a student applies during the course of the program, he or she will need to re-apply each subsequent year to be considered for a scholarship.

In cases where a student applies prior to beginning the full program, scholarships will be a standard amount for each year of the degree program and will be automatically renewed each year provided the student makes satisfactory academic progress. Satisfactory progress will be determined by the Study Committee who will inform the office at PWI of progress each academic year. The scholarship award will be granted for a maximum period of 6 semesters for the MACF program and 4 years for the MAPW program.

To apply for a scholarship please submit the following materials to the Registrar at PWI:

  1. An essay describing the applicant’s situation and how a scholarship will be of assistance (essay should be no less than one page and address your financial needs)
  2. Financial documentation demonstrating the applicant’s financial hardship (bank statement, cost of living, pay stub are all good examples of your financial situation)
  3. If need additional help applying for a scholarship, please contact the PWI office.

Applicants will be informed prior to the beginning of the program/academic year if their application has been successful and the award amount they will receive in scholarship each academic year/the next academic year.

The awards will be granted based upon the essay and a demonstrated financial need. Unfortunately PWI cannot guarantee an award to all applicants. The scholarship award depends on the number of applicants and the ability of the Institute to fund the applications.

If a student experiences financial hardship during the program, he or she is encouraged to contact the administration office at PWI to determine if special funding arrangements or payment plans can be arranged to assist during the time of financial hardship.