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Community Meetings

Community meetings are held in the Big Room at the Process Work Institute located at 2049 NW Hoyt Street in Portland, Oregon.

These community meetings are open to all interested in or curious about Processwork and the Process Work Institute.  They provide a space to come together and create community by following process. Facilitators are chosen from the group each time, and we begin with open sorting for issues that are on people’s hearts and minds. We then choose a topic that the group wants to focus on, and explore together more deeply using a process-oriented facilitation approach. 

Community meetings are currently TBD.


APRIL 15: 7:30-8:30pm


Come along for an interesting evening of shared information, story and video from the orphanage, farm and community in Magarini, Kenya. Magarini is a unique project that offers a home to vulnerable children and youth while at the same time working with the wider community to address the underlying problems of poverty, social breakdown and land degradation.

         In only six years, we have seen so much positive change! Children   left without care and protection can now access education and   have hope for the future. In the wider community, both girls and    boys are now going to school and being given equal opportunities. 

Emmanuel began a children’s center and organic farm years ago in rural southeast Kenya, which has brought together the children and community members, who are engaged in developing the orphanage, school and farm.

Emmanuel will be visiting Portland and Eugene in the first half of April and will be at the Process Work Institute on the evening of April 15th to share with you information about Magarini Children Center and Organic Demonstration Farm, development over the years and how the Center is now operating. You will also get a chance to see a video of the daily life of the children and the center.

Please come along. This should be a fascinating evening and a great chance to learn about community development, organic farming, and to meet Emmanuel. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Process Work Institute, 2049 NW Hoyt, Portland. 97209

Dreambody Medicine Forum 

Hosted by PWI Faculty: Kara Wilde, Pierre Morin, Jai Tomlin and Emetchi
In these forums, we link the individual experience of body symptoms with larger cultural and social issues sharing in a group format. 
Read about previous forums on our blog or find us on Facebook
The Dreambody Medicine Forums currently scheduled for 2019:

April 26
June 21
July 12
Sept 27
Oct 25
Nov 22 
Forums are held on scheduled Fridays, 7 pm-9:30 pm, at the Process Work Institute, 2049 NW Hoyt St, Portland, OR.

If you have a symptom you would like to work on in the middle of the group,
please contact 
This event is free and all are welcome!

Psychological Stretching 

This is a monthly drop-in class where we connect with our bodies as psyche. We use dance, body mapping, movement practices, spontaneous imagery and creative arts to discover our body as a energetic field and delve into subtle sensations. We listen to our bodies wants and needs and use the body as a tool to find clarity and direction.

  • MARCH 25th: Quantum Blossoming
  • APRIL 29th: Deep Listening
  • MAY 27th: Body as Nature
  • JUNE 24th: Yin and Yang

Tune in, get down.

For queers and non-queers.

All genders and Non-genders

All bodies and Any bodies

$5-$15 donation requested.
No one turned away for lack of funds. 



