Robert King


Robert King, MSW is a senior Process Work teacher and artist residing in Portland, Oregon. He has studied Process Work with Arnold Mindell and others since 1983 and has been a faculty member of the Process Work Institute in Portland from 1992, including teaching at the Annual Process Work Intensive Course. He has been working as a therapist for 43 years.

Over the last 30 years, Robert has taught and facilitated Process Work both in the US and internationally, focusing on a range of topics such as relationships, dreams, addictions, bodywork and extreme and altered states of consciousness.

He has extensive experience in facilitating diversity seminars in the areas of racism, sexism, homophobia and various social issues, such as facilitating dialogue between the various parties at conflict in Ireland, commonly referred to as ‘The Troubles’. He also co-facilitated Open Forums in Portland on Gay Rights and on 9/11.

Robert was part of a team that set up a Process Work training program in Ireland and he has taught Process Work seminars in many different countries, such as the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Poland, Denmark and the Netherlands. Robert also worked in a team of large group conflict facilitators in a number of countries, including Australia, Slovakia, India and Greece.

Robert has trained extensively in a variety of approaches such as Gestalt Therapy and Bioenergetic Analysis. He has taught Advanced Gestalt Therapy, Family Therapy and Counseling Techniques at Antioch University in Seattle and a Counseling Lab at the National College for Naturopathic Medicine in Portland.

He worked in a family counseling agency for over 20 years where he provided individual, marital and family counseling to people of different age groups, races and ethnic backgrounds.

His current passion is in pursuing his artwork and bridging the beautiful diversity of various psychology schools, indigenous practices, spiritual traditions and their relationship to Process Work.

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