February 2016 Open Forum

Muslims, Christians, Conservatives, Refugees, Liberals, Doves & Falcons–Living Together in Oregon: An Open Forum for People Interested in Dialogues Beyond Political Correctness

Hosted and Facilitated by the Process Work Institute and the Deep Democracy Institute


Tuesday; February 23rd, 2016; 7 pm – 9 pm

Buchanan Reception Hall,  Elliot Center

1226 SW Salmon Street | Portland, OR 97205



Picture1Some of us consider that national security, well being and national identity are threatened by refugees and immigrants. Some deem members of the Islamic faith a significant factor in this debate, and see liberals as naïve, allowing “the enemy” to destroy the fabric of who we are as Americans.

They are welcome in this Open Forum.

Some of us view conservatives as backwards, racist, imperialistic and war mongering, threatening the foundation of diversity upon which our country is built.

They also are welcome in this Open Forum.

Some of us prefer to stay within our own political, cultural and/or religious communities and avoid encounters with the “other”.  They prefer to hear their own opinions restated in their favorite media networks, remain in their own circles and gossip about the “other”.

We, the conveners of this forum, understand that and often feel this way ourselves.

Some of us, regardless of which side we find ourselves on, are sometimes interested in a direct and clear dialogue with those that think differently, and deeply wish for the opportunity to interact with the “other” in a direct fashion.

It is for these people that we are creating this Open Forum.

Deep Democracy is a facilitation approach that makes space for different viewpoints, supports vigorous dialogue beyond political correctness, and considers all of us stakeholders in problems with consequences that eventually all of us will have to face together, no matter how differently we see the world.

We, the facilitators, believe that direct, uninhibited dialogue can be a first step in finding common solutions.

In this Open Forum, we will start out with one conservative speaker and one liberal speaker who will share their perspectives for 5 minutes each. The space will then be open to everyone present for discussing, sharing and conflicting over these issues that move so many of us, and are impacting all of us.

Dialogue Facilitated by Max Schupbach PhD, Ellen Schupbach PhD, and Mohammed Alarja MA


ABOUT MAX & ELLENmax and ellen

Ellen Schupbach Ph.D. and Max Schupbach Ph.D. are co-founders and co-leaders of the Deep Democracy Institute, an International Conflict Resolution Think Tank active in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Ukraine, and East Africa. They facilitate public open forums in conflict zones, as well as large group processes in organizations, governments  and grassroots movements.







Mohammad Alarja is a conflict facilitator with a business background. Mohammad moved to Oregon from Palestine to pursue his path as a facilitator and coach. He holds a Masters in Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Human & Organizational Development, focusing on Refugee Integration.    





Have Questions? Please contact: (503) 223-8188 | pwi@processwork.org

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