Public Events

Community Meetings

Community meetings are held in the Big Room at the Process Work Institute located at 2049 NW Hoyt Street in Portland, Oregon.

These community meetings are open to all interested in or curious about Processwork and the Process Work Institute.  They provide a space to come together and create community by following process. Facilitators are chosen from the group each time, and we begin with open sorting for issues that are on people’s hearts and minds. We then choose a topic that the group wants to focus on, and explore together more deeply using a process-oriented facilitation approach. 

Upcoming community meetings – join us!

Winter 2020

Sunday, February 9: 6.30 – 8pm

Spring 2020

Sunday, May 31: 6:30 – 8pm


Join Dawn Menken for Process Work in Practice: Free Introductory Classes

These free one-hour classes will present a Process Work approach to working with a variety of themes that emerge in our lives and in private practice. These short sessions are meant to introduce the public to a variety of Process Work applications but will also include ideas that can enhance learning for students and practitioners. These drop-in classes will occur monthly on-line.

First Thursday of each month (no January class)

5:30-6:30pm Pacific Time

Online @

Nov 7 — Activism and Process Work: An Organic Union

Dec 5 – Unfolding Anxiety and Depression

Feb 6 – Exploring the Wisdom of Our Dreams

March 5 – Raising Parents, Raising Kids, Raising Us All: A Process Work Approach to Parenting

April 2 – Engaging with Dying, Death and Grief

Dawn Menken, Ph.D., is a conflict resolution educator, counselor, facilitator, and workshop presenter. She is a senior faculty member in the graduate program at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon and was co-creator of its masters programs, serving as academic dean for ten years. She is the creator of Teens Rise Up (TRU), a cutting edge program that empowers and educates young people to step into their leadership, engage in honest dialogue, and co-create a more welcoming school community. She is the author of the award winning book, Raising Parents Raising Kids: Hands on Wisdom for the Next Generation. A dynamic teacher with a sharp mind and playful spirit, Dawn enjoys working with people from all cultures and backgrounds.  For more information see her website:


Dreambody Medicine Forum 

Hosted by PWI Faculty: Kara Wilde, Pierre Morin, Jai Tomlin and Emetchi
In these forums, we link the individual experience of body symptoms with larger cultural and social issues sharing in a group format. 
Read about previous forums on our blog or find us on Facebook
The Dreambody Medicine Forums currently scheduled for 2019:

  • Oct 25
  • Nov 22 
Forums are held on scheduled Fridays, 7 pm-9:30 pm, at the Process Work Institute, 2049 NW Hoyt St, Portland, OR.
If you have a symptom you would like to work on in the middle of the group,

please contact   This event is free and all are welcome!


Psychological Stretching 

This is a monthly drop-in class where we connect with our bodies as psyche. We use dance, body mapping, movement practices, spontaneous imagery and creative arts to discover our body as a energetic field and delve into subtle sensations. We listen to our bodies wants and needs and use the body as a tool to find clarity and direction.

October 28th, 7- 9:30pm

November 25th, 7 – 9:30pm

Tune in, get down.

For queers and non-queers.

All genders and Non-genders

All bodies and Any bodies

$5-$15 donation requested.
No one turned away for lack of funds. 


With Lane Arye & Bill Say

in Berkeley, California

Our polarized world needs facilitation. Worldwork, developed by Arnold Mindell, is an inclusive, transformative approach to collective conflict, diversity issues, and community building. Learn vital skills that will help you facilitate conflicts whether they are personal, work related, or connected to world and social issues. Bridge divides. Build community. Find your own personal power.

Each workshop in this 3 part series can be taken on its own. Together they provide a fuller, deeper, and more powerful learning experience.

November 3, 2019; 10AM – 5:30PM
December 8, 2019; 10AM – 5:30PM
February 8, 2020; 10AM – 5:30PM
This series is meant for facilitators, therapists, social change activists, organizational change consultants, people who work in organizations, and anyone who wants their relationships, friendships and community interactions to be smoother and deeper.

For more info, including how to register:



Here’s a taster of different aspects of Process Work. It’s meant to give you a sense of the power, depth, and beauty of the method. Try individual classes or come to them all. 

Each class will feature a bit of theory, a short guided inner work, a demonstration with a volunteer, and a discussion about how all this can be applied in our lives and with clients.

This series is for anyone who is interested in their own dreams, body symptoms, creativity, or personal development. It is also for therapists, counselors, social workers, bodyworkers, and facilitators. 

Childhood Dreams, Chronic Symptoms, and Life Myth

Wednesday October 30 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm

 Double Signals and Inner Diversity

Wednesday November 13 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm

The Path of Crumbs Leads To The Mystery

Wednesday December 11 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm 

COST: $20 per class or $50 for the series

WHERE: 1452 Cornell Avenue Berkeley, CA 94702 

1) Email
2) Pay:
    Using PayPal to
    (Please consider using “friends and family” option)
    Send a check to: 
    Lane Arye
    1452 Cornell Avenue
    Berkeley, CA 94702



Friday, December 13, 2019, 6-7:30pm PST

at the Process Work Institute & online 

Processwork Applications in Today’s World

hosted by Dawn Menken, PWI founding faculty and Director of Teens Rise Up

with Errol Amerasekera, Jan Dworkin, Lolo Halman  & Julie Diamond

Errol Amerasekera has applied his PW education to working with elite sporting teams and organisations to assist them in the development of high-performance cultures and ethically sound leadership.

Jan Dworkin has refined her processwork practice to specialize in executive coaching, conflict facilitation and couples counseling.

Lolo Halman has combined theatre and processwork to facilitate creative dialogue and instigate change around social issues

Julie Diamond has been using PW expertise in the field of leadership development, coaching, assessment, and training for organizations, companies and federal government agencies.




Processwork Online – An Online Learning Group for Everyone

created by 2 PWI students
They provide free, once-a-month, online trainings with Processworkers from around the world. These two-hour sessions are open to anyone interested in experiences and learning more about Processwork. Check out there schedule here.

Research Symposia

The Research Symposium honors research in Process Work and related fields. It is meant as a gathering place for sharing and furthering our learning together. In this spirit, research may include formal or informal research projects, as well as ideas and visions for projects in the works. Presentations may also include experiences integrating Process Work in various contexts, as well as panels on topic areas that bring together many different fields and perspectives.


The Process Work Institute invites you to get to know Processwork by participating in a series of FREE lectures–no registration required! In this next distance friendly seminar faculty share knowledge and experience of Processwork and how they use it to make change in the world.

Keep an eye out for additional free lectures here and on our Facebook page!

For details about each course and how you can participate in person or online please click here