April 28, 10am – 5pm
Who likes conflict? Almost no one. But it seems to be an unavoidable part of life. Handled skillfully, conflict can lead to transformation, intimacy, understanding, reduced tension, as well as better relationships, teamwork and community. How can we better engage in conflicts and facilitate them?
This workshop combines brief theoretical lecture, discussion, skill building exercises, and solo, partnered, small group and large group activities.
This workshop is for any individual who struggles with conflict, including parents, partners, team members, leaders, social activists, therapists, and facilitators. But most of all, you.
  • Learn and practice Process Work theory and tools concerning conflict facilitation
  • Explore the heart that can hold all sides
  • Find our conflict facilitation superpower
  • Expand inner diversity
  • Practice role awareness and role switching
Contact our values and visions concerning conflict
WHEN: April 28, 10am – 5pm
WHERE: Empty Gate Zen Center
           2200 Parker Street in Berkeley (corner of Fulton)
This is a shoe free space. Please bring slippers or warm socks. There are kitchen facilities available for warming up or cooking a meal.
COST: Cost for this workshop is $50 – $200, sliding scale based on your economic situation. If you need guidelines to help determine payment, below are some suggested payments based on income. This sliding scale and these suggestions are made from a desire to keep our work sustainable as well as accessible to a wide array of communities. Please don’t let these suggestions keep you from coming to the workshop and paying what is right for you.
  • If your income is below $25,000 – You might pay $50
  • If your income is $25,001 – $50,000 – You might pay $100
  • If your income us $50,001 – $75,000 – You might pay $150
  • If your income is over $75,000 – You might pay $200
A couple of scholarship slots are available – please note this in your registration if you’d like to be considered.
1.  Please email Bill and Lane:;
2.  Pay: Using PayPal to (Please consider using “friends and family” option)
Send a check to:
Bill Say
1904 Virginia Street
Berkeley, CA 94709
Lane Arye, Ph.D. is a senior Processwork trainer who facilitates individuals, couples, organizations and communities worldwide. Whether teaching, working in private practice, facilitating conflicts, or learning & training alongside social justice groups, Lane partners with people to help create more inner and outer freedom, inclusion, and wholeness. He lives in the Bay Area with his wife and two kids, who grow his heart every day.
Bill Say, M.A., focuses on the intersection of diversity awareness, conflict resolution and community building. His work with organizations and community groups includes Alameda County Human Resources, Cities of Berkeley and Richmond, Highlander Research and Education Center, UC Berkeley School of Engineering, and UN refugee health organizations in the Middle East (UNRWA). He teaches at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and is a former faculty member of the UC Berkeley Extension School of Professional Communication. Bill is a Mindell Process Work Diplomate. His website is:
PROCESS WORK, developed by Dr. Arnold Mindell, is a rich and varied way of working with individuals, couples, families, groups, communities and organizations.  It is an awareness practice that helps us to notice and follow what is happening. It is a way of flowing with and learning from individual and collective change.  Process Work discovers potential patterns for change within the experiences that disturb us. Dreams, physical symptoms, relationship problems, group conflicts and social tensions, when approached with curiosity, respect, and heart, turn out to be the seeds of something creative and nourishing. 

Social Presencing Theater Introductory Evenings 

Wednesdays, April 3 + 10

7-8.30pm, Process Work Institute

Drop In – No Charge

These evenings will introduce some of the basic practices to help you decide if you’d like to register for the Social Presencing Theater Basic Course on May 4 + 5


Social Presencing Theater is a series of embodied practices to accesses body intelligence for personal, organizational, and social transformation. 

Get a taste of these!

with Annie Blair

Social Presencing Theater Apprentice Teacher

Video about SPT:

Mindfulness of body is the basis of the SPT method.  Drawing on movement arts and contemplative traditions, the practices bring to the surface a clearer sense of the relationships, hidden dynamics, and emerging possibilities inherent in individuals, groups, organizations, and larger social systems.

All kinds of people use SPT, including artists, entrepreneurs, social activists, business people, non-profit organizations, educators, coaches, and practitioners of mindfulness + healing arts. 

No experience of any kind is needed! It’s fun, enlivening, deepening, and creative!! 


Processwork Online – An Online Learning Group for Everyone

created by 2 PWI students
They provide free, once-a-month, online trainings with Processworkers from around the world. These two-hour sessions are open to anyone interested in experiences and learning more about Processwork. Check out there schedule here.

Research Symposia

The Research Symposium honors research in Process Work and related fields. It is meant as a gathering place for sharing and furthering our learning together. In this spirit, research may include formal or informal research projects, as well as ideas and visions for projects in the works. Presentations may also include experiences integrating Process Work in various contexts, as well as panels on topic areas that bring together many different fields and perspectives.


The Process Work Institute invites you to get to know Processwork by participating in a series of FREE lectures–no registration required! In this next distance friendly seminar faculty share knowledge and experience of Processwork and how they use it to make change in the world.

Keep an eye out for additional free lectures here and on our Facebook page!

For details about each course and how you can participate in person or online please click here