Leadership Intensive August 25-30, 2021

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Join an experienced, international team of faculty for 18 hours of immersive, transformational learning.

Day 1 Aug. 25th:  Wisdom Leadership: Organizational Applications of Process Work in Coaching Individual Leaders and their Teams. with Stephen Schuitevoerder

Day 2 Aug. 26th:  Three Process-Oriented Experiential Exercises for Helping Leadership Teams and Organizational Systems Get To Know Themselves Better with Cathy Bernatt

Day 3 Aug. 27th:  Politician as Facilitator: Processwork Tools for Politicians, Leaders and Public Speakers with Dawn Menken

Day 4 Aug 28th: Your Purpose, Your Leadership with Errol Amerasekera

Day 5 Aug. 29th (6-9pm):  Life Lessons for Leaders. Stories from the East with Anuradha Deb

Day 6 Aug. 30th: Closure: Bringing our Leadership into the World: Group Focus, Innerwork and Case Supervision with Errol Amerasekera and Dawn Menken

